Monday, November 24, 2014


I am feeling incredibly blessed to be is so amazingly beautiful and different. All the things to do here..the different culture, life in general! Ok... the beach anytime of the year and the weather... heavenly:) 

That said..I am struggling a bit with the lack of seasons and my head is saying,
"It is August...see look outside! Why on earth is there holiday stuff up in the it is November or something?"
My head wants to be doing this..knitting. Frankly it is a bit too hot for that. :/ But this hat..I wanna make this one!

I want to enjoy a great hot cocoa..or coffee. Iced is the only way here..just not the same. But yummy. I am embracing all the "new".

As my friends in the cold North are dealing with snow and cold..I am trying to wrap my head around 80 degrees in November. Delightfully so..don't get me wrong..just is a bit odd is all.

I am about six months out from my last treatment..and frankly I think it is time to write about it maybe. My Muse and my heart are telling me it is time to get it out of my head. Starting to rattle around in there a bit too much.
Happy Monday all!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Caribbean..where is the rum.....

Actually they give you a shot a you get off the puddle jumper LOL! Rum that is. Here is a little cattle seem they are white until breeding season. We have the large ones also..but these guys are all over.

The skies here..can't get enough of them..the clouds are amazing. Happy to be playing with my camera again. I will also say..I am surprised my phone takes such great shots.

Of course I had to create some jellies...hope your Sunday is going well. Namaste all!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big Changes.... has been a right long time since I blogged..way too long. I have missed it...I have missed all of you. I am hoping you have not all disappeared! First off..clean bill of health. For which I am extremely thankful for. Treatment was complete in May and was completely clear in August. At which time...I joined my hubby Jim, Fox, Mhanon and Kate in St. Croix.

Yuppers..I am living the Caribbean. Sometimes you have to just leap and go for it! So here I am..healthy and starting over in St. Croix..US Virgin Islands. Toes in sand and pina colada in hand (well now and again LOL). Seriously is stunning here and the water...amazing.

Am loving seeing ships out my back window, pelicans, coral reefs...amazing!
Snorkeling here...well is my very favorite thing to do. As you can see it has showed up in my artwork LOL. Here is Becky Blue Bonnet with his kitteh buddy taking in the reef!

My muse...yuppers she has joined me. Trying to get back into the creative groove. Anyway, I am so happy to be back. Namaste all :)