Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some New Work - Hang Tags...

Click on the picture to see a bigger view...

I did some fun summer tags - thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Although it made me want to go to the beach and bask. Look I even did people with out witch hats!!

Well... these do have witch hats... how could they not. Here are a set of Witchy Halloween tags.

Both sets are available on my sale blog or on Etsy.

Thanks for flying by and saying hello! Hugs, Sarah

Wishcast Wednesday!

The amazing Jamie has asked us "What Frivolous treat do you wish for?" Oh.... a delicious fun filled - don't have to think too much wish - I looove it!! Of coarse - the narrowing down part is the trick.
Assuming money is not an issue here... a very long weekend in a little beachfront cabin. I would require the ocean with all it's delicious smells and sun. I would require those four days to be just me all alone... well maybe the dog. Four days to do nothing but read good summer novels, music and silly dancing, journaling and do artwork or needle work till I'm sick of it. Then in the middle of the day just plop down and take a nap!! No schedule, just what ever my heart desires. Then come home refreshed and relaxed. Yup that would work!! Sounds good to me!
Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mental Ninja - OMG!!!!

Well... I thought I was done with the crying thing when I got up this morning and went ahead and did my make up.....silly girl!! Because I should have come here first and read my blog comments. Every one's comments - well am having trouble seeing the keyboard - THANK YOU so very much!! Renee....Yes I so feel the love - am bolled over by it and deeply touched. Thank you everyone for the amazing words!

Then....Ces has decided to award me with the amazing "Mental Ninja" award - broke her own rules and added me to the 2009 list!! I am beyond honored and doing another happy dance. WOWOWOWOW! Ces I'm so pleased that you - amazing woman and artist - like my blog and my art - WOW. I know how very much you and your amazing partner (in crime) Bella mean to Renee - so that's aces in my book!! Thank you Ces for making me blubber like a baby and do happy dances - you made my month!!! Again!!!

Lastly....I'm so happy you liked my Mental Duck to Mental Swan! I had not thought of it as an award, but am thinking the story behind that picture might make a nice award. Hmmmmmmm......

Huge hugs and Namaste All....Sarah

Monday, May 25, 2009

This Made My Month...

I received a wonderful comment on my Quilting Bee today from the amazing Ces - honestly just having her visit was wonderful...but... she gave me a wonderful gift too. I know it's kinda silly, well maybe not, I have really wanted this award ever since Ces and Bella created it for my dear Friend Renee. I has seen it grow as it was supposed to like a little acorn and passed from person to person & have taken joy in seeing where it went. But.... I have also really wanted this one, hoped it might come my way. What I did not expect was that I would have one of the originators of this award give it to me and now that I'm done sobbing - I know silly... I can send out a huge thank you to Ces for honoring me herself. I am deeply touched.

I know I'm gushing, but bear with me... let me tell you why this meant to very much to me. Several months ago, at the beginning of my blogging, I found Renee's blog. The day I found it I spent a spellbound 2 hours reading back posts and trying to catch up with this amazing woman's life. I cried and laughed and snorted. I was hooked. I swear she reached out through the computer and touched my heart!

Since that day we have become friends. We have exchanged treats and tears and she has been such an amazing source of support in my life. She has gentle but firmly helped me through several tough spots in my life. She also has a habit of making me snort liquids - usually coffee- out my nose from laughing so hard. She is the reason I now write anything at all on my blog. She has become more than a friend to me and I adore her!!

So.... Renee, remember the Mental Duck to Mental Swan.... here it is...

Thank you so very much Ces for giving this to me and also to both you and Bella for creating it - you really are an amazing pair!!! Thank you Renee for just being you!

I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds its way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns…

So... I will pass this along to a couple of special folks...

