Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishcast Wednesday....

It has been quite a while since I have wishcasted. Lots of time, life changes..etc etc etc...not good ones..but there you are. I have not been wishcasting. So given how I have been feeling of late..scattered and occurred to me last night that I might want to get back to it. I know I am rather slow on the pick up at times..but I am ...wishcasting. Jamie has asked us today..."What do you wish for your health?" Hmmmmmmm....

Having Jim gone for his job..and having taken the car..that has left me walking everywhere. To be honest I had been trying to get back in the walking mode for a bit now..but no car kinda forced the issue. So far in May I have done 75 miles and dropped several inches and ten pounds. So....I am happy for this to continue the way it is going over the summer..25-30 miles a week and 10 + lbs a month. I have changed my eating habits..mainly vegetarian. Some eggs and chicken in there now and again..but mostly vegetarian. Drinking lots of water..cut out lots of sugar and caffeine. So that respect..I am doing well. WHOOOT!

Now...there is the issue of my emotional state..which I think needs a bit of attention really. The walking so much is meditative and the exercise makes me feel good and sleep like the dead LOL! It is funny how when life changes find out who really cares about you. When you might need help..a ear etc.. how folks just kinda disappear. was a bit of a small shock to find this occurring when Jim went to work..folks disappeared. Some of them, folks who I was really close to..I thought. Seriously I don't ask for much..but I have been a bit shocked to find certain people in my life unavailable completely. What is worse is when they offer to do something..then never show up. I was a bit thrown the other day..two miles from home, bag full of groceries, in the pouring rain..when a gal I know well drove by me opened her window..hollered "Hi Sarah" and then kept driving??! Sigh. I thought well..Sarah maybe you have to speak up and I did..and well the response was painful as well...too busy..can't right now. Will call you back..will get back with you..I know the drill really I do.

So I am struggling with this right now..feeling a bit alone. Frankly I am struggling with even sharing this. You know you have hit the problem right on the head when you sit all sobby writing a wishcast post..yup I pegged what I needed. I need to be ok with folks being this way, I feel the need to be clear headed about this. I need to find a way to process my hurt and move on and be ok with it all. It is a clarifying time for least relationship wise. I was not prepared for it..but there it is. Cause I feel a bit like crawling under a rock and hiding..which seriously never works..I want to feel like Letting Fly with the warrior me again..she has taken off her armor and left her flank vulnerable. So there it is. My wish for this week. Thank you all..I have missed you. I feel better just being back in the fold.
Hugs and love, Sarah

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Stuff....

A couple of years ago I bartered about 50 heirloom iris. Traded daycare for perennials..I love that!! So they have been in the ground a couple years..and some of them are just getting around to blooming for the first time this year..whooot! I looooooooove this one! Look at that stunning green and white! Beautiful! I feel like I received a gift this week!!

As we are now walking instead of driving for a few months...we get to see more stuff around the chickens..lots of my neighbors have chickens! So cool. And all the gardens and critters! As we were walking home one day we spied a dollhouse in a truck bed full of junk to be taken to the dump!

Being ever the bold one...I asked the fellow in the yard if we might have it. He was more than happy to have us cart it it was in fact on it's way to the dump??!!
So here we have it..this sweet dollhouse that needs a bit of love and care..maybe a bit of paint..a few shingles..some love! Yup...I am gonna have fun with this one..and so is Nonni!! I love good finds:) Oooooo and by the way..I have walked 75 miles this month and dropped 10 lbs!!! WHOOOOOOOT!

I have been trying something new this week...working on canvas. I have been wanting to try this for a bit..with permanent markers. Here was my trial piece..just for fun. I love it when Blogger turns the photos..ackkkk!!

Then off into a water bath to make sure we don't have running running at all. Next is a full bag for me..then I am thinking a few to sell. What do ya think??

Hope your week is going well all!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling a bit lost......

With all the changes this last few weeks...I am feeling a bit I am chasing my tail...three steps forward and two steps back kinda thing. Making progress..but reeeeeeeeally slowly. I feel a bit bogged down really. Not sad or blue..just kinda....struggling a bit. I feel like I have been missing in action here online as I have dealt with stuff. I am sorry guys..I will do better to come visit.

