Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Do you every have one of those days where your mind wanders from subject to subject. Bits of this and bits of that. Musing days, wondering about what everyone here is going through today, good, bad and indifferent. I'm having a musing day I guess.

This often happens when I have to walk down to the little market to get milk for the day. Walking does that for me, clears my mind & lets things rise to the surface so I can fish them out and look at them. I was walking this morning in the snow - yes snow showers today. But wet Spring snow, fated to melt away and help the flowers spring up - I hope!! Anyway, I was thinking about people's perception of what poor means. I often wonder what people think when they learn we have no car. Often they look shocked and say - OMG how do you do that? Or the better one of late, Wow, you really are green!! That makes me giggle, as it didn't start as a green thing, but poor thing. We sold a car that was too small for the family and were unable to replace it due to well....life happening. The last couple of years we could have managed to get a car and insurance and gas...... but we have found after 6 years - we really didn't want to and liked the idea of lessening our carbon footprint. So, we have resisted. We keep saying we will in 6 months....

I was also contemplating the trend on tv to show how families can get on for a week (snort) or (OMG) a month without their car, or computer, or lattes - ok am getting sarcastic, sorry. Over the last ten years we have had times with no tv or for several years or only PBS. Public Radio has fascinating programing!!! We have lived without any furniture for a while and were blessed by others with wonderful things - I really do like beds - I really do!! We did not have Internet until about a year and a half ago. OK, I will have to say - that the Internet is a major joy to me!!!
We have spent a summer (thank goodness only the summer) with only a crock pot and an open fire pit to cook on. We also hauled all of our water that summer. It cured any romantic notion of homesteading I might have had. I really do not enjoy using an outhouse. Especially at 11pm!!!

Having been very well off most of my life and now having experienced being very poor I feel like I can say this without sounding preachy (I hope). You cannot truly understand what that Mom in the food bank, waiting in line for her turn feels like. It's pride sucking. The gal begging to not have her electricity turned off when the meter guy comes to the door. The parent who can't miss one more day of work for a sick child or they will loose their job. You really can't fully understand what that feels like until you have been there. I don't mean for a week, or a month or a year experiment. I mean for whatever time it takes, maybe never to pull yourself out of that hole you are in. I have been contemplating the state of the economy and how so many newly poor will have their hope stomped on and trashed and their pride washed away by need. Take it from someone who has been there and survived and managed by the grace of others has pulled herself out of the hole, don't loose hope, don't quit, reach out and don't be afraid to ask for help. Being without funds is a fact, poor is a state of mind. To all of you who are struggling right now - I'm pulling for you!! Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Quilting Bee of Women - week 2

Well, here we are again our quilting bee of women!! So happy to see you here again! I have racked a wonderful piece to work on today, full of beautiful spring flowers and birds. I’ve set out coffee and tea. Thank you to all of you who brought treats and the wonderful selection of tea – can’t wait to try the lavender (thank you hon). Yummmm, someone brought whoopee pies and I see there are brownies, you guys are killing me!!! So please choose a flower or bird you would like to work on today, I think I will work on the violets. Please pull up a chair, I’m so glad you are here!!

As I get to know you all better and we create these wonderful pieces of our lives and stitch them together, something has come to me. I was thinking about divine intervention or guidance, muses and the like. It doesn’t really matter, I think, how your belief system works, or what you call it, it has been my experience that there is a universal phenomenon at work here. Have you ever had an idea, creative, inventive or otherwise just hit you out of nowhere? You have a light bulb moment!! OMG that would be a great book, or invention, or piece of artwork, or program…….! Then life takes over and it either sits in your mind or a journal until you see that someone else has done it? Been there, done that!

Well this is what I think, although I call her a muse… I believe that we are all given these opportunities to create something. We are given gifts and I think we are expected to use them. We can grab them and run or let them float on by to someone else…. and they do.

Most recently, about November, my muse, so very fed up with me and my lack of paying her any kind of attention – went on vacation to Hawaii for about 3 months. Thankfully she has returned and I’m clearly paying her more attention. Ok… so she’s a bit hyper and I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas – but whooo hooo – it’s working for me!! Beyond my art she is pushing me to write – scary but I’m trying. Oy, she is a task master!

Which leads me to the other kind of gift we are given, throughout our lives. The painful and gut wrenching ones. Those ones that we look up and say,
“Uhmmmm, yeah, have had enough lessons for now, could I get a break and just use them or rest or something PLEEEEEAAAASE.”