To Sherry - who is another amazing friend and a constant support in my life.
To Holly - another amazing woman whom I adore and her wisdom never fails to amaze me.
To Heather - Another dear friend who is always there for me.
To Audrey - whom I adore and has been an unfailing support to me also!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quilting Bee of Folks #10

Hello everyone!! So very happy to see you here today!! I thought I would post today instead of Monday. As always please feel free to jump in. So today I thought we might have a bit of homemade ice cream and strawberries. If you would prefer I also have some yummy pound cake. There is home made whip cream and delicious ice tea or coffee laid out. K… the ice cream will be done soon – I hope very soon it’s killing me to wait!!

I have racked a quilt today to honor our vets & troops! I ask only one favor today, please leave your opinions of our last and present presidents at the door. Thanks and hugs from me.

Many of you know my husband is a Idaho Army National Guard Member . They are currently up for deployment although we do not know when. I am deeply proud of Jim. So what happens with our serving men and women is dear to my heart. My opinion on the current war is irrelevant honestly my main focus is supporting up the troops.

My Dad was an Air Force Major and a pilot in WW2. He flew jets in the Berlin airdrop and flew over the beaches of Honolulu before Pearl Harbor. I had intended to join the Air Force myself – but well .. my life took other directions. Still I can’t watch “Top Gun” without feeling that pull to serve.

I was thinking about the families of those serving right now too. It isn’t easy when your other half leaves and you take care of everything. Not to mention the fear that your other half, son or daughter, will return changed or not return at all. It really is terrifying. I often wonder if there is more we could do for the families and those serving?

I know several single folks in my husband’s unit that once there, will not have anyone to send them letters, emails, treats while they are there. This deeply saddens me. Maybe if some of these folks had some warm contact from someone here – they might not come back feeling so empty and lost. I do not want to simplify the things they go through, just wonder if there is more we could do for them?

So… just a thought on Memorial Day…. for those who are serving and their families, what can we do to support up our troops? Maybe in just little ways? Maybe reach out to a family who’s member is deployed …. even just to say – we are here for you and a hug. Or a note or treat to a soldier who has no one. Maybe a vet who needs the lawn mowed? So please think about our troops and our vets this Memorial day!!

Thank you for letting me soap box a little!! I think I need some of that delicious ice cream and strawberries….. yummmm. Would you like to join me????? Thank you for pulling up a chair and joining me today!! Have a relaxing Memorial Day!! Namaste, Sarah

Oh…..I have created a little badge for our Quilting Bee of Folks. If you would like to add it to your blog with a link to mine, I would be honored. Please don’t feel obligated. Feel free to snag it if you would like!! Hugs!

Good Sunday Morning All!!

Just popping in between art projects and some cleaning. Wow the yard sure looks better!! Whoo hoo. We live in the garden district of our town and you get looks if your yard looks shabby. Generally I ignore them. The yard usually looks good - but in the spring and summer it needs a bit more care to keep it looking nice and I always enjoy it more when it does.
Fox and I were playing with some pics I took outside and thought we would share them with you. More art later and my Quilting Bee.

I know blogger is working on the problem plaguing us all this week - non access warnings popping up all over the place. I have discovered that once it pops up and you press ok - if you hit the go back arrow on your page it will open the blog up anyway.

Yes I did change my avatar - my little Goth Fairy didn't sell on Ebay and honestly - I liked her so much - I was ok with that. So she is now my little picture!
Namaste, Sarah

Friday, May 22, 2009

Boys will be boys...

Now.... don't get me wrong... generally there are no play weapons here at school....but I will say that Razzi (Raffa's big brother) and Fox were being posers - lol and not really fighting. I'm thinkin' they knew I was picture taking and were having a bit of fun - so I let it fly a bit. They were well behaved with their "bows and arrows". You can tell we are almost to summer - the big kids are here - a day off. But we have to restate the rules for the incoming big kids. They are a great crew though and will regroup in short time.

That said - it has been my experience as a teacher, that if you eliminate every single thing in your classroom that looks like a weapon of any kind, most boys will find something to use as one. The darling pic of Raffa with the blue blurr - is actually a blue elephant watering can - but in this picture it is without doubt a gun. We redirected the crew to other less weapon oriented pursuits....their next choice... feeding the funnel spider on the side of the yard - Mr. Big... don't ask what they feed him. Yikes - how about a bit of finger painting now.....