I am spending a great deal of my time doing this...walking and walking and walking. With no truck..I am doing from 5 - 7 miles a day. Once I got past the shin splints and really sore is ok. Actually it is good really. I have lost several inches in key spots (whoot) and I know it is keeping me feeling better emotionally. Not to mention my heart is very happy with me.

But I think what I am really missing..really needing is a bit of self care..cause I neglect always. I need to do a bit more of this really..and breathe.

Cause I am always telling folks to remember to breathe..but guess who needs to be reminded now...yup is me! Despite all the stress..and there has been tons..and the changes..lots of those..and all the walking..about 57 miles so far...I am forgetting to take care of me.
So..please be patient with me all...I will be back on my game soon. I miss chatting and visiting..I will I promise! Hugs to each of you, Sarah

Friday, May 13, 2011

Giggle Snort....The Doctor.....

Well of course the Doctor was there..where else would he have been. Well...almost anywhere actually!

Have I mentioned that I am a total sci-fi geek? Yeah I think I have..and a really bad speller? Yeah there is that. As my last post completely disappeared into a time vortex..I thought I would do something ...well to make ya smile!
Happy Friday all, Sarah

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sometimes we all need a break...... kiddos have days like this. Cranky, tired, emotionally burned out days. With Papa gone for training..and loosing Tink..and all the walking..and changes right now. I had two very burned out kiddos. So what is a Mama to do?

Yup super Mama protection force field. We took a day each to stay home. Just Fox and I and today it is just Nonni and I. Some may argue that they should not miss school...yeah..not so much. What they needed was a day filled with extra love and attention!

Maybe making some brownies together.

A couple video games maybe. Yes..I do play a game now and again. "Little Big Planet" is way fun and I am not apposed to whacking a couple orcs!!

So sometimes all my kids need is just a little bit of Mama love to help them regroup!

Sometimes all we Mamas need is a wonderful day with them!!
Hugs all, Sarah

Monday, May 9, 2011

New ACEO's and a Bug....Ackkkk...

Here are a couple new ACEO's in my Etsy shop! I kinda liked this one.. "You are what you eat" little Fall Unicorn.

Here is a little Fall Fairy..another ACEO in my Etsy shop :)

I seem to have gotten some sort of chest infection...feel like ackkkk. So gonna go lay down before I have to go get kiddos this afternoon.

Have a great day all! Sarah :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring in Macro...

I seriously didn't think spring would ever sproing here! We had snow several times last week! But as soon as it warmed up just a little it is! My lemon balm is happy!!

The tulips are popping. I hate it when Blogger turns my photos around..arggggg!

There is just something I find beautiful about macro shots of from above as flowers begin to unfurl..all those twists and curls..beautiful!!

So do ya think you know what this strange looking bloom is?

I love hens and favorite succulent! I love this color!

Wowza look at this one!!!

I think I love this bush because it is like Fall all spring and summer long! LOVE IT!

I kinda liked this shot too..the leaf is all twisted around the bloom of the tulip. I will go back tomorrow and see what it has turned into..interesting!

Just a quick end note. I wanted to thank you all for your hugs and thoughts about Tink. Sadly..she has not returned and I fear she will not. All your hugs helped so much..thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Birthday...New ACEO's, a Nonni Picture and Sore Feet!

My beautiful Hanna turned 19 this week!! How she got that old is beyond me..cause really I am only least in my head LOL! Happy Birthday hon!!! Your Mama is really proud of you!! {{{Hugs}}}

I completed a couple little ACEO's this week(in my Etsy shop)..a couple fairies..cause it is fun...

and I love doing them! I have a couple commission pieces to complete (Whoot)also:)

Now and again I share a picture that one of my own has created...I love this one by sweet. Her unicorn named Myah! I love her eyelashes!!

Just an end note here....I sooooooooooooooo need one of these! Am doing about five miles a day so far..and my tootsies are unhappy with me. They are a barkin'! But my heart and my butt are very happy with me so the pups will have to deal!
Have a great Tuesday all!
Hugs, Sarah