Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am a sobbing wreck...I am heartbroken. Sometime Saturday evening...Tink just vanished. Gone..no trace of her. I am hoping that somehow she is ok and will find her way home...but..am afraid she has been taken or worse. We have contacted everyone we can think of and they all have pictures of her. She was not one of the kits that were picked up over the weekend or one of the poor kits that was hit and passed. She stays close to home..not a wanderer. As I run a daycare and am here all day..she is in and out all day. I miss her terribly..and the kids are heartbroken too.

So...if you have a minute today..could you please, for me, say a little prayer that she will find her way home to us!! Cause she is much loved and much missed!

Hugs all, Sarah

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I could not let the Easter Season pass without my annual bunny post! I do love bunnies! I have two a present..both started out somewhere else and ended up with us..which we love! A Dutch and a Lop. Bun the Dutch is about 6 or so and Bookie is about one I think ...and huge!!! She was suppose to be a mini..uhmmmm not so much!
Anyway...I wanted to create a few Easter Bunny smiles.



Still looooove this one..but then I am a science geek!

I love this one too!!

Can you say Beatrix Potter?

I know bunny biscuits..but sooooo cute!

Whahahah....great shot:)

So ...from our den to yours...Happy Easter all!
Hugs, Sarah

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out..Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day all!! This weeks subject over at FMTSO is..., Leaves, Branches, Dirt, Planting for Earth Day. Here in N. Idaho..we still have snow on the ground..it is still not above freezing most nights..and Spring is really slow in coming this year!

Last year on this day..the maple trees were popping..it looked like this! This year...not so much..just bitsy buds so far! This is the way it goes up here..always a surprise!I kinda like that!

Of course the moss is always stunning here..cause we live in the loamy Pacific Northwest. Deep beautiful woods here! Think "X Files"..or "Northern Exposure"..ackk am dating myself..ok "Twilight" works too LOL!

All the buds here are just waiting ..ready to pop.

Ok..so I love moss..I really do!

A little later this Spring..we will see some of this though..beautiful!

Is it me..or can't you just imagine a fairy peeking at you..I love this stump. Or...is it my Muse working overtime?? Hmmmmm....

Happy Earth Day all..and Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Need Your Input...and OMG SNOW??!!

Would you help me out here? I need your input please. Please click on the picture for a larger view :) I have started adding color to "The Bohemian Bean"..and I am stuck. I can't decide whether the season is summer..full green trees..or Fall with lovely colored leaves? What do you think? I would love to know what you think!! This is the first large piece I am adding to my little Everyday Witches town of Moon Hollow. This is a full 8" x 11" . The previous pieces in this series were 5"x5". So let me know what ya think..cause I love to hear from you all!!

Seriously???!!!! Yes it would seem..we are having more snow. I took these about 15 minutes ago..and now the snow..still falling is covering the ground! Geesh...there is about a 1/4" already. Someone needs to reawaken that groundhog!! Is it spring were you are??

Happy Thursday all!! Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bohemian Bean WIP..and Bugs....

Click to make the picture larger and see the details:)
I am popping in for just a couple minutes today..between folks being ill. Here is the completed inkwork on the Bohemian Bean...color is next!

That is assuming I can get the family over this bug. It sure seems like a bomb!! Ackkk!! Hugs all, Sarah

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tummy Bugs .....Ackkkkk!

We seem to be passing around a little flu bug...well at least Nonni and I have. I was down and out all day on Saturday. Nonni was up all night last night and will be in bed today. Nothing horrid..could have been worse..but well...ackkkkk. I hate the flu. I like it even less when my baby is down and out. Poor kiddo!

I so need a nap! Maybe I will get one..we shall see.
I hope tomorrow we will be back..feeling frisky and no one else here gets that nasty little bug!!

Happy Monday all and Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out..

This weeks subject is...Temples, Churches, Synagogues, House of Prayer. I started taking photos of my favorite Catholic church. It is just a couple blocks away and is beautiful. We hear the bells daily...and I love them! When I started taking photos..seriously..I found to my surprise, that I adore taking photos of architechture..go figure!

What I didn't notice was....a huge, smeary fingerprint on my lens. Hmmmm.. wonder where that came from? So instead of tossing the whole set, and walking down there again..I decided to play with them instead.

This accounts for the slightly Gothic look to them. Sorry..I could not help myself!