Needless to say - wrangling kiddos and dogs keeps me away from my artwork this week - but - whooo hoooo it's a three day weekend!! Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi... am sneakin'on while Mama is out....

Hi all of Mama's furless buddies, she tells me I be having a few doggy friends out there too - so a woof out to you!! She's outside wrangling kiddos and I snuck on to tell you a bitty story of my day...shhhhhhh..
So I was knowing that it was a loverly warm day out and was thinkin' it was bout time to take the crew out for a romp an..... Mama started thinkin' bout a washin' me.
I tried to blend with the toys - see am stuffed dog....but she saw through my bluffin' and latched on my lead.

Well.... the water here abouts is from the lake and the lake is well REALLY cold - so it was a quick bath...but that was not being the eyes cast down part - just look what my backside did!!! Geesh Mama!! Looks like my backside went into the clothes dryer thingy and the rest - well didn't.

But.... no not butt.... but I am now a sweet smellin' pooch and am clean for lovin' - need a wicked good brushin' but am clean. So I'm supposin' it will me more lovin' on - and I guess that is a good thing so - well...can't be stayin' annoyed with her for too long. Lucy Lu

Noblesse Award

I was very touched to get this award - so sorry it took so long to post it.. HybridJ - whom I adore gave me this one.. The Noblesse Award. Thank you so much!!
And for this award, I’m to write about what this blog has thus far achieved. I needed to give this one a little thought.

I started this blog strictly as a way to promote my artwork. It quickly morphed into something very different. As I got to know folks here I found an amazing group of just women at first - but am pleased to say - I have found some amazing men too!! So very quickly my blog became more to me than just my art, but an amazing place to not only be myself but share of my self in ways that I truly had not expected. I love to write... really do - I just had not expected that anyone else would find value in anything I might put out there. It seems, much to my surprise and delight, some of you do.
The writing turned into a joy and that joy turned into A Quilting Bee of Women. I found so many women who amazed me and touched my life in huge ways. I saw them reaching out to others & to me in wonderful ways. You have all carried me though some rough stuff in my life and I am forever changed by what you offered me here. It struck me that we were like old quilting bees and did a post about that - it has turned into a weekly joy for me. I did change the name, as a few brave fellows have joined us!!
I'm not sure what I have achieved but, I guess I hope that my blog not only touches others, but respects the feelings and beliefs of others. I try to support up other artists and encourage new ones - I have been so graciously encouraged here and bloomed because of all of your loving care. My artwork and my soul thank you all for being a part of my Quilting Bee and part of my life!! Namaste, Sarah

Details of Noblesse Award:
The recipient of this award is recognized for the following:
- The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade amongst different cultures and beliefs.
- Their Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage, and offers solutions
- There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Cultures, Sciences and Beliefs
- The Blog is refreshing and creative
- The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking
The Blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following:
- Create a post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award
- The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post
- Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older posts as support
- The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions
- Blogger must display the Award at any location at their Blog

I wouled like to pass this along to a couple of my Bees, women who are always there for me and so many others, who offer up delicious blogs for all of us do join them at their tables....


Tagged and Awarded - Thank you!!!

Lisa tagged me... love these. Her art is to die for - it is colorful and rich and the subject matter - well you'll see - loooove it. She's pretty sweet too - go and visit her beautiful blog!!

So here are the rules.... tell us who tagged you and add a link,
give us 6 things you loooove
pass it along to 6 more bloggers you love!!

So.....hmmmmm 7 more things I love - try to stay seasonal here maybe...

1. Watermelon - yuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyy - can't get enough of that.
2. The beach - our lake here has a nice one and is a wonderful place to find garnets!
3. The smell of fresh cut grass.
4. Tie Dying - a summer treat for me - everything gets color in the summer.
5. Perenials - I am not a annual kinda gal - love, love, love my perennials.
6. Fruit Sun Tea - yummy peach or blueberry - delicious!!! Lots of ice please!

