Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am Here....Really....

Just wanted to pop in and say...I'm still here. Feel like crap but hanging in there. Although this is not at all what I had planned for my vacation...I wanted to play. At the beach or hike, something other than being wrapped up in a blanket watching TV. I am getting a bit of artwork done and with any luck I will feel better tomorrow. Here is hoping!! So the very worst outcome - I will have gotten lots of rest..which is really ok!! I am trying very hard to be present. Maybe I will just read today...that would be kinda nice huh??? Hmmmmm hot tea and a good book - I like that!! Thank you all for the well wishes, I was so touched. Here are a couple of flowery pictures for you. Huge hugs, Sarah
Ohhhh...by the way...the giveaway is coming..just delayed a couple of days!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilting Bee..Next week...

Please forgive me this week for taking a week off. I was so busy doing nothing yesterday on vacation that the fact that it was Monday today slipped my mind. Seriously it did, until I woke this morning with the most wicked, awful sore throat...yup am sick. Why does that happen when you relax..I'm guessing because..I finally stopped long enough to be sick...yikes. Speaks volumes about how burned out I was. So..I'm pleading a sick day or two..gonna watch movies and drink something that soothes the throat and take a few more naps. The Quilting Bee will return next week. Thanks all. I left some pretty pansies for you too look at though. Hugs, Sarah

Saturday, June 27, 2009


So...today is the first day of my vacation. Nine wonderful days with only my family in my house. I love my preschoolers...but I have not had a vacation in a very long time. Everyone kept asking where we were going...uhmmmmm nowhere. Honestly we can't afford to go anywhere and I just really wanted to do alot of not too much. So...when I woke up at 5am this morning my head was spinning with stuff and I was very annoyed???!!! I found this upsetting and confusing as it was my first day of vacation and I should be relaxed and happy. So...what the heck?? I got my coffee and sat down to read every one's posts this morning..I can do this today..with no rush. Several posts were about the stress of everyday life, things moving too fast, not enough fun time, etc. A light bulb turned on...I woke this morning and started making a mental list of all the things I had to do before my week was done...am thinkin' this was the sneaky culprit who was pissing me off. Just snuck right in there and took over my vacation.

I know this sneaky guy..the even though you are on vacation..I have a list of things you really should do...if you don't guilt will set in and things will be left undone. Who is gonna do them if I do not, what is going to happen if I.....blah, blah, blah. Yup, do you know him? I deal with this little guy daily, pressure of work, home, my artwork, do the bills, stock the fridge, read to the kiddos, plan projects, plan fun -yikes that should have been a sign right there - plan fun!!!??? Sometimes we all just get wrapped up in the 10K of daily life. Sometimes I get totally burned out & for what ever reason, saying I need a day, or a week, or a month to do...not to much, doesn't happen. But why?? Guilt, assumed responsibility- yes I said assumed, five hundred excuses why we don't stop and breathe. Yup...my slave driver was pushing me to fill my delicious nine days with things to do. I was pissed off because I could see my week quickly turning into a nonstop marathon of stuff to do!! Alot of it good stuff, but most of it stuff that I can do another week..like the week after my vacation.

So...the key here was, what do I really want to do and what do I need to do. Trying to reverse the want/need thing is a toughie but I think I can do it!! I need to go to my U of I appointment & my appointment for a physical, because I can only do that during the week. I need to clean a bit daily, because it will keep me sane. Honestly...that's really all I need to do. I know some of you will say screw the cleaning..but too much chaos makes Sarah a cranky girl. But I will delegate a large portion of it to my rather large household. So....I feel better, thank you for helping me chase off that pesky little guy!! I feel lighter already! I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. I'm thinking I will...maybe...do not too much and a nap. What do ya think?? Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Shoot Out...Rainbow of Colors

Debbie at The Pink Birdhouse gave us our theme today.. The colors of the rainbow!! So...Mhanon and I tootled around town in search of flowers to look at & photograph..and we saw this darling neighbor of ours, isn't she cute!!

Then we took pictures of all of these.... please click on the collage for a closer view!

And when I went home and edited all of these pictures..I found this little guy in the corner of one of the pictures...

And of course, after all that walking, chatting and giggling we had to get a little treat...

Alicia's Photo Challenge....Off Center

Alicia's challenge this week was to play with off center shots. I will have to say...off center shots are my very favorite. Here are a couple I took this week, as always...there are lots of bugs to snap...this one caused huge excitement as it was something different than the normal ole spider or earwig(ewwwww). I do love doing macros...this little guy really liked the camera...every time I got close for a shot he would swing around to check out the lens..took about 20 shots to get a couple of good ones. Click on the photo for a close up view. I did not photo shop these, just cropped them.

