Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some New Artwork on Ebay....and a few more 84...

Here are a few paintings I worked on over my vacation. Having some Fall fun. You can find them listed on Ebay here!

Here are a couple more of my 84.....
41. I want to be a gardener..I just don't have the time..I have garden guilt.
42. It has been years since I could stay up all night and read a book all the way through..but I wanna.
43. I am 2/3rds of the way through my BA in Early Childhood Education..still working.
44. I really love creating curriculum!
45. I like liver with bacon and onions.
46. I don't really like spicy..but like tangy!
47. I prefer crab legs to lobster tails.
48. Scallops to shrimp..but I like shrimp.
49. I loooove blueberries.
50. Seriously I love most fruit..and most veggies for that matter.
51. I try hard to eat mainly vegetarian..but do have eggs, milk and chicken.
52. Now and again I do have a burger..but I try not to.
53. I love yoga...don't do enough.
54. I am a Reiki practitioner...I work mainly on friends and family.
55. Taking my Reiki training changed my life..it really did.
56. When I am out and about at night..walking or driving..I tend to turn off street lights.
57. Did I say I love the Fall...and Halloween..and Thanksgiving and Christmas....
58. I think I did...but I really do!!
59. I prefer taking candid photos of people than posed ones.
60. I love taking pictures of eyes...windows to the soul maybe..but I do.

Happy Tuesday all....Hugs, Sarah

Monday, August 30, 2010

Come join me for some fun..and more of the 84...

So I was thinking this week on vacation..I know dangerous! I was out with my little point and shoot..and having some fun taking shots at the fair etc...and I thought...I often hear from folks that they wish they could take better shots with their point and shoot and camera phones. Like somehow it is not possible to take amazing photos with them. So I was thinking maybe some of you would like to join me for a fun, simple course on easy artistic technique and editing tools to make your photos pop too! Not too time consuming..but fun and packed with learning. Click here to join me :)
A very large portion of the shots you see on my blog are from my little point and shoot...like these.

So pop by Let Fly and take a look at my new E-course..Photo Bee!

Some more of my 84....
25. I am a horrid speller...seriously horrid.
26. Really I am a horrid speller..so bad it deserves two LOL.
27. I love chartreuse.
28. Fall is my favorite time of year.
29. I love falling colored leaves..looooove them.
30. I like big dogs..not so much the little ones.
31. I love a nice cat..tabby or whatever...just nice.
32. I adore guinea pigs...love how they chat with you!
33. I am rather fond of bunnies too :)
34. I do like bugs and snakes..I know nature geek..but I do.
35. I love spending a warm summer afternoon wild crafting herbs.
36. I love a good romance novel...a good one with great characters.
37. Or a mystery with animals..looove a good mystery.
38. I love to knit and quilt..when I have the time.
39. Crocheting too..
40. I would eat a bug if ya paid me..I would really! Maybe a slug or an ant or something...but ya would have to pay me!

Happy Monday all, Sarah

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out....

What better to represent my town...the County Fair!! I do so love the fair!

A bit of pig wrangling...

Mhanon's first ride on a carousel and the ferris wheel!!

A silky rex bunny...

A view from up high on the ferris wheel!

Giggle...the latest in sheep couture....loooved this.

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wishcast Wednesday..

Our wonderful Jamie asked us this morning..."How do you wish to spend some time?" As always she hit the nail on the head.

This week I am suppose to be on vacation..sigh. I am so to speak..no extra children here..but am busy dealing with issues that I would rather not and finding ways to bring in extra income for next month. I would like to be at the beach...or in the mountains..or reading for a whole day straight. Not gonna happen this week. The last two summer breaks I took from teaching have been filled with a staph infection one year and the swine flu last year. So am a bit annoyed at this point that it is going this way this year. But...at least I am not ill!! Huge blessing :)

So given the dye is cast a bit here..and I have to do things other than kick back and relax...at least some of that time will be spent doing artwork...and this is good. I guess I will wish for today...just to be present..to breathe through some of this stress that is hanging over my head...and maybe a bit of time just reading...and sitting..even if it is just one day of ten...just that would be ok with me.