These come from my other muse, in some ways the more important muse. I don’t like to see her at my door, but I know she is there for a reason. I get to experience some new fun lesson (yes is sarcasm there), so that somewhere, sometime I will understand and can offer an open and honest heart when I say to one of you… I understand. That I can be of comfort or offer advice. That my muse will use me to be of service to someone else. That the problems I have had in life are transformed from the pile of ashes that my pain has left behind, into a wonderful phoenix rising to become, no longer my curse but a blessing to me. Funny thing about this muse, have you noticed that she brings folks to you in very odd ways sometimes. Through blogs, and groups, at the bank or grocery store, they come to you. Have you noticed a pattern in your life that certain people with certain issues keep turning up? I believe there is a reason – that we are to use these other gifts too.

So for me, I have seen a pattern in our quilt that I recognise, that speaks to me! What patterns do you see? Please tell your muses thank you for me - you have all blessed me with your phoenix. I’m thinking that behind each of our chairs today stand two very happy muses. Anyone for coffee and a brownie???

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whoo hoo - surprises!!!

I won something, I won something!!!! From Magical Enchantments ! A wonderful bag filled with beautiful morning glory seeds!!! I adore them and they are my son's favorite flower!!! To top it all off - she pimped my Etsy shop too!!! Thank you so very much hon - I'm doubly blessed!!!!

Gail has given me a sweet new award!! Thank you so much hon - I am honored. Not only is Gail a wonderful friend - I adore her art and am touched that she chose mine!!! Thank you hon.
Here are the rules:-

List 7 things your love.-

Put a link to the one who picked you.-

Choose others to pass the award to.- Notify them of the award.

Seven more things I love..
1. Lattes - looove them - can't afford them often - so they are a treat.
2. Rain..call me crazy- but after 14 years in the desert, I can't seem to get enough.
3. The smell of a saddle shop.
4. A really good book - I love to read!
5. Good cedar incense - loove it - smells like a wood fire
6. The smell of Jasmine
7. A good deep meditation.

I will send this one off to...

I was also given another sweet award from Boyle Jewelry !! Thank you hon. I love her blog and her jewelry is to die for!! Stunning vintage pieces!!! Looove them! Thank you so very much hon!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Couple New Pieces...

I have listed two new Everyday Witches on Ebay...# 5 & #6 - "At the Playground" 5 1/2" x 4"

"My Other Ride is a Broom" 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".
These are a little bigger than the first 4 and allow a bit more detail. Hope you like them!!!! Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Renee

It is my dear friend Renee's birthday(Click her name to go wish her a happy day). I guess some would say - "But do you know her in person?" I would say ...."No, but I know her by heart - which is even better."

I was toodling around the blogs several months ago and I ran across Renee's blog. I spent two hours going back and reading her posts. I cried, I laughed, I was hooked. She is honest and brave & hysterically funny. You see Renee has cancer. I lost my mother to cancer many years ago, so many of Renee's posts hit me close to home. But... I laugh as much as I cry with Renee. The girl is a hoot.

Despite all that Renee deals with in her own life, she still has the time for me and my small life issues. She blesses me with her insightful advice and thankfully does not pull any punches but offers her advice covered with honey. She is a huge supporter of my art and writing - which for me is huge!!! (That idea we were talking about... is almost done Renee!!!)

When I asked Renee if I could send her something for her birthday she told me...
"The best gift you could give me, would be to do something nice for yourself." Renee, I took next Friday off in your honor!! I will read, watch any movie I want and generally do not much of anything. Thank you hon, you are a blessing in my life. I am honored to call you friend!!! So here is a bit of cake and a sweet kitty.... Happy Birthday Renee!!!! Love, Sarah

Our home....

We thought we might share some pictures of the beautiful place where we live... Coeur d Alene, Idaho. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Jim went out and snapped a few this morning and left me to do the rest!!! We live a few blocks away from Lake Coeur d Alene. A short walk in the summer - which is very nice when it is wicked hot out. As you can see - no more snow (except the cute pic of Fox)!!! Let's hope it stays that way!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

It is a resort town and the summers are popping downtown most every weekend. Which is why we live several blocks from the main drag(too busy). Generally when you see sculptures in the park of salmon, moose and eagles - you might be in the North West. Don't get me started on.... you know you live in North Idaho if....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Silly Cat Picture

Tink has decided that she likes my bedroom window for bird watching. I love these pictures because she appears to have no back legs. She does crack me up!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday...What is your money wish?

This Wednesday Jamie has asked us.... What is your money wish? I don't think that she has asked a question that does not challenge me yet.