Although I did not take these shots this week ,they are two of my very favorite off center shots of Fox and Mhanon. Some of you have seen these shots before, thank you for indulging me. Please ignore the peanut butter on Mhanon's face - lol. The picture of Fox has been altered a bit, I did a CinemaScope film type effect. Have a wonderful Thursday, Sarah

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday....

Our wonderful wishcast leader Jamie has asked us this morning...What do we wish to savour? Ok...am thinking food off the top of my head..but I think what I really want to savour is the summer.

Call me crazy but honestly summer is my least favorite time of the year. I think alot of this has to do with the fact that I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for years. Although I really loved the place, I am a cold weather girl at heart. I love the beauty of the desert and there is amazing beauty there, just not the heat. I love sunshine too..just not in such huge doses. So living up here in the Pacific NorthWest is just right for me...mostly. I tend to spend this time of the year looking longingly towards the Fall, which is my very favorite time of the year.

I long to enjoy the summers of my youth, filled with fun and relaxation. I want to have a different mindset this summer..to savour it, eat it up with a ice cold spoon & soak in the sunshine. I want to give myself permission to let go of all the stress, the housework, the job and take advantage of the several hours of sunshine after my school kiddos go home! I want to devour delicious summer books and drink ice cold ice tea till I pop. I want to play with my kids with abandon, have water fights and play in the mud. I want to try and find the fun in summer again.

I start a vacation this Saturday, the first one in many years that was longer than 4 days, I figure (thank you Jamie for the reminder) this would be a good time to start savouring summer again. So my wish today is to enjoy summer again!! Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just couldn't resist...

You should have heard him giggle...child bliss...totally cracked me up. Isn't he too cute???

Random thoughts, musings, a giveaway..

A giveaway???

I know your thinking... didn't she get this out of her system yesterday? I need to do a bit of catch up with a few things and I had a few random thoughts to share so here goes.

The Quilting Bee...would anyone like to offer up a subject for me to tackle there?? I struggle with sounding preachy and not informative, or provoking thought. So... tell me what you would like to discuss there.

Imma Mama - Alicia tagged me last week with a photo tag - I have never gotten one of these so here is the tenth picture in the first folder... Go by and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!! Thank you Alicia!!

My front porch and that porch swing I adore so much. I have decided, when I buy a house it will have a porch swing. I do so love to swing!!!

I was watching the Sunday morning news, and the subject matter was universal health care. They were debating what was best for the country. One person commented that it would be horrid to have the government tell you what you can and can't be covered for and that you might need to wait for treatment. Ok.. here is my take. I don't have any insurance at all for myself. I cannot afford it...at all! Medicaid in Idaho requires that you make less than $350.00 per month total household income to be eligible as an adult. My children are covered. So...when this Senator who has wonderful insurance said..it was a bad thing my coverage might be limited and treatment might take a little time...all I could think of was...What a freaking idiot!!! For those of us who have none and no hope of any insurance short of my husband being deployed to Iraq.. I'd very happily and gratefully take limited coverage and wait my turn!!! At 48 I would be thrilled with just some catastrophic coverage. Do I understand the big picture...more taxes, yes I do. I would happily pay a bit more in taxes to see that basic preventative care or catastrophic care was provided for those who cannot afford it....it would seem that 52% of Americans feel this way too. Honestly anything would help. Thanks for letting me rant a bit!

Now a bit of happy here at the end...would anyone like a giveaway or two???? I was thinking it might be fun to offer up a bit of Summer artwork and treats?? What do ya think?
Thanks for popping by!! Namaste, Sarah

Monday, June 22, 2009

Quilting Bee #14...Bliss

Good morning everyone!! We are back inside today because it is a chilly 50 degrees here this morning - brrrrrr! Hot coffee for me!! I have set out some delicious coffee cakes this morning just warm out of the oven, lemon poppy seed and cinnamon. I have also placed a huge bowl of fresh fruit, can you smell that melon & delicious yogurt and granola. There is a wonderful Kona coffee today and some sweet tea for those of you who would like iced tea. Thank you for coming by, please pull up a chair!

I love articles about following your bliss. Success stories about folks who suddenly quit their jobs and as lawyers and doctors and started doing that their heart called to them to do. I am always seeing this concept somewhere, follow your bliss. I totally agree.... you will be successful if you follow your bliss. Really it is amazing what some people are successfully at - because of their passion for it. I often think of Steve Irwin when I read these stories. Talk about a man who followed his bliss! Crocs and reptiles..he loved em!! A lifetime obsession turned into a lifetime work. I was deeply saddened - well honestly I cried when I heard he had passed! But...he left such an example of where your bliss can lead you. He could have been an ordinary, passion filled Zoo director, but he propelled that love into a whole other universe...we all loved him and gained an understanding of reptiles in the process. There is just no way you could watch Steve and not feel his bliss - amazing!! Have you watched his daughter Bindy on the Discovery channel? Yup there is that bliss!!