I will tag....

Anne - my Sis

My dear friend and fellow(amazing)artist Gail gave me this sweet award! Gail does dark so well - am soooo not able to do this - go see her beautiful work and you will see her amazing spirit!!
The Splash Award is for....being "alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring". Hee hee - love the thought that I might live up to those qualities - thank you Gail!!

I will offer up this award to....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday

What is your highest self wishing for?
What's rumbling in your soul?
These are the questions Jamie is asking this week!

Hmmmmm always takes me a minute to work through these. I guess a couple of things, I feel like I am always working towards being present these days & to trust myself. I guess that is a big one - to trust my instincts and experience, wisdom. My divorce was very traumatic for everyone in the family & I have found of late (or at least I am more aware of it now)that I sometimes base larger decisions on fear. Fear that I will make poor large decisions - fear of deciding at all. I was very good at letting fly before my divorce - following my instincts and moving forward with strength. Now... I second guess myself - alot! Not as often as I used to - getting better but I get bound up with being WAY to serious and forget to let fly - even when my higher self is screaming -BE BRAVE, GO THIS WAY, TAKE A WALK, TRUST YOURSELF, SAY NOOOOOO....LET FLY! So I think my higher self is wishing for me to have more trust in myself & let go of the fear. Please enjoy Jim Carrey on me - this one cracks me up! Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Bookmarks...

I have added a few new bookmarks in my sale blog and also in my Etsy shop.

The large one is several Everyday Witch's Shops lined up like a little street. It has a real fluorite crystal attached.
There is also a small one - same shops just smaller and it has a pair of little
maple leaves attached.

Lastly is a summer bookmark - just right for all those delicious summer reads. It has a real green jade bead attached.

Thanks for flying by...Sarah

I did nothing.......really.....

So as promised yesterday I did a bunch of not to much - YAYAYAYAY. I will admit it was a bit of a challenge to do nothing much. What does that say about my life!!?? So...what did I do....

I had a house full of kiddos and we played outside in the lovely 78 degree sunshine(with sunscreen), collected bugs and four leaf clovers & one five leaf one(haven't done that in years). We had a picnic and ate out PB&J's on the porch with milk and watched the bumble and honey bees enjoy the blooms on the chestnut tree. Lots of discussion about how to tell the difference... and that the neighbors have a skep... and why were they in our(they consider this their house too) yard stealing nectar ... and that it was ok... and a good thing for them to visit tht it helped our yard grow and why.

We also giggled at the cat chasing bugs - huge leaps and twists into the air at what appeared to be nothing - LOTS of giggles. They took turns on the porch swing with me - I do love the porch swing!! They went off to play a fantasy game about bug hunters and princesses - mixed group - and I pulled out my camera & took a few sneaky pics. What I found was - we had not cleaned off the peanut butter from little faces - lol.

What else did I not do - I didn't clean much, or do laundry, I skipped the artwork (although I looove that) for one day, I didn't list anything or update anything, I did not do paperwork for my preschool. I did.... take time to pop by a ton of blogger friends blogs and say hi & checked out a few new folks blogs, email several friends and had a long, enlightening(Barb is so good at that - the light bulb stuff) conversation with my sister on the phone. I even read some of my mystery novel & watched two old episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. Oh and for the very first time this year - I slept with the window open!! So all an all a very satisfying day!
More not much of anything & just breathing today....Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quilting Bee of Folks #9

Good morning thank you for coming again!! I do love it when you stop by!! I think the weather here today might just be warm enough to quilt and chat outside today - a lovely 78 degrees and sunny. Our trees are just starting to leaf out and the bulbs are just starting to pop! It really does smell delicious in my yard. So I thought I would set out some warm weather goodies today - some lovely fruit iced tea and fresh fruit and light muffins and scones!! I have also put out some amazing jam! A friend of mine makes it - the best I have ever had!!! I have racked a very calm and restful quilt this week so... please pull up a chair and join me.