Have a great weekend all! To visit more wonderful shootouts...click here!! Namaste, Sarah

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few That Pleased My Eye....And a Job!!

Spring is popping.... all the bulbs are starting to create patches of color. All dripping with water droplets! I love to photograph water droplets. I don't like it when blogger turns my photos sideways..ackkkk!

Of course the robins are here..I love the robins!

The trees are starting to put out their seeds! I know because the maple seedlets are coming in my front door..like magic!

Don't ya just love moss! Bright beautiful Spring moss!

A little Spring Unicorn ACEO too..cause I love unicorns. I do...I won't apologise..I love them. You can find him here.

I know...I am teasing you all....but in reality...I am doing this ridiculously silly, wild, happy dance...cause...

HE GOT THE JOB!!! I am so wickedly proud of him..over the moon excited..thrilled beyond belief. Yeah..am happy dancin'. You should see him LOL!! As he won't let me add pics of him..you will have to take my word for it! Thank you for all the prayers and hope and love...WHOOOOOOT.. HE GOT THE JOB!!!!Hugs and happy dances, Sarah :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday My town Shoot Out...Scavenger Hunt!


This week we were to go on a scavenger hunt..for a circle, square and triangle..and all three if we were lucky!!
Guide Lines:
* straight out of the camera, no editing
* one photo per word
* three words for each hunt
* add a fourth photo if you can find all three hunt words in one (or just post this one photo)
* hunt area includes your town, surrounding areas, surrounding countryside



All three...but I did change it to black and white so you could see the detail.

You can click on the picture to see each one clearer! Happy weekend all!
Hugs, Sarah

April Snow...REALLY!!

Seriously...snow..in April...yeah it happens here..it is North Idaho..emphasis on North. We don't care for it much..but it is not a huge surprise really. So we are dealing..sigh..it will melt soon..I hope.

Of course I am thinking that Tink was a bit more than annoyed. She is not a huge snow lover..unlike Lucy Lu who LOOOOOOOVES the snow!

Hoping it is warm and sunny where you are..maybe tomorrow here!!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Lucy Lu...

Seriously who could not love that face!! Sweet Lucy Lu! See sweetie, I told you I would do a post just about you today!!
"Thank ya Mama!"
You are very welcome hon..cause you are the dog!!

Why is she the dog..well cause she loves goldfish...even lost ones...

is a blur and wicked fun to photograph...

Cause she knows when Mama is going off to the coffee shop or bank and that they serve special cookies just for her...

That she loves her kitty sister even though Tink could care less most of the time.

That being outside with her kiddos is the best..and that she can tell the difference between big and little kiddos and tailors her behavior to suit.

Cause her smile just melts my heart and I adore her...cause she is sweet and loving...and the patience of a saint.

No matter how cranky folks are..especially Mama..she still loves me!
Happy Tuesday all!
Hugs, Sarah

Monday, April 4, 2011

Unicorns and Musing a bit....

A few weeks back I participated in a little doll pin swap. I had been wanting to try felting..and gave it a rip..it was fun and well..I was hooked. So....last week I bought some felting needles and hit the library for books..and YouTube...and this is what I made. Did you know you can learn to do almost anything on YouTube???!! A Unicorn..cause I love them..and it seemed the easiest thing to do. Cause I do so many horses and know the muscles and joints and all. Anyway..here she is..what do ya think? She is about 6"s high from horn tip to toe and about 4"s long from nose to tail.

I made her a little collar...cause she deserved something pretty..and a decoration for her tail also!

Here is her other side. Now I still am learning..and need to work on some technique..but this was sooooo fun..have to try again! What do you think I should do next?

I also made a couple new little dolls...acorn dolly..I like this one :)

So ya can't teach preschoolers without a whole bunch of this...patience. But this week I am trying to apply it elsewhere. Jim had an interview last week..we think it went well. We are waiting...to hear if he might have gotten the job. I am wickedly proud of him..finished his degree and now this!! WHOOT! We are being patient bears..we really are...is hard but are waiting.

Ok..giggle had to add this cause it made me laugh so hard!

Most of you know what this would mean for Jim and the family..so say a bitsy prayer would you..for him..for me..for us? Thanks all!

"Mamas..is you gonna post my pictures today? See I is being patience too!"
Yes..sweet Lucy Lu...yours are coming tomorrow hon!!

Happy Monday all!! Hugs, Sarah....and Lucy Lu...