We have had a very good couple of years money wise. No not rich - but more importantly no longer poor. My divorce ten years ago pretty much landed us in the poorhouse - way below the poverty line. We fought very hard to get to where we are - stable and growing, bills being paid every month with a bit of extra. This is huge - it has been a very long time since my life has been this way. None of this would have happened though without the blessings of some amazing people & their willingness to offer us grace. Bob closed a business and handed me his clientele on a platter - for free. Then Deb offered us the beautiful house (which I loooove)we now reside in for first months rent only, no deposit or extra cost and insisted - I was doing her a favor. I was able to open my preschool here! This all went together in the span of two months. We moved into our new home in April, Bob retired and closed his doors on the last day of May I opened mine on the first of June!!

Some could argue that we were rewarded all our hard work, or that we were in the right place at the right time or just dumb luck, well maybe. I choose to think that amazing blessings happen every day, sometimes huge ones!! Given by grace filled people with giving hearts. That working for Bob and meeting Deb, one of my preschool parents was no accident - it was what happens when you are blessed by grace.

So today I wish for us to continue to be stable and grow in the money area. But also.... be offered opportunities to return the favors that we have been so richly blessed with.

Pimping Anne's Big Idea

My sis came up with what I think is a brilliant idea!! Ever the soft hearted person she is, she has come up with a wonderful way to use all those unwanted stuffed critters out there and bring a better life & love to all those unwanted real critters out there. I'm hoping some of you might have some suggestions for her in this quest. So, if you have a minute this morning... please go off and read Anne's new post!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quilting Bee ...

I read an article recently warning of the dangers of blogging. I guess I would understand… if I were posting on the company blog about the jerk boss. Well uhmmm yeah – duh. But, what I have found here… is an amazing community of mainly women here who reveal themselves as human. Which got me thinking about how we reveal ourselves here and what it means to others.

I cannot say that I have made all wonderful choices (a few pretty good ones) in my life or that it has been an easy ride. I can say that all those choices good, bad or indifferent have led to a much deeper understanding of “life is painful” & the blessings in it & what to do with that. It is written in these blogs everyday. I read posts by women reaching out to each other, helping each other through shared experiences. Commiserating, advising and supporting up! I have been deeply touched by some of you through some of my current struggles and blessed to be allowed to share in yours.

What a gift in a society that has fragmented and pulled us apart as women. It is very hard to connect today we are all VERY busy. I remember my Mother in the 60’s having bridge clubs and garden clubs. She was a quilter later in life and I remember how very much she enjoyed those unrushed times with other women.. laughing over cards or stitching and chatting. Being in the company of other women. So much of that has been lost these days. Most of us are working outside the home– a lot!!! Those of us who are at home are working just as hard. Our society has changed dramatically in the last 30 years.

So I think what I have found here is an amazing thing – a quilting bee of women! I get to share and revel in your artwork, your words and thoughts, your struggles and triumphs, your laughter, your tears, your joy and your pain. Do you all have any idea what a blessing it is for me to be “in the company of women”? Do you all know what amazing creatures you are?? What gifts you offer everyday when you choose to reveal yourself here!! For me you have become the gift of a Quilting Bee of Women. Thank you. Please pull up a chair!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New work to post today....

Tree Pose

Daily Brew

I've been a busy girl again this weekend.. here are the next two in the "Everyday Witch's" series.#3 "Tree Pose" & #4"Daily Brew". They are also ACEO's (baseball card size). These will be on Ebay later today. Click here. What do ya think guys..... should I do some larger ones??

I was also challenged by one of my blogger friends here to create a bookmark with butterflies. I haven't done any non-whimsy for a while now, so it was a fun treat. These two will be in Etsy later today - they need to be laminated, their little ties and special beads first.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Art......

My muse has been a slave driver this week. Well not really - maybe a "Sarah... you need to let loose of all the ideas in your head and get them down on paper. Let them fly girl!!" So this week, in the evenings I have been drawing - alot. Here are a few that I have not listed yet. These are all ACEO's (baseball card sized art). A bit of a magical theme - unicorns and haunted forests.

Given my love for Fall and Halloween, I always come back to that theme. I started a new series, Everyday Witches. I am pleased to say these two have bids on them (on Ebay)- whoo hoo. "I'm Late" & "Strolling with Nana" More of this series to come.

Here is a HUGE thank you to Tammie Spirithelpers for helping me figure out how to use the link button!!! Duhhhhhhh! For some reason I just couldn't GET it. She emailed and gently offered me assistance. She was so sweet, she walked me through it on the phone!!! I felt VERY silly afterwards - but I also very blessed - I was given the opportunity to get to know Tammie a little bit better on a different level! It was a joy! I am the proud owner of several of Tammie's amazing photographs! If you haven't been to her blog... it will offer you a glimpse at Tammie's beautiful, grace filled spirit. She also has a link to her Esty shop (ok, yes....I'm pimping her shop). Thank you Tammie!!! Huge Hugs - seeee I did it!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Upon returning from walking Fox to school this morning my husband said,

"I love it when banks fail, pennies fall out!"