So today I wish for one day during my vacation that folks are happy and ok around me and that I can let go of the stress and just relax...and read...just for one day this week. That would work for me. What do you wish today?

Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Award and part one of my 84......

Summertime Dreams has given me a much needed lift this week...an award..a really sweet one...thank you so much hon..I really needed it :)
So the rules of this award are:

1. Post who gave you the award.
2. State ten things you like.
3. Give this award to ten other bloggers, and notify them with a comment.

1. I love lavender..the color and the scent.
2. I love the smell of a saddle shop.
3. I love the smell of horse..miss that one.
4. I love the taste of a good sweet watermelon.
5. I love the taste of coffee ice cream.
6. I love the taste of a really good rich latte.
7. I love the feel of mud between my toes.
8. I love the feel of a good loving hug.
9. I love the sound of rain falling..steady and true.
10. I love the sight of my children.

So I will pass this along to....
Karen D

Joanna is doing a fun meme....84 things about me you might not know....or maybe you do ..but am gonna tell ya again...so here are half of them..I am counting the first ten up above..cause I love those things and I feel like cheating a little bit...hehehe!! So here goes....

11. I have discovered that I prefer photography as a hobby.
12. I dislike snarky people..and folks that hurt on purpose.
13. I like balance..and fairness..am Libra.
14. I love blogging.
15. I enjoy emailing back and forth.
16. I would rather email than chat on the phone.
17. I am a sci-fi geek.
18. I love a good historical movie..like Braveheart or Last of the Mohicans.
19. I love a good soundtrack..sweeping and soul touching.
20. I love a female vocalist I can harmonize with~
21. Cause I love to sing.
22. I could spend hours in a Home Depot or Office Depot.
23. I can spend a fortune in Michaels or a fabric store...ackkkk!
24. I would also like to win the lottery..and spread the wealth around.
25. I want to build a camp for women to find themselves and their gifts.
26. I would like to travel ....alot and with my kids.
27. I would like to see the UK, China, Japan..so many places.
28. I would love to be in a musical again.
29. I still love X files...and Stargate..and Serenity..and Star Trek...and Star Wars...and Indiana Jones...and Blade Runner...etc etc...
20. But I also love Haven, Eureka, Warehouse 13...yup am a geek.
21. I am wickedly good at Latin and Greek roots.
22. I love word games and puzzles.
23. I adore Shakespeare in any form.
24. I can speak in 12 different accents..really I can!
OK that is enough for one day.....whoot!!! Did I bore you to tears..hope not!!
Hugs all, Sarah

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sick Kiddo, Hiding and Some Photos....

It has been a very, very busy week. Poor Hanna has been really sick...she is doing 100% better this weekend..but last week as we were buying college books and signing up for classes for her etc...she got VERY ill. Dr. and an ultrasound..several days of bed rest and she is doing better. Approved to start college this Monday(whoot). She scared me!!!!!! So glad she is doing better!!

Add to this back to school shopping, daycare kiddos, artwork to be done and cleaning..there wasn't much left of me. Then top it all off with a sever allergy attack out of nowhere..and I went into hiding for the last couple days! I have not left you...just taking a bit of time to breathe.

So I wanted to pop in and say hello...and I will be back this week..cause thank goodness..I am on vacation for a few days!

So here are a few shots from the garden..cause you know I love those macro shots!

Happy Sunday all!!

Hugs, Sarah

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo Eye Candy...

I was thinking..that in the middle of August..as we are running around getting ready for the new school year...Fall...vacations etc...that a bit of photo eye candy might be in order. Happy Thursday all!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let Fly - Fall 2010 Registration open now...

