Sunday, July 31, 2011

Critter Update....

We have had sweet William for about two seeks he has grown. We have learned that we love to sit by the computer keyboard and watch the screen for cats and other fun moving things:)

We love watching TV..the X Games were on..lots of action there. This just cracked me up...just like one of the kids..all stretched out and relaxed! I think he has made himself at home!

Of course we could not have waited to do this cute little pose..until Mama had finished vacuuming..but oh well..I had to share it with ya!

Lucy and Wills have made peace with each other. William is waiting his turn at the water bowl. Lucy has very gently rebuffed him when he tried to eat her food..I am proud of her..they are becoming buds..I love that!! I was hoping that would happen!

I tried to do Susannah's August Break last year..but only got part way through. So I am trying again this year. Just one picture a day..maybe a few words too, cause well..its me. If you would like to join on the aqua link on my sidebar!

I am having a hard time soaking in that tomorrow is August..where does the summer go!! Geesh! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Jim is home for a whole week so we are gonna spend time being with Papa today!!
Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out - July 29th - Pink

Every Wednesday afternoon in the spring and summer, downtown in Coeur d Alene has a wonderful farmers market. Full of veggies, flowers, fresh food and crafty stuff! The Flowers...oh my..such beauty!

This weeks theme is "Pink" I thought I would add a few flower shots..

Cause they are beautiful and they make me smile!!

Ok...seems I broke the rules..didn't read them clearly..geesh! I posted the link...did my shootout and der. Had a house full of kiddos yesterday and was in too much of a hurry. I really wanted to participate this week..sorry guys. So here are a couple pinks that don't have flowers...

Have a wonderful weekend all!!
Hugs, Sarah

Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Tie Dyed Fingers...Kitten Noses and Raspberries

It is that time of the summer here...tie dye week! We do this every year..the summer camp kiddos and a few other folks that pop by to join in. I love dying fabric..shirts..whatever. The kids love it too..and the weather was wonderful. Lots of stained shirts get renewed for another year of use!

Love those rich delicious colors!!

Of course my fingers don't come out so pretty..looks a bit like someone beat them LOL! It wears off quickly. Seriously for ages I used gloves..but after the 20th piece..all the dye is in them and they get I just did away with the glove thing.

Who can resist a sleeping kitten ...and that sweet little nose...

We have a delicious crop of raspberries in our yard this year...yummmmmmm!

Hope you are having a good Monday all!!
Hugs, Sarah

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yup I am a winner....Thank you Joanna...I love was so much fun..what a wonderful treat! Joanna and Universal gave me a wonderful treat..well me and my kiddos! Along with a wonderful t-shirt came a fun little book with sticky labels and a wonderful pen..just right for me starting school...just like Larry Crowne..yup am oldie and returning to school. Hope they are ready for me LOL! The other part of the treat was a gift card to Fandango..were you can buy movie tickets....OMG we were so excited!

You see...being low on funds..yup poor..means that things like going to the movie theater at $10.00 a head is not on the plate. We love Netflix..but there is nothing like the theater experience..nothing! I have missed going..dearly missed going. Nonni had never been..ever..not once..and Fox only twice!! So between a gift card he received as an honor student (So proud of him!!!) and the card Joanna sent..we were good to the see the final Harry Potter movie.

To say it was wonderful...understatement. Did we enjoy it..OMG. Was Nonni blown away...lets just say she was doing major happy dancing all the way home!! Thank you Joanna...thank you so very much!! It was ROCK!!

Oh and the kitten..doing wonderfully!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

WARNING....A Rant.....

I am gonna rant..cause frankly I am a bit annoyed! This summer our city government is adding wonderful yellow nonslip grates to the corners. This is cool..cause it makes walking in the winter easier. No issue with this. They are tearing up sidewalks everywhere..and replacing them..loud, noisy work..but still ok with that really.

Nor do I have an issue with the fact that these guys are working hard..we appreciate that! But let me ask you is are everywhere..what do you think they are going to do when they see all this wet cement? You got it..write their name..make a hand print..walk their dog through it. Of course they are.
It seems that one of the crews..not necessarily those above..thus faces hidden..decided they had had enough. So yesterday..a friend of Fox's and his brother were biking. Let me say up front..these are really good kids! I know them well. They stopped and added their name to the cement. They got caught...the police were called and they are being charged..they have to go to court. WOW really! Seriously being taken home by the cops was not enough???!!!! They have to go to court for this.....

Wow! I understand the workers frustration...and that the kids shouldn't have done it..but charges and court dates..lawyers etc! REALLY! Talk about overkill.