This made me giggle - alot - he is a witty boy!!! You see the snow banks here are melting and revealing all their little treasures. It seems that Jim and Fox had found one snow bank that offered up a handful of pennies. I love those fun little treats the Universe gives us. Hoping every one of my wonderful followers has a treasure filled weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is....creeping.

We are so far up North... 100 miles South of Canada(I hear all the Canadians giggling- shhhhhh)! So, Winter is slow to leave us and Spring is slow to arrive here. I'm told this is in the top ten winters for cold and snow!!!! Yup - I would agree. I do adore the cold. By July I will be whining about the heat and looking forward to Fall - which I adore. But right now - for the first time in many years, I am looking for any sign of Spring.

My kiddos and I went outside to look for even some little signs!! Whoo hoo we found some!!! So.... here a are a few tiny signs that Spring is on it's way in North Idaho.
Am doing a happy dance!!! Can ya see me????

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going with the creative flow....

So I had so much fun the other day with the pens - I did some more. Here are a three bookmarks I will be listing on Etsy and Bonanzle. They are finished with black thread Chinese ladders & a deep green jade bead. Off to do a couple ACEO's.
Happy Wednesday!! Sarah

Wishcast Wedesday...

What do you wish to say yes to? Jamies' question of the week @ http://starshyneproductions.blogspot.com/

As always she challenges me. I think I will do a "me" thing this week. This week I will say yes to taking care of me. To allow myself to look for things in my life that create joy and bliss for myself. To say yes to carving out time for myself to journal, meditate, vegetate and contemplate. As most women - I tend to put everyone and everything else first and never get to me. So I will say YES to me this week. Maybe I will even.... aim to misbehave a bit...hmmmmmm......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Messing Around With My Pens...

I love to doodle. Generally with a pencil. But I've been doodling with a lovely set of pens my hubby bought me. Staedtler triplus fineliners. I'm in looove, in love, in love....!!! Lots of colors and such lovely fine points. I also recently purchased a set of Faber-Castell Pitt artists pens!! Ok - can you say - Sarah is in heaven!
So here is a sample of my pen and ink doodling. Hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Sarah

Two New Awards - Thank you!!

Jennifer @ http://tamalecat2.blogspot.com/gave me this wonderful new award a week ago - trying to catch up!!! Thank you so much!!! I love Jennifer's blog for several reasons. Her artwork touches me - beautiful and warm. I think you will find that she is also beautiful and warm. She frequently touches my heart with her writing.
So... here are my 7 - I will do seven unusual things I love this time.

1. I love bugs, well most bugs. They are fascinating and I don't mind them on me as long as they do not bite.

2. I love bats. Amazing little creatures - wonderful to watch at dusk.

3. I love leg hugs - you know the preschool age, run up grab your leg, give big hug and run off again thing. Love those!

4. I adore Halloween... love all of it from the spooky to the candy.

5. I love guinea pigs - don't at present have one. I love the way that they sing and talk - wonderful creatures - very loving and sweet!

6. I love writing curriculum - all ages, good challenging fun!

7. I love Sci fi - I admit it - am a sci fi geek.

So I will pass this on toooooo....
Sherry @ http://byrumart.blogspot.com/ Whom I adore and love their work.Sherry does not know how amazing she is!!! A beautiful soul!

Karen @ http://moonlightandhares.blogspot.com/ Her sweet art touches my soul like her gentle words.

Paint @ http://paintmisbehavin.blogspot.com/ Paint is one of those wonderful people who adds wonderful spice to everyone she touches! I love her work too!

Sonia @ http://darkravensnest.blogspot.com/ Sonia is one of those amazing artists and women I have connected with here! I often see myself in her writing and love her spirit.

My big sis Anne passed this wonderful one back to me!! Thank you hon!!! I to have found a different level of knowing you from blogging with you!!! So I will pass this one on to.....
Audrey @ http://stage3whome.blogspot.com/ I feel blessed to have met her here - strength with honey. She makes me think, challenges me and blesses me with her posts.

Elizabeth @ http://elizabethaquino.blogspot.com/ I think Elizabeth is one of those rare, beautiful spirits who touches all she reaches out to. Her blog is so beautifully Chronicles her life in general & life with a challenged child - her love for her is evident. It is honest and refreshing!