I am offering Let Fly again this Fall. Please come join me for this eight week course. Let Fly is designed to help you find the magic in your story and let you step away from what is keeping you stuck. Fear, pain and trauma often shut us down and make it hard to step out of the story and into what we really want for ourselves. Our perspective and experience often keeps us from living to our full potential, finding our bliss and taking advantage of our gifts. Registration open now! Click here!

Monday, August 16, 2010

WIP #2...

Good morning all...I thought I would share my progress on the new piece...
It is too big to scan and the lighting is kinda low..but here it is. The inkwork is neaerly complete..and the paint is about to begin! That of course is the scary part...to add color and hope you get it just right!! Also the fun part..because the piece comes alive. We shall see how it goes!!

I hope your Monday is a good one! Hugs, Sarah

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Bitsy Tidepool..

Here is a new little ACEO ocean garden. Full of fish and a treasure hording crab and a sea turtle. I have been playing with the colors of the shells a bit..seeing what I like and don't..I kinda like the blue..soothing somehow. You will find this one here.

I hope this morning finds you feeling happy and peaceful!!
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Friday, August 13, 2010

A New Big Piece and Friday the 13th!

I think I mentioned a few days back..that I was wanting my artwork to follow its path..that my muse was encouraging...ok bugging the crap out of me LOL to Let Fly with whatever came to me...so I did. This picture has been floating around in my head since it was mentioned that the little sea gardens would make lovely fabric. Sometimes that is all it takes ..a little acorn of an idea. So here is where my head went. This piece is by far the largest drawing I have done for a bit..11" x 14". It is not completely inked yet and much of the small detail is incomplete also. But..what you can't see is that her feet are in the water and the bitsy critters and fish are flowing right off her dress into the pond...I do so love a bit of magic!

So my head is already here..in the Fall. A week back I was mourning the loss of summer..it was really short here as June was very cool. My pumpkin vines are a 1/4 of the size they were last year! I do have few bitsy tomatoes though and we managed a handful of raspberries..they were a surprise...love those!! So..as the new school year starts and I am interviewing prospective parents and kiddos..my head has already left the summer and is moving on. I do so love the Fall!
As I have said a bit of late...I will be 50 this October..and ya know I am really good with that. I loved turning 30 and I feel much the same about 50! I like the idea of being this age...I thank goodness that I am a bit smarter and wiser than I was at 30..is a blessing. So I am welcoming this too..along with the changing of the seasons!
Happy Friday the 13th..may it be a lucky day for you!!! I am not much for superstitions!!! It is Friday and this is a good thing!!
Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishcast Wednesday...

Our dear Jamie has asked us today..Where do you wish to send love? As my emotions have been wickedly close to the surface for so many reasons this summer...I started crying as I read this...geesh..am not a really weepy girl. OK maybe I am..of late.

The very first thing that came to mind was my children..I want to send and extra big helping of Mama love to each one of them. This is a year of changes for several of them..college, middle school, first grade, engagements and new paths. I want them to know that their Mama adores them and to feel that love from me..deep and true!!

I want to send love to the person who wins the auction on Ebay for my Canon Rebel...to love and enjoy that baby as much as I have..to be inspired and excited with each shot!! I want them to feel my love right through that lens. I am sad to lose it..but am ok with it now it is out there..I can get another in time. I still have my little Canon! May my love for photography flow right though that camera to it's new owner!!

In the big picture..I wish to send love to all of those struggling on the fringes. There is such a slippery slope of who survives these days and who does not. I want them to know that it is possible to come back from poverty..from loss...from change of lifestyle. That there are those of us out there who have been there and are here to say you can do it...that we will be there to encourage you on and lend a hand.

I also want to send love to all of you who have been my support of late...you will never know what that means to me..those gentle words of encouragement, honest words and hugs. It is as I have said, a rough season for me...I don't think words suffice what you have offered me here...thank you and huge, squishy, giant hugs to each one of you!!

