Saturday, April 20, 2013

Musing on Going Gray...or Grey...or Silver....

A week or so back I was at the store and grabbed a box of hair dye out of habit. I brought it home and there it sits on top of my bathroom dresser! I keep looking at it and thinking..ok got to do that today. Hmmmm...
I have dyed my hair for quiet a few years now..blond streaks now and again, red which I love and brunette more often than not. I found my first gray hair on my 30th birthday LOL!!  My mother did too..dye her hair. I remember my mother's was thin and so very soft. She hated her natural color. She had mousy brown with yellow-gray hair..she complained about it. Wished it had been a lovely silver. I spent many a wonderful afternoon doing her hair. I miss that! I miss her.  
Seriously though..I really do not mind being older.  Being in my 50s is kinda nice! Body changes have been a little tricky but over all a really wonderful thing! I have been blessed with a lack of nasty menopause symptoms. BLESSED! I am a pretty happy girl over all. So a few wrinkles really do not make me feel less attractive. I feel well like..good wine! Aged nicely with a good splash of wisdom and a dash of fruitiness.
So what am I going on about here...well..pride really I guess. I have been blessed with something my Mother was not.. delightfully silver hair! Now that I have had it for a couple decades LOL..I kinda like it. Ok, well I like it a little bit..I think! I have been toying with the idea of letting it grow out for a couple months and seeing what I think. Maybe I will love it...maybe I will hate it and feel frumpy. But I just might feel, well.. freed! What do ya think...would you..are you? What do you think? I would love to know!
Happy Saturday all :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

***Giveaway Alert!!!!!***

Giveaway alert!!!!!!!
I was thinking..I am all most to 500 "likes" on my Face book fan page! So I thought it was high time for a giveaway!! So I am going to send one luck winner a set of my new coloring book pages. They will come to you in a acid free sleeve and enclosed in a heavy duty folder! All ready for some fun coloring?

So what do ya have to do? Well head on over to my Fan page.. click here.. and please "like" me if you have not already:) Add a comment there for a second get another if you are already a fan:) If you share it on FB I will add another chance! More details on my page:) Ends Monday evening:)
Happy Friday all!! Hugs!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wishcast Wednesday...

The amazing Jamie has offered up this question today.. "What do you wish to tend?" Hmmm...that one came to me right away. Ok well sorta....

I have been away from Wishcasting for a and art and home schooling and well life. I have missed it..I have miss all of you all! So today I will wish.

 I wish to tend my emotional and financial wellbeing. The last year or so has been rough. emotionally and financially I have struggled. I am finishing up my BS in Psychology this spring. There have been many days that I wanted to quit. I have bulldogged my way through it and the end is in sight. Why at 52? Because I need a steady job that pays the bills, one that offers health insurance and will allow me to provide a stable lifestyle for my family. I have had enough of being poor, hand to mouth, no money for extras or fun things, broken down truck, the possible loss of our home and not a single vacation in 15 years. It is time. It has been emotionally crushing. So I have planted my financial garden with years of experience and I have added in the professional training and very soon will add the degree to back them up. I wish to tend my financial garden and watch it bloom. This is what I wish to tend.

My art will keep going..because it keeps me sane and I love it. That little plant has been tucked into this garden plot too..may they all grow happily together and compliment each other as they bloom!

Happy Wednesday all...what do you wish to tend?