Renee @ http://circlingmyhead.blogspot.com/ Renee whom I adore. She is the best of what comes from challenges in life - bold, brave, loving, gentle and honest! She blesses my life daily!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pimping my other Sis- Barb

Many of you know my sister Anne - a blogger here!! Well.... I have another sister to pimp - lol. My sister Barb. (:I'm secretly creating a harem:)

Barb has many published novels, a screenplay in production, she teaches at UCLA and has just finished her Masters Degree. You can see why I'm so proud of her!!! Beyond her writing accomplishments, she is a wonderful Mom and soon to be Grandma. Like Anne, a wonderful sister. Always listening to me and offering well thought out advice.

So today I am pimping her new book. Here is her latest romance available for pre-order now and on the shelves in about two weeks. BTW Carrie Hudson is her pen name. Congratulations hon - I'm so proud of you!!!! So here is a sneaky peek... drum roll....

ONCE A GAMBLER by Carrie Hudson - Harlequin Blaze, April 2009

Question: Is it always fundamental to know one's destination? Or, can not knowing be the path to truly knowing?
(A little known Confucius-ism)

Ellie Winslowʼs sister, Reese, vanished a year ago from the attic of their late grandmotherʼs house in Deadwood, South Dakota. After searching for her in vain, Ellie accidentally stumbles upon the secret to her disappearance when she Time-Travels back to the old West of the 1870's. She lands smack dab in the middle of river boat gambler Jake Gannonʼs world of trouble. Heʼs on the run from men who want him dead and he wants nothing to do with Ellieʼs cockamamie story about being from the future. But dismissing this charming beauty won't be as easy as he thinks. Circumstances and Ellieʼs deep desire to find her sister here in the past conspire to heat things up between these two wayward souls. Because Jake's about to show her just how wild the West can be!

Sarah Self Aware?

I like to think of myself as relatively self aware… uhmmmm maybe not so much! Over the coarse of the last couple of weeks I discovered that I had been knee deep … OK Renee ( she is serving as my Jiminy Cricket today) waist deep in the river of denial. Without Hanna in the household for the last two weeks, I found myself in a bit of shock finding myself wading out of the muck. Mainly because I didn’t even realize my feet were wet much less the rest of me!!!! Not to say Hanna was the muck – just that I had chosen to wade there myself rather than face truth about how stressed out I really was. This kept me awake contemplating – how did I miss all the signs – then I wondered…. what were the signs???? So – I am confessing today – here are Sarah’s signs for – “you are not taking care of your self, crazy, stressed out girl”…(forgive me - some of these are kinda – “DUH – Hello!!!”)
I hide – from everyone and everything – I don’t want to go out with people – just hang at home.
I escape into books and movies – A LOT.

I can’t seem to be creative or find the time for my art – which sustains me- really it does.

I’m cranky! Duh!!!

I don’t eat well, take my vitamins and I crave sweets (again Duh!).

I don’t get out and walk or do my yoga– which is necessary thing for me!!!

I don’t meditate – can’t concentrate – huge sign – to much mind busyness.

My house gets cluttered and messy – I generally like some order (I know…I am anal).

My house plants which I adore start to wilt and die – I love my plants!!

I get oversensitive and tend to get my feeling hurt over silly things!! Like – What do you mean you won’t go walk to the store and get me a donut????? Then brood for 24 hours about how I do so much for him… grumble grumble. Uhhhmmm… yeah – embarrassing!!

My gut wages war and my head feels free to get migraines.

One of the biggest – duh signs – I have a need to watch P.S. I Love You and Steel Magnolia’s – just to cry it out. (told you some were… whack you in the head Duh!!!!)

So despite the appearance that I am beating myself up, really I am saying is… Oh – now I get it! I will plaster this list up somewhere where I can review it now and again. Maybe next time I go to that river I will stop and be more self aware of what my body, mind and spirit are telling me! Sarah, be self aware and love yourself!!! Thanks for listening to the babble today! Sarah

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Going to the Rock Show....

