Saturday, April 28, 2012

Werewolves, Floods and Finals...

I have not disappeared of the face of the Earth..I am still here ..really! Life has been a bit crazy busy and I am trying to keep up. I have gotten a little bit of artwork done though..OK partway done. Here is a WIP (work in progress) of my latest piece..a Celtic werewolf. This is only part of the picture cause it is too big to scan on my printer. This might be one of three or four thinking on that! Something a little dark for me, but a nice change from sweet. Every girl needs that now and again.

We seem to have some extra water in the lake this spring!! That sign is usually 20 feet down the sand! In the 15 years I have lived here I cannot say I have ever seen the lake this high!! Our favorite pebble puppy beach is now under water! Of course that could mean more treasures when it recedes!!

On to the reason I am missing in action. Finals!! Ackkk. Several papers, a blog and several finals due all in the last week and a half. Now generally I am one of those annoying people that completes everything two weeks ahead. I know..but I can't help it. I can work under pressure effectively..I just don't like it much. But this semester, it all snuck up on me! I woke up last Tuesday realizing I had a huge amount of work to do and very little time to complete it. I had a tummy bug the week before and was WAY behind. the spring waters and school work recedes ..summer will be here. This will be the very first summer in many years that I do not have a house full of daycare kiddos. I intend to enjoy it fully with my kids, do lots of artwork, blogging and knitting, read all the books I have not had time for and relax..before my senior year starts in August!
Hugs all!!