What is this teaching our kids...not to write on sidewalks or deface things for sure, this is good! But how about..the next time someone offends second chances..lenience or calm...blast away with all ya got..cause you are bent. Don't stop to consider the offending person. That you cannot expect adults to be reasonable or police to be gentle with a kid who has never been in a lick of trouble..ever. I am not saying that I condone the behavior..I told my own kids in strict writing on the fresh cement..they guys were working hard..don't mess it up! I would have expected more balance from a bunch of adults!

Hmmmmmm...I would seriously like to give that crew a piece of my mind. Cause I am thinking a good talking to by a police officer would have totally done the trick here. What do you think??
K am breathing..thank you for listening, Sarah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

For you Pebble Puppies..The One Pebble Project!

Ya know..something I really love about selling artwork finding folks that like to trade. I found Amanda on Etsy in her delightful shop..her delightful watercolors of pebbles and keys and found little things..enchanted me! I am without a doubt a rock hound and treasure hunter. My hubby...a kids..all pebble puppies. Were ever we go..we all walk with our heads down looking for little treasures. Seriously even in the water..with masks and snorkels LOL!

So I hearted her shop..she pmed me about her wonderful project.. One Pebble Project. She would send me one of her delightful ACEO's of her little treasures..if I sent her a pebble. could I resist that?! But seriously..I wanted to send more than a I drew a little dragon sitting atop the pebble I send. She sent me the beautiful ACEO of pebbles and a key at the top of the post. Beautiful..delightful..touches my little pebble puppy heart! Thank you hon..I loooove it!!!!

I hope she does not mind..cause she does such beautiful work(Amanda..I added a watermark)..that I added a piece of her work here..for you to see and adore! Beautiful!

So for all of you Rock hounds, Treasure Hunters and Pebble Puppies...pop on by her Etsy Shop..or her wonderful Blog and say hello to Amanda for me. Maybe even send her a pebble..and she will send you a beautiful little ACEO..just for you!
Hugs, Sarah

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We have winners.......

We have winners.....whoot! Thank you all for playin'!
Lisachaos, KJ and Judy....I have popped by your sites and left a little message! Get back with me and I will create your own little ACEO, letter "Ocean Garden". Congrats ladies!!
I love doing much fun...cause we have a new kitten..and it was Tuesday and well I love you guys!!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Obsession....and a bitsy giveaway...

Awwwww sweet William. I know huh..isn't he cute? Sweet kitty kitty. Once we have gotten our morning silly, kitten, crazies out of the way..and they are mild really. We are just a little love. He has taken to laying on me whenever possible. He has discovered that when I sit down to work with my lap desk..he can crawl up and lay around my neck as I work and he can snooze. Fortunately summer has been cool it is not a problem. This winter it will be amazing...neck warmer..whoot.

I have been there alot this last week or so. Creating. Yes..more little gardens. Ya know I dearly love watching a creative idea evolve. These little gardens started with just the little shells..nothing fancy..just the pattern. Now there is a whole little population of critters and treasure.
A couple weeks ago I was working on this piece...

and one of my students saw it sitting on the art table and said..
"Miss Sarah..that looks like a "Z" for me..Zoe!!"
It sure I made one for her for her birthday:)

When I get doing is kinda like my trees..they just kinda flow where they want to and my pen follows. I had not thought of letters..or names..or hearts..Such a smart Muse I have! Don't ya love that. So...I have gotten a little obsessed with these...and unlike my normal self that pushes to complete seasonal stuff and think of the Fall and holiday season all July...I just kept making these little see where it would go. I am loving it. My Muse must love me this summer..cause I sure love her! Here is to the Zen of relaxing into an idea! I would love your input ya like them..should I go bigger..maybe a whole name...?

So here is a bitsy only. At the end of the day today I will choose a couple folks to send off a treat to..a little "Ocean Garden" ACEO (2 1/2"x3 1/2") with you letter of choice...cause I love you guys. Cause your support means the world to me!! Cause when you leave me a makes me smile!Cause its Tuesday..and well..I wanna!! So leave a comment (please leave your email if you don't have a blog)here to be entered..and good luck!!!!
Namaste, Sarah

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kitty Kitty and Color on the WIP...

Here he is...the new kitty kitty! We have not agreed on a name yet..but we are working on it. Sweet and calm with a huge purr box! Love!! Thank you all for adding to the Kitten kitty! My kids send huge, happy hugs!

Lucy lu is a little worried..can you see it in her eyes! Poor pup. But they are working it it. The kit has made it clear..he is large and in charge..Luc is being good and waiting...kind of..ok she is trying. We are giving her lots of extra love!!

K... I finished the artwork on my first sample bag...working out the bleed. Seems pink bleed...greens not so much.
I am gonna sew it up today...and work on another for sale. So what do ya think??