So, I thought I would talk about following your bliss. This is a tricky business, not as simple as it would seem. It takes a bit of bullocks, patience and a thick skin. I think most folks think this concept means becoming an artist or writer, not so....your bliss could be so many things. Starting a charity organization, a bike shop, going back to school to be something other than your current career, anything...even a reptile man!!

How do you know what your bliss is?? What makes your heart sing? Is there something that you do that you become so engrossed you lose track of time and suddenly its three hours later?? Do you loooove it even when no one around you seems to care? Has anyone ever said to you how amazing your "gift" is? Make a list of things you love, anything, everything and then narrow it down to five. If you could do something involving those five things..what would it be?? Brainstorm every possible thing you could do with those five things together or separately. Now comes the tricky part..not looking at the money making issue - don't even consider that...what makes you want to jump in with two feet..what is the universe calling you to do?? This may take a while to figure out be patient with yourself...it will come!

So you know what your bliss is...now what. This is where the bullocks come in...you have to start chipping away at it. For me it's the artwork and the photos, which for me is art if I get it right. Unlike some I do not have the cash to ditch my current profession and just do art, wish I did but not so much. So what now... you go at it like eating an elephant - one little bite at a time, forgive the metaphor..ick, but it makes my point. You all know the last several years of our lives have been money poor so...this is how I started. I asked alot of questions of artists who were on line, how did they start, what places are best for selling online or in the real world etc etc. They answered in droves!! You have to do the footwork...ask and you will get answers! When you have some idea of what it will take to get started...you have to have the bullocks to step off that cliff and take that first little leap. For me it was listing my first piece on Ebay and it scared the crap out of me. I had sold my art for years..little dribs and drabs here and there...but online...this was a huge market!! It was a huge step in my art career!! HUGE!!

So a year and a half later, with some wonderful success..I am inching closer to being a full time artist. As I go along I learn more and more and my muses offer me more ideas...things I never considered doing before..like greeting cards. It just keeps growing as long as I keep feeding it, not like a monster, like a beloved rose bush! You have to keep plugging away at it! There also has to be balance here between what you want and responsibility. I couldn't just quit paying the rent..so I had to balance and organize my time better to fit in the artwork. Over time I will phase out the teaching and increase the artwork..this will take time. There is the patience part!

Now the "no one seems to care" part. It would be wonderful if those around us supported everything we did. Many of us know...that is not always the case. People around you may want you to remain who you are, not change. If you start following your bliss you will change in huge ways. No everyone will see this as a good thing, they may want you to remain the breadwinner, or care provider. They may be a parent who cannot respect your decision to become an actor or artist. Maybe your whole family are doctors and you want to be a lawyer. Maybe you want to go back to school and get your Bachelors or Masters. Just be aware that your following your bliss also means change for those around you so consider the speed as you do this. So even if people around you reject what you are doing...keep at it. Look for objective parties to help you critique your work or ideas. I joined an art group on Ebay, no one knew me and could give me honest feedback about my artwork. Maybe a professional in the field you are interested in, seek out objective advice! Not everyone in the world needs to like what you do...but you need to like what you do. Follow your heart not the market. The market will find you.

So... today I would like you to share your bliss with me. Would you share with us how you have followed your bliss, or what you might like to do?

Speaking of blissful I'm off for some of that delightful fruit and yogurt & some delicious hot coffee. Thank you for joining me today!! Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lots of Happy's...

Happy Father's day to all the Dads!!!! Jim got a few minutes alone today (and brownies) - a rare commodity in this house hold, adult alone time! The kids and I went downtown to watch the Iron Man triathlons!

It is one of my favorite Summer things to do here in Coeur d Alene and always motivates me to get moving. So much fun to cheer them all on as they pass!! Nonni and I went down early as the athletes had finished the swim and were on to their bikes.

We went home and snagged Fox for the running part.
It was about 65 degrees today - so nice an cool for the athletes - a bit chilly for June though!!!

I also wanted to wish Sherry Byrum a very happy birthday today. So if ya have a minute go by and send her happy returns!! Happy Birthday Sherry!!

Happy Summer Solstice, I hope you enjoy this rich summer tradition!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A busy week......

So it has been on of those busy weeks, filled with children,treats, art and photos. I thought I might share a couple of them this morning.

So...first off, I won a delicious giveaway from Waterstone Jewelry these lovely turquoise earrings. If you haven't been by Lori's blog or Etsy shop...you must I insist. Not only is she wonderful but her work is rich and enchanting. She has a wonderful eye for color and doesn't do the everyday - her work is stunning!! Thank you so very much Lori- I adore turquoise and I love these - you may notice I am wearing them in my new picture.