All this last week or so I have been struggling to get my feet back under me. Managed to get myself out of my pity pool and on the right track but my spirit was tired and wanted rest. So what did I do - push it harder. It's not like me to be depressed - but deep blue I have been for days now. I guess this scared me - alot. The kind of scared that wakes you up at 2AM with a start, heart racing and mind whirling. So.... I beat myself up over my distress and worried over why I was not snapping out of it already. My head said - time to move on - my spirit said - uhmmmmm not yet - there are things to be studied here - stop and breathe and listen to me!! So after reaching that point where I just couldn't take it anymore - I finally gave... good grief I can be stubborn!!

I stopped and looked for help. I took a long walk and said hello to nature and forced myself to be present and breathe, deeply. I walked myself to the library and checked out a few books that have been friends in the past - like "Co-Dependent No More" and a good fun romance and a new mystery by an author I adore & I sat down - yup at the library. I just sat down and enjoyed watching the people go by and I did nothing for a bit. As I sat doing nothing the fog began to clear a bit - I knew what I had to do. I had to allow myself to rest. Mind, body, spirit - just rest for a day or two maybe longer and be ok with that. I need a couple days to mend me. I need to listen to what my spirit and soul is trying so hard to tell me - what I need to see in all this. So for the next couple days, the world will go round and I will ride along not steer. I will leave all the pressure I have placed on myself by itself and do whatever. Yes, I have kiddos coming, but that can be fun and relaxing if I choose. I forget to stop sometimes and it makes me a sad girl. So books, music, blogging, maybe knitting, silly dancing with the preschoolers, finger painting - whatever feels good to me for a few days. I will replenish my spirit as it seems I have starved the poor thing of late. I will love on, nourish and pamper it - until it feels strong enough to pick up that platter and deal.

So my question to you today is ....Do you need to put down your platter for a little bit and replenish? Does your spirit, body or mind need a vacation - even for an hour? Are there things your soul is trying to share with you and you are running so fast in the other direction - you can't hear it calling out to you? What do you need to stop and hear your soul saying to you? Please share with us if you feel like doing so!

So.. I think I will grab some of that delightful peach tea and a blueberry scone with Diane's amazing peach jam and sit with you all and breathe. Because, one of the things I do everyday, being here and chatting with all of you replenishes my soul in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you for stopping by replenishing my soul and pulling up a chair.
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

New Work - A Day at the Zoo

Here is my newest piece - "A Day at the Zoo" - it is 8"x8" - again a bigger work. I have not listed this one yet. Hmmmm maybe a horse show next.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Play and Our Day!!

So Jim made it to the podium, recieved his diploma - sorry no pic. of him - but am ever so proud, so were the kids!! I think it was wonderful to have them see the ceremony despite the fact that it was three hours long. They were troopers and I was also very proud of them too!!

So what do you do with kids after a very long ceremony? Well....cake and punch and.....


But then......

After I took this picture - the unhappy faces were explained - I was using telephoto - Fox was quite bent and Nonni in tears - someone had knocked her over and given her a bloody nose - Big brother and Mom were quite bent. There was a large group of elementary students there and the teachers were nowhere in sight. When I found them lunching and paying no attention to thier charges - I expressed my very not happiness with their lack of supervision. Nonni was fine and Big Brother Fox helped cheer her up....

with a stroll along the beach....looking for all sorts of fun things...

And.... I finally got a few good pictures of handsome Fox......

And we wonder why all the girls love Fox - look at those peepers!!!

Jim's Big Day and The Finished Whip

Good morning all!!! We are off to Jim's graduation this morning. He has finished up his AAS and is on to University this Fall!! Big whoo hoo's for my DH I am VERY proud of him!! He is even graduating with Honor Society coards!! Huge hugs to my honey!!