The Sullivan clan had a wonderful Saturday family outing!! As we do not have a car - having a family outing out of or town is rare indeed!! One of my preschool Mom's loaned us her car - another wonderful surprise!! THANK YOU Cathy!! So we packed up everyone and headed over to Spokane for the day. That day was filled with wonderful rocks, gems and beads!! We all came home with some fun treasures!! Jim found some wonderful new mineral specimens for his collection. I found some great deals on some wonderful gemstone beads. The kids found lots of tumbled rocks and fun carved beads to make things of. All in all we all had a wonderful day - topped off with a trip to McDonald's - which we seldom get to do!! So here is a pic of Nonni in front of one of the displays and a pic of my stash!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day too!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Five Things I Learned at Girls Scout Camp

I thought I might do this one now, lots of folks are looking for work and Camps all over the country are starting to hire now. I know your thinking – OMG why would I want to do that???? Well I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite summers as an adult!
At the age of 41, I was offered a job at a resident Girl Scout camp in NH. So, the first week of June, I went off to camp, bags and all for a week of training. A week later Fox (2), Hanna(9)and Katie(15)joined me. They were going to get a summer full of free horseback riding, boating and smores & Fox had a Nanny & allt he outside play he could manage. Jim spent the summer digging and then headed back to Idaho with the car. So what did I learn at summer camp…..

1. It is an amazing place for moms!!! Especially single moms. Free room and board for you and your kiddos and free camp for them while you play – I mean work. We had a wonderful army tent right on the lake. It had built in screens so I left the lake side flap up so we could feel the cool night air & wake each morning to gentle summer, morning breezes and loons calling. After Fox had nodded off each evening, I could lay there and listen to the night sounds. I truly loved that what a magical way to fall asleep!
I also adored working with the nearly 200 girls each week. We pond stomped, broke secret codes, we beaded and tie dyed everything we could find. We smeared avocado all over our faces and learned how to clean our skin!! We – well I had an absolute amazing amount of fun. And they paid me for it!!! I learned … what bliss really meant to me. How very vital being outside in nature and with children was to my well being!!!

2. There is a reason they tell you not to have food open in your tent. Chipmunks, mice,squirrels,ducks yes ducks)…etc. I had one very sturdy container for treats. A mouse tried his hardest for several nights around 4 am to break into my stash of M&M’s. I still have the container, with chew marks. One night a peanut M&M was dropped and forgotten. That little mouse played “roll the M&M” from one end of the tent to the other! This went on for at least an hour before I was able to snatch the M&M and throw the candy out the tent flap, he flew out right after it. Honestly I felt horrid that I had ruined his little game – but I couldn’t sleep. I learned …that living in the great outdoors – things like mice in your abode, just don’t seem to bother you so much.

3. You don’t have to cook or clean– for a whole summer!!!! We had an amazing camp cook! She prepared a vegan meal option every meal and they were gooooood! I discovered that along with the three miles or so I was walking everyday (the camp was 400 acres) & a mainly vegetarian diet ( I included one protein, an egg or a serving of chicken daily )– my body really liked me!! It slimmed right down, gained massive energy and I felt great!!! By the end of the summer I had lost 20 lbs. I learned …that my body loved a mainly vegan diet and lots of exercise – duh!!!

4. The camp director was not a nice gal – sad but true. There were only about five staff members out of about forty that were over the age of twenty three. So having the MAIN gal just not like you was a huge challenge for me. At 41, I still struggled with people not liking me then and it sent my empath senses reeling. I attempted to get along with her. When she nearly broke her ankle, I made sure when I saw her that I asked after her. My attempts to have some sort of friendship with her fell flat and it was clear my attempts were annoying her. So I just did my job and did extra when I could. I tried to be friendly. We never got on and she always made me feel uncomfortable.
At the end of camp we had an exit interview. She sat me down and gave me a great review on the job I had done with Program & how much all the extra things I did meant to her – which was nice! Then she dropped the bomb – it would seem I was too nice. Uhhhmmm come again…yes I was too nice & it had annoyed her all summer. No one could possibly be that nice and be real. I think that was the very moment I grew a pair and said,” I’m sorry that you feel that way, as being nice isn’t a problem that YOU have.” Where it came from – some inner well of anger and injustice. This was the only complaint she had about me – I was too nice???? She was taken aback but I think it made her think too. I was sure I had destroyed any chance at a good recommendation – but wow it felt great. I didn’t trash it by the way, it was glowing. I learned… to accept that not everyone will like me and that’s an ok thing. It has served me very well ever since.

5. Oh one last thing funny thing….. mosquitoes loved the gals from Great Britain. If you walked with them – you didn't get bitten – I swear those poor girls looked like they had measles by the end of the first month!!! So…I learned… if you are an American in Britain – watch out for the bugs!!!

Pimping my Hubby.....

Well kinda - giggle. I have used this picture of Weird Al - in White and Nerdy at Jim's request instead of the stud muffin picture I wanted. He said it was more him - snort - not. But he won't let me post a picture of him. Soooooo....