Sending extra doses of love to each one of you beautiful fellow wishcasters today!! Can ya feel my hug!! What do you wish today?

Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Musings...moving backwards.....

I have been struggling along with things all summer. I am not whining..really I am not..I am a bit exhausted..but my warrior woman has come out to play. Actually it was more like a muse, warrior woman intervention! They sat me down a couple times over the last week or so and gently told me how it was. I needed a wake up call and a reality check!

You see in October I am turning 50. I had dearly hoped that by then I would be doing artwork full time. Last fall I took mornings off to do artwork and be at school with the kids on Fridays. But...the reality of the economy and my budget snapped me back to reality this summer. I have spent so very much time working on everything..art, photography, my childcare kiddos this last year..that I had little time for me or my family. I was losing ground quickly. Losing ground in all areas.

So it began to become clear this summer that I needed to regroup. I decided to do what felt like going backwards to me...to start a full preschool program and after care this fall. Full time teaching and back to a house full of little kiddos. All of the kiddos that have been with me the last four years have grown out of the program! So I will be starting a new with a whole new group. I fought this decision for several months before I finally gave in. I battled...I argued..I fought it tooth and nail..cause in my head..I was losing ground.

But a funny thing happened when I finally cried uncle and gave in...I felt relief..like a weight had been lifted. I realized how much I had missed teaching this last year..and began to feel...what is this...

That was unexpected..surprising..pleased!! Don't get me wrong..I wasn't burned out by the kiddos..or teaching..just thought at 50 I should be doing something else. It would seem that my Muse and Warrior Woman had other ideas. They gave me hugs and supported me up and helped me bravely move on from moving backwards. Sometimes backwards is the only thing to help you move forward!
Namaste, Sarah

Monday, August 9, 2010

I am published!!!!!!

Styl- Indie Style magazine added my little Ocean Garden in this months issue (#2) of their magazine!! In an article about ACEO's..there is is right on the top row!! I am over the moon..so thrilled!! So glad they liked this little piece!! Am happy dancin' again...really should be losing weight this way....whooooo hooooo!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some New Work....

A few new items listed on Ebay (click here).... here is "If the Shoe Fits!" ACEO. I kinda liked this one!

Four little fall acorns..ACEO

The completed Mermaid's Garden..this one is bigger - 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"!

And Five little acorns..ACEO

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I won...I won ..I won....so excited.....whoot!!!!!

Puna at Life Signatures had a photo contest...Hello Love. Well you know me..I adore a contest and the photography thing and family together..I was all in. So I added my very favorite family shot to the mix and to my surprise..Puma emailed me and told me that Hello Canvas..the contest sponsor had chosen my shot as a winner....me a photography winnnnnnneerrrrr...whoooooooooot am happy dancin!! So thank you so much Puma for having the contest...you totally made my summer!!! Can't wait to get that lovely canvas prize..whoo hoo!!! Can ya see me happy dancin...all over the place :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout...smells.....mmmmmmm

This weeks theme is Smells..by NanU! So here are a few smells around my town and a few smells that make me smile!I adore a good latte...here is Java one of my favorite spots in town..full of coffee house smells...yummmmmm.

The Bakery by the Lake..I do adore the smells of a good bakery...

Oooo summer berries and fruit. Smell delicious!

That wonderful loamy woodsy smell..I love that!

There is nothing like the smell of warm pine trees in the summer!! Sigh!

Pumpkin pie...oh I love me some of that! K am almost ready for Fall.

Yeah Ok am ready for that wonderful dusty smell of fall leaves.. I love how they crunch under my feet!

Yup mums...adore that smell..they will be all over town soon..just waiting for me to stop and take a deep sniff!!!

One last shot of the Bakery by the Lake..sitting outside smelling the treats and coffee wafting by..I think we need to take a walk downtown today..I think the kids and I need a cupcake and a latte!!

Have a great weekend all!! Hugs, Sarah