I finished my page for the 2010 Date book - so excited to be a part of this. If you would like to be part of this there is still time. Click on the link left side of my blog for instructions.

I had a house full of children all week and just felt lucky I got anything at all done. This is why the camera is so much fun... quick easy creativity. So....Hanna's friends Sam and Stephanie popped by and I dragged them out to the back yard to pose for me. What beautiful girls!! Here is a shot of them together..do you see all of those stunning eyes?!!

I did do a bit of artful playing with Stephanie's stunning eyes!! Being Twilight being all the rage..shhhh - I loooved it, I thought I would vampirize her eye...what do ya think?

Ok...I had way too much fun with the whole thing..so I gothed out Fox - love the expression... he was annoyed!

Have a wonderful Saturday, Sarah

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Shoot-out....Metal...

So....Audrey chose the theme today... Metal. So here are my metals with a little story to boot.
Jim wanted me to take a walk down to the little store a few blocks away to get something for him and I thought - oh wonderful chance to find a bit of metal...so my camera went with me.

So.. instead of my direct route I tootled.. to the library bike rack and fountain..

Then, I tootled around the block...

I really do love ornamental iron.

I was almost to the store when I spied this and tootled off that way.

And then there was this lovely old leaded glass window....

It was a very good thing that I tootled because as I came around the corner and walked up to the little store, there were police everywhere!!?? Had I arrived a few minutes earlier, if I had gone straight to the store, I would have walked into the middle of an armed robbery!!! Not only does this just not happen in our little town, but in broad daylight, never. So thanks to Audrey, I was spared!! Thank you Audrey for sending me off in search of metal!!!
Huge grateful hugs hon!!!

So...I comforted our young store clerk who was a wreck, poor kid and headed home. Thanked my lucky stars and got a huge hug from Jim.

I could not do a collection of metal without these last two...my bead bowl and...

A sample of Jim's silver ore...the dark stuff is the silver!!

Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alicia's Photo Challenge #2

For a closer view, click on the picture.

This week on Alicia's photo challenge, we were to get close up!!! Close up and get all the little details and none of the extra "stuff". So I spent the week getting close up to most everything. The kids thought this was great fun. "Miss Sarah....I found a spider for you." My kiddos love their bugs - so here are a few close up shots from this week. My very favorite was this one..Fox holding the Grass Spider he caught in a jar(we did let him go). I know...lots of you will go...Eeeeewwwwww. My son is a budding entomologist and all our preschoolers love them too so...it's my fault, I'm a science geek. Do you see the lovey heart on this spider, perfectly shaped. Look at those legs - wowza sooo long!!!

Here is a close up of Lucy Lu's sweet eye....I liked this one too.

One last one I loved..Fox's darling eye, so blue.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday

"Tidepool" by David Peikon

Our fearless leader Jamie asked us today....what do we wish to play with? Well....I'm lucky I think, I get to play everyday with bubbles and finger paint, playdoh and crayons. I get to play alot!!! But...I think there one thing I would like to do...

I would like to take my own children to the tidepools on the seashore and play. All day long wading up to our ankles and elbows,watching their amazing little faces with each new discovery. Collecting sea shells, beach glass and building sand castles. Chasing scuttling crabs & feeling the feet of a starfish. Then eating a delicious lunch out of the cooler. Mmmmm ham sandwiches and chips with cream sodas. Lazing in the sun for a bit and then starting all over again. Watching the sun sizzle into the sea & then tuck them into crisp, delicious smelling sheets to fade on off into a delightfully, exhausted sleep. Sitting with Jim on the deck with a glass of wine just holding his hand and breathing in the delicious sea air. Yes, that would do I think. I wish to play at the seashore with my children.
Namaste, Sarah

I'm a Great Auntie...whoo hoo!!!

My darling niece Challee and her wonderful husband Matt have blessed the family with a sweet little bundle! Introducing Prince Ryan August, 7lbs 6oz! I'm over the moon!! He, this sweet little kiddo makes me a Great Auntie!!! So, huge congratulations to Challee and Matt. Barb and David, huge hugs and I'm thrilled that you became grand parents first!!!
Love, Great Auntie Sarah

Some Sad News....

Most of you who know me here are aware of how touched I was to receive the "Renee" award from Ces. Ces and Bella created this wonderful award. I just wanted to pass on to you all that Bella's husband passed away suddenly last Saturday. If you are led to do so please stop by her blog and leave her a hug. She and her family were about to return to the States after their stay in Japan. My thought and tears are with you Bella! Namaste, Sarah