Jim has started a blog for his amazing mineral specimens. He is not the chatty type - unlike me. But he is an amazing source of information and can get pretty much anything you may want rock & crystal -wise. I will be answering any metaphysical questions on his blog & doing most of the photography. So if you are interested pop in and see his new blog - click on the title -Pimping my hubby.
Thanks guys, Sarah

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I took this fun little test I found at one of Tabitha's wonderful blog's http://knittingjourneymanredux.blogspot.com/- what sci fi character are you....Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. Interesting!!!
Ooooh I missed this part - so here is an add on....

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Galadriel is a character in the Middle-Earth universe.

Wishcast Wednesday

Jamie’s @ http://starshyneproductions.blogspot.com/ question today is… What do you wish to change? As always – I have to think about her questions for a bit. They are thought provoking and generally serious when it comes down to it. What do you want to change, big picture, little picture??? I guess I’ll focus on the big one today…
I have taught preschool for 23 years or so. I have a college background in Early Childhood Education and have taught both in center preschools, camp settings, after school programs and in home. What would I change here…. How we value our children, on many levels – but for me this is the one I focus on – better Early Childhood Education. Better training , more VALUED teachers & better pay. The preschool teachers out there tend to spend more time with children than they do with their families. Clearly not all children – but a large majority . Who do we want caring for our children, offering up character training and learning opportunities? Do you want someone who is trained or received a degree and is committed to children and the childcare industry as a whole? Or… someone who is in between jobs has never had any training to work with children and may be a teacher for six months and then leave a classroom full of children to go through yet another change of personnel. It is traumatic for them!! Or perhaps the Mom who with great intentions, opens an in home day care in an area with no regulations, where nothing is expected of them in terms of inspections, training and safety? I am not saying that there are not teachers and care providers out there that are not amazing and have no college education but have experience and a heart for children – more power to them!!! That’s how most of us started! Me too! What I want to see is people with a heart for children being offered opportunities to grow in the industry! I want to see children being given loving, trained care & teachers being given the respect and pay they deserve.
I am incredibly blessed, I have an amazing group of parents who respect and pay me what I’m worth. I charge on the high end, but offer a full am in home preschool program. I am good at what I do & I love doing it. So more power to all of you preschool teachers , who love children and what you do!! Here is to changing the childcare industry to value children and teachers!!! This is what I wish change.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A New Award!!! Thanks you!

This is a new one for me. “The Prémio Dardos is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing”.
I was so touched when Audrey @ http://stage3whome.blogspot.com/ gave this to me. I adore Audrey's writing, her courage and the amazing love that just glows from her. She truly is an amazing person.
I was surprised to receive this and well honestly kinda jumped up and down and did a little happy dance. Silly I know - but it was a big deal to me. This is why.... I have written for years and love doing it - but I am the teacher/artist/crafter of the family. My sister Barb it the writer. Funny how we stick ourselves in slots. Barb is a wonderful writer and has many published romance novels.( I will be pimping her new one here pretty quick) She teaches writing at UCLA and has a vampire screenplay in preproduction. My sister Anne has a wonderful self help book out there too - Aging Lite. Some of you may have been to her blog - I pimped it here. So... uhmmm - I'm not intimidated or anything.....
So when I decided to stretch my comfort zone a bit and write here - I was a bit surprised by the response and touched by it!! Folks seemed to like what I wrote. So Audrey you have given me courage to write a bit more. Let's hope we have not created a monster! Hugs, Sarah

So I will pass this on to (there are soooo many more but I will control myself)...

Gypsy @ http://gypsy-warrior.blogspot.com/ for her grace and amazing spirit that shows in her writing every day.

Jane @ http://janeaugenstein.blogspot.com/ as her writing makes me smile on a daily basis. Her pictures are wonderful and the text she adds to them makes them come alive.

Heather @ http://mrsheatherlynn.blogspot.com/ for her sweet soul shines through her writing.

Lisa @ http://raihndrops.blogspot.com/ for her strength, honesty and joy of living - I devour each thing she writes - she seldom misses touching some part of my soul.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Eggie Hunting / Eerie Equinox Challenge

On the Ebay Group - HA31 - A Gathering of Halloween Artists, the challenge for March is Eerie Equinox. As I was allowed to post my pic to the photo album in the group - I think it's ok to show it here too. It will be up on auction on Ebay on the 17th. It is another of my Ghost and Skellie pictures - they are forever partners. They make me giggle. My version of "dark" - well it's not but as close as I generally get.

I'm trying out a new banner too - what do ya think?? Good, yuck - liked the other one??

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Muse Has Returned!!!