There is one little fish on the back of the bag..he is swimming fast:)

Hope you have a great Saturday!
Hugs, Sarah

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Tote Bag WIP..Part One and Two...

Click on the picture for a close up view!

So I am trying something new...well kinda. I have been working on canvas fabric...making tote bags. I thought the ocean gardens would lend themselves to here is my first one. It is about 8 1/2" x 11" and will be in full color when complete. I will be working on the color part next. They are created in permanent they are washable. Easy peasy..just like I like them!! I have not figured out what little doodley things I will add to the bag..working on that..just getting the basics down first.

Of course it is sideways in the pics here..the signature will be on the bottom of the bag. Here is a little crab closeup! So what do ya think??? I would love some input..or ideas for doodley stuff to add.

Happy Wednesday all, Sarah :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kitten Adoption Update..and some NEWS!!!!!

I wanted to update you on our latest project here at home. My kid are working on saving money to adopt a kitten at the local shelter. I am adding my help by offering a treat with each purchase from my Etsy Shop. An original ACEO created just you with your purchase..all proceeds are going into the Kitten kitty!! I am thrilled to say..that we are half way there!! $70.00 in the kitty!!! WHOOT! Click HERE to read more:)

My other BIG news...I am officially a VANDAL!!! I am a student this fall at the University of Idaho...I am gonna finish my BA!!!! I am doing silly happy dances...I am so thrilled!! I might even go on and get my Masters. But the BA first...Child Development and Family Services!! OK..I am a little nervous too..but really stoked:)
Hope you are all having a great Tuesday!
Hugs, Sarah

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Special Offer..and a Kitten Kitty....

As many of you know..over Easter weekend our sweet kit Tink went missing. I wish I could say that she returned..but sadly she has not. The kids have been asking for a new kit..they miss her..and well I think maybe I am ready too. This weekend at the local farmers market..there were free kittens. They were wild little boys..and frankly I could not take one home. My kids were disappointed..but I wanted them to understand that you needed the right fit..and the cost of of new kitten etc.

So...we headed off to the local animal shelter. They were given an very many little kits and adult kits that were waiting for a loving home. How seeing so many helped you find just the right fit for us! They needed to understand the cost and what was involved. So we loved on and petted the kits...we asked about the cost of adopting there $85.00 for a kitten. I know that seems like a large amount..but here is what you get for your money....
A kitten that has seen a vet..and is healthy & had it's first shots.
A kitten that has already been fixed.
A microchip implanted already.
The next vet check free!

We weighed this with the cost of getting a free kitten..with none of this at all..and then talked about the other flea treatments and food, litter etc. We decided the kitten from the shelter was the best choice! We arrived at a cost of about $140.00. Given we are catching up with bills etc...I told them we would have to work together and get creative if we wanted a new kitten. So here is what we came up with...they are adding all their pennies...working extra jobs and are adding their allowances. So far they have collected $18.00!!

Here is the part where I come in...

The kids asked me to help with my this is what we came up with. All the sales out of my Etsy shop this next week or so..through say the 17th of July. The proceeds will go into the kids "kitty" for a new Kitten. What will you get from me if you find something you might like in my shop???....Along with your purchase you will receive a custom created ACEO (2 1/2" x 3 1/2")just for you. Just tell me what kind of creation (within my creative style and in color) and I will create it for you! Fairies, witches, dragons, kits, oceans, know:)

So you will help out the kids( and me:) on the kitten quest..give a homeless kitten a loving new home..and get a treat from me. Please know there is no pressure here at all..I just a creative way to teach my kiddos about getting a new pet. Honestly I am kinda proud of them that they came up with so many ways to do this..and even suggested that I participate with the kiddos. Plus... I get to create treats for you...and I love doing that!! So if you are interested..pop on by my Etsy shop and take a peek.
Hugs all, Sarah

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I do Love Fireworks.....

OOOOOoooooo I do love fireworks. Our little city does it up right every year! We are able to see it right down our street..rather than join the mad crush by the lake! They also do a wonderful fireworks display the Friday after kick off the downtown Christmas season! I love that..twice a year WHOOT!

We did a few fun ones at home too! Thank goodness Jim was home for the holiday..cause I really don't like lighting them myself..he is fearless!!

We have a huge parade too..another crush of humanity. But...when they are done downtown they circle back to the beginning right down our fun is that. No crowds and all the fun!!! This scout leader was having a very animated discussion with the boys! I love that!!!

OK..someone tell me who this boy is..that looks like almost a man..with a mustache and well...OMG the deep voice. Geesh when did this happen. He is suddenly looking me in the eye..yikes!!! The girls are gonna love him at school this year!!

Of course Nonni is growing too..geesh where are my bricks for the tops of their they grow a little slower.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!
Hugs, Sarah