Here is the finished WIP...Home Again this one is listed on Ebay. It is the first in the new series - Everyday Witch's Days....
"Home Again". Larger than the previous series 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", as I wanted to cram a bit more detail into this set. I was thinking a day at the Zoo might be fun - what do ya think??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Duck Wrangling and a New Wip

So.... I kind had to go with the Duck Wrangling thing - was calling to me.. so here is my version of the idea. This cowgirl fairy, complete with stars on her wings is riding this darling "pinto" bunny. Together they are attempting to wrangle a trio of duckling and get them in a row. Good luck with that one!! This is the first original I have posted on my new CGSMarket blog.

I'm also doing a new series - Everyday Witch's is a WIP if the very first one.. no name yet. These are bigger than the first series - which were 5x5 this one is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. What do ya think??? Namaste, Sarah

Someone you should know....

This amazing piece of artwork is by Karmen!

I popped over to my dear friend Karmen's art blog this morning and found an amazing post that I wanted to share with you. Karmen lives here in my town and I have been truly blessed by knowing here out here in the world. I have been aware that Karmen has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)& Fibromyalgia (FM). She has always been upfront about what she is suffering through and remains amazing despite it all. She has offered up an amazingly honest accounting of the realities of these illnesses and the emotional toll they take on her and her life. BTW - she is an amazing artist too! So, please stop by her blog and say hi and read this wonderful post. Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday......

Jamie asked us "Who do you wish to connect to?" For some reason this made me tear up - of coarse this week that is not a big stretch. Hmmmm the first thing I thought of was I need to connect with myself - as I feel a bit disconnected this week. But I know that too is temporary - so I guess I need to keep connecting with folks around me about the house situation. I know they would want me to... it's just hard. Asking for help is not easy for me and I am struggling with connecting in that way.

I know several people around me might have information or something else that can help me. So - I have started asking and putting it out there - you all have made me brave. Thank you so very much for your help on Saturday!!!So far a friend has let me know that she can help us remodel or redo almost anything and also has connections in the housing market around town - she is actively looking for us. Another friend has let me know the house next to her has been abandoned for over a year and it might be a possibility. Several folks have called or emailed me to say they are going through similar situations - so we can support each other through it all. So... I wish to connect to people who can help me & that I can help also & stay connected to my calm in this process.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Announcing...A New Sales Blog for Me!!

Drum roll please......Introducing...Cottage Garden Studio Market!!
I'm so very excited!!! I have figured out how to offer up my work for sale from my blog - or rather a link to my sales blog....Cottage Garden Studio Market. Please pop by and let me know what ya think!!!

Wips, New Work and Duck Wrangling

I finished the Geisha Warrior Fairy and thought I would share her.... Here is a new shop also. I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row - am duck wrangling - there must be a picture in that.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow I've been tagged - it's Sooooo COOL!!

I was tagged by my dear friend Sonia - I adore her and her artwork - so go off and toodle through her blog!! Thank you Sonia- I'm excited too!!!!!
This will be my first year participating in this amazing Event and/or Project and I'm really excited about it. If you would like to reserve your PAGE for the 2010 DIARY, please make sure you visit Lucy, our Organizer of this Project over at here it will take you the information that you will need to in order to Sign-Up!

This is how the 2010 Diary will come. Lucy is also making it available on CD so you take it to your local printer and have it printed out. So check out the link and sign-up for a DIARY PAGE with your OWN ART WORK! What a great promotional project that Lucy is giving us all. How cool to have your OWN ART WORK in a Diary that someone is going to be using everyday!

A. Name & link back to the person who tagged you.

B. List six (un)important things that make you happy.

C. Tag six bloggers & let them know they're it by leaving them a comment.

1. Beach combing- I could spend hours.
2. Rock hounding and digging - am a huge rock hound.
3. Cinnamon and lemon in anything baked.
4. Grapefruit - to eat or to smell in bath oil - yummy!
5. The smell of pine trees warmed by the sun.
6. The smell of cedar incense - like a campfire.