Whoo hoo - I have been a busy girl this weekend. Lots of painting and drawing going on. I even finished two challenge pieces!! So let see that's..... six pieces in three days. The stress is draining out of me! My kids have been creating too. They do love the mini canvases!! So with my creative juices flowing - the above piece is 6"x6" "Eerie Easter Parade" featuring my Ghost and Skellie partners. All three of these are presently listed on Ebay.

This is an ACEO - 2 1/2"x 3 1/2" painted canvas of one of my Witchy Kitties.

Here is another ACEO on painted canvas - "Kish Me". I was inspired by Lynda's suprise kittens this morning!!

Sunday Sneaky Peek......

Here is a little peek at a piece I will be listing soon....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mama - does it bite??????

Finally seem to be back in the art groove. My muse seems to have returned from the Hawaii!! I'm working on a couple of my Ghost and Skellie paintings... I will put them up this week. Here is a little Spring piece of a foal's first encounter with a singing wren. "Mama does it bite?" Hope ya like him. To see a bigger view click on the picture.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Who inspires you.....???

Audrey @ http://stage3whome.blogspot.com/ asked “Who inspires you?”. This struck me – I thought I should be able to answer that question – off the top of my head. I had to give it some real thought. Not because I couldn't’t think of anyone – but because there are so many amazing women who have walked through and currently reside in my life!! They all inspire different aspects of my life. I will do only two today – maybe more to come…… I will start with two who have continued to influence me today although one left me many years ago and I have lost contact with the other.

Phoebe was the Mom of my best friend when I was 10 to 16 years old. She truly was my second Mom. She understood how to nurture a horse crazy, tomboy in ways that were lost on my own Mom (whom nurtured me in other ways). She had so much horsey joy, she adored and understood me and loved me for who I was – adolescent warts and all. She dragged us all over for horse shows & built jumps in our field & spent hours smearing mayonnaise on horse manes and tails. I spent half those years in her house. After we moved to California, she continued to write and keep in touch with long, wonderful letters about – whatever. I ate each one up with a spoon, savoring every last drop of love. When I became pregnant at 20, she was the first person I called for advice and support. Years later I visited her in her home as she lay dying of breast cancer. She did so with such amazing grace. She still adored me and I was welcomed into their home like one of her own children! Phoebe had a permanent effect on who I am as a parent and who I aspire to be as a woman. So each time I have a teenager here, I think of how much a loving word or two from Phoebe effected me. She is my guide and will be forever my mentor.

During the years that I had Phoebe, I also had Ola Mae. She came to our home in Tennessee twice a week to clean for my mother. I came along late in life for my parents, my Mom , although wonderful was in her early 50’s during these years and (I get it now) starting to do things in her life that fed her own soul. She was very busy. In the early 70’s in the South, being black was not an easy thing. There was still deep separation. Being from New York I was not prepared for this, nor did I understand why Ola Mae lived literally on the other side of the tracks in a shanty town. I was very fortunate to have been brought up in a very well off family. I have also experienced several years of deep poverty after my divorce. Knowing how it feels to be deeply poor & busy trying just to get by, her tolerance for me was amazing. I adored Ola Mae and it seems she felt the same about me. How she put up with this rich girl following her about the house, sometimes for hours, chatting her ear off is beyond me. But she spoke to me as though I was one of her own well loved children. She passed on her wisdom and soft words like gifts to me. My Mom and I went to her tiny home several times. My Mom took her eggs, garden produce and bags of clothing that no longer fit me. I seem to recall Christmas gifts for her children also. From the view point of someone with money and a good heart it seems like a good thing to do – and it is. But, what I did not learn until years later, how very hard it is to accept charity, no matter how well meaning the giver is. Again this woman of amazing grace, never let on if any of this was hard for her. What she gave me all those years ago was my guide through poverty. She never said it, but her grace as she offered us tea in her tiny humble kitchen taught me volumes. Poverty is a state of mind not a state of being.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank You is not Enough....

I wanted to take a moment and tell everyone how very much I appreciated all of your wonderful support and comments this last week!! I think you all held me up when I could not take another step!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I couldn't decide which picture to post - so I'll post them both. The bottom one clearly demonstrates - I'm feeling better - and have my giggle back!
{{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}}} Sarah

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Collage of My Work!

I realized today that I have been selling my work online for a year now!!!! I looooove it! I was encouraged by Karmen @ http://moonwillowstudio.blogspot.com/ - to just step out and DO it. So I did!! Thank you Karmen!!!! By the way - take a minute and go look at her work!!!! Beautiful!!
So I thought I would post a collage of some of the pieces I have sold and a few that are up for sale now! Blessings, Sarah