Hmmmm who shall I tag with this one....


Quilting Bee of Folks #8 (WOW!!)

Good morning everyone! I have set out several delicious coffee cakes, orange and almond and delicious smelling cinnamon. Yummy can you smell them? Mmmmmmm mingling with the smell of coffee . I have also added a bit of fresh fruit, strawberries and melon. I have racked an interesting quilt today, full of color and changing angles and curves. Please pull up a chair and join me.

Most of you know I have had a rough month. It has been one of those test your strength and what you have learned months. The universe knocking and asking if you get it yet… so I was thinking about the concept of changing your mind and what we choose to embrace in our lives. This can be a double edged sword. How we choose to look at the things that occur in our lives – big little, short term, long term. As you may have read – it seems like I am in one of those seasons where lots of big things are changing despite my wanting to cling to old ideas…they change anyway. The posts from all you wonderful folks this weekend helped me redirect my thinking – change my mind and embrace the possibilities. Thank you so very much.

This old dog is still learning new tricks and refining old ones. I have “changed my mind” about a lot of things over the last ten years. When I say changed my mind I mean literally changed my thinking about certain things in my life and how I chose to view them. Like…… being a victim – I was deeply entrenched in that belief and I view all the things that happened to me from that point of view. My divorce and all of the things that followed – some of those things were deeply painful. Some of those days I truly understood for the first time in my life why people commit suicide. I never reached that point but was on my knees and knew something had to change. I had to learn to embrace the possibilities – good ones and not be a victim in my own life. Maybe this sounds silly – but I think it was then that I realized that it was “my” life! That I had the right to choose the direction of my life – I was no longer a victim!! Whoo hoo lightbulb!

But…. here was the kicker – I still had the “victim” mindset. Some how I had to learn to look at life differently – from why me to why not me and what the heck am I suppose to learn from this???!!! How could I embrace a different attitude. Very, very slowly….. one little thing at a time. I started with simple small things and moved onto bigger things. I forced my mind to look at things in a different light. Over and over I stopped and redirected my mind until the pathway changed. So here I am ten years later – still stretching myself – to embrace the good in events that surround me. Like this week – I still had to ask for help when my mind wants to take a dive into the pitty pool. I did a bit of wading this week – ok it was a lot of wallowing…but it was short lived. Whoo hoo progress. I am that – a work in progress and that, I am ok with. So today – thank you in large part to all of you – I am on track and am embracing whatever comes to me with the current house issue. I’m almost even excited – thank you for helping me “change my mind” and move on.
So…. my question today – what do you need to “change your mind” about – little or big? Is there something out there waiting for you to embrace it?? Share with us!! Let it fly!

Ok – am in need of sweets now . Where is that almond coffee cake and a lovely strong cup of Joe with sugar and cream. Ackkkk this quilting bee is killing my virtual diet!!! Thank you for being there for me and joining me again today – wow – week eight!!! I am honored and touched that you came back!! Thank you for pulling up a chair and Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, May 10, 2009

For Good....

I do so love this piece and it so clearly represents the best of what we offer each other here... From "Wicked". Thank you for all the wonderful hand prints on my heart. Namaste, Sarah
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My Half of The Tribute to Our Mom & Thank You's!

As I promised, I am offering up a few pictures of our Mom...Ruth. My sister Anne did an amazing tribute to her... still teary.. and it couldn't have been done better so... I thought I would just add a few pictures so you could have a face to go with the idea of her. The first is her wedding picture, I love this one..

Here is me 22 years ago (first marraige) in that lovely dress!

Mom in 1976 on our farm in Tennessee. I do believe she loved it there.

Here she is with my Dad on the left at my wedding in 1986.

I also wanted to say a very deep felt thank you to each and every one of you for your encouragement, support, wishcasts, prayers, candles & love yesterday. You can't know how very much it meant to me!! I do truly feel so very much better today!
Namaste, blessings, love and Happy Mother's Day, Sarah