Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Just popping in to say Happy Halloween to everyone!! Have a safe and wonderful day!!
Here is Nonni yesterday at her class Halloween party. I just can't help it..she is just too cute!! I just wanna hug her!!
Some fun cheesy treats from the party. One of the Moms cut these sweet pumpkins out of fun is that!!!???

Fox never goes as anything usual...last year he was a jellyfish!! This year he took over his Dad's scuba gear and created a hazmat suit. him!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seven More..whoo these...

I love doing and make me think a bit. Debra of She who seeks gave me this fun award..thank you hon!!! Love it.

On Facebook this week Shamsi said..."Totally love the feel of Sarah's work... :) the feeling reminds me of a strange cross between Edward Gorey and Mary Engelbreit"
Which made me smile, a really big smile. Ok I did a dance!By the way if you have not visited her site and seen her dance you are missing a real treat! She is amazing!

Wow really?? How fun is that. I was kinda stunned really! It got me thinking about art influences in my own artwork. I have always loved these two.

1. I love Mary Engelbreit..I love her work always have. I saw a picture of her studio once and decided that someday I would have one like that..Her work started me doing colored pencil and her whimsy. To be compared to her in any way..well Wow!

2. I love Edward Gorey! I first saw him on Mystery Theater on BBC, I coveted the PBS mugs with pictures of his delicious work. be compared in any small way to anything he created..wowow! Thank you Shamsi, I'm touched you think so!
3.The BBC I so love the BBC!! Jim and I will watch almost anything on BBC..I do love Jack(John Barrowman) ..I know he's gay..but still....he just has something! I just can't help myself!! The man is just sexy! Is it just me?

4. I have always adored Charles Wysocki. My mother collected his calenders..I have adored primitives ever since!We do his puzzles every holiday season..lay them out all over the dining room table and everyone works it until it's done! Yeah I love puzzles too - big ones!

5. I adore Sci Fi..I know am a geek ..but I love it I really do. Movies or books I love them! I love the futuristic ones..Bladerunner hooked me on those. Time travel even better..add a bit of romance and I'm hooked!!

6. I adore milk it..that lovely carmely tint when you hold it up to the light. I makes the most amazing tea candle holders. Such a delicious color!!

7.Anything about horses..although some of you knew this already..I do adore horses. I rode for years and dearly miss having one to love on everyday. So I draw alot of them and photograph every one I come across. Which I enjoy too!

So there is another seven about me..maybe it explains my style a was enlightening to me..LOL!! I was honored to be compared to such amazing artists..that someday I can be as good!! Have a great Thursday, Sarah

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday...

Our dear leader Jamie has asked us today...What treat do we wish for? Oooo a fun one..I never know with these wishcasts..the serious just jumps up and bites ya sometimes!! I think I will stick with the fun side today.

I would dearly love a shopping spree at Michaels..the craft store. I know that is a big treat.. a couple hundred to blow on craft stuff. But..when I go there it is with purpose..I need brushes or ink or something I can get with my 50% coupon that is cheaper than ordering from Blick. Serious art/business shopping. The kind you keep your receipt for. I want to shop for all of the fun things that fly by my face as I am rushing through to the fine art section..trying to ignore all of the temptations. The beads..oh the beads, and the yarn..oh it calls me, and the scrap booking section..OMG I am not strong enough to resist!! Of course there is the floral that, and you can't forget the craft section for the kids..too much fun..and the wood..oh I love the wallet is screaming at me...
"Run Sarah Ruuuunnnnnnn!!!

So this morning I wish for a leisurely walk and crafty, eye candy shopping spree to Michaels. Oh that was fun!! What do you wish for?? Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Everyday Witches shop....

I thought it was about time to create a few new Everyday Witches Shops! Time for my little town to dress up for holiday season. So of course we have to have a Yule shop! Here is "The Yule Moon". Namaste, Sarah

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Heads Up a Whoo hoo and an ACEO

Just a heads up..I am messing with my blog this evening..changing the if you pop by..don't worry..I will be replacing things that go missing...yikes!! Yer not crazy!!

Here is a little ACEO that will be going up on my selling blog later this evening!

I was thrilled to get the notification that the wonderful 2010 Diary Project I worked on this summer is done and ready for purchase!! You can order it by clicking here!

I was even more thrilled when I went to the link above and noticed that Lucy, the organizer and creator of this wonderful project had featured one of my pages on the advertising page!! To say I was excited would be an understatement!! Whoo hoo!! Thank you Lucy!! I am honored!! If you would like to purchase one please click on the above link!! Wonderful artwork from so many wonderful online artists!!
Happy Monday all, Sarah

Quilting Bee #29

You can find out more about this quilt piece here!

Good morning all..I'm a bit late this morning..feeling a bit punk..fighting the flu. Fortunately..can't give it to you here in our cozy Bee. I have brought in a chef to do the cooking honors this morning. So you have a couple of choices...she can cook up a delicious oven pan cake with pears or apples and a delicious sweet sauce and whip cream, or a frittatta with almost anything you can think of ...k, no anchovies, but most anything else. I also have some delicious vanilla yogurt and homemade granola (it's really good) with blueberries to put on top. Kona coffee and several herbal teas or Earl Grey! Yummmmmy!

I have racked a diverse quilt this morning, some of you may like it, some may not so much! Thank you for joining me again today..I am always touched with what you have to say! Please pull up a chair!

I have struggled over presenting this subject today, as it may make a few of us uncomfortable. But it has been tapping me on the shoulder all weekend and presenting itself for me to grab hold of and lay out there. I tend to Let Fly with my thoughts on most things, I am also careful not to offend. I hate when people are in your face and well...snarky. So I guess it was behavior like this that led me to this subject.

I am on several venues daily. LOL..there are a few people that I just follow around the web on some days. I swear I am not stalking you!!Many of these venues are like here..very diverse. I have been deeply impressed by the openness and willingness of folks here to look beyond the belief systems and personal preferences of folks and get to know them as humans. I really love that. My own nature hates unfairness..I hate it I really do. Many of you know how deeply I feel about folks being labeled not normal, children with learning disabilities and folks with mental conditions..kinda makes me stand up and speak...loudly. I have been noticing an attitude on some venues of late creeping in and felt I needed to speak.

I received an email from an old friend yesterday thanking me for a comment I made on a post. It was a heartfelt post about a controversial subject, gently offered and powerfully shown. I knew when I left my comment that many on this venue would look at it and go....OHHHH!!!!!! It troubled me that I felt a moment of hesitation..did I want to step up there and Let Fly and risk alienating folks for supporting her? Because my friend is a lesbian and felt strongly about the subject and offered it in such a wonderful way..would my concern about what others thought stop me from treating her like I would any other friend of mine? That troubled me and annoyed me. Honestly..the Libra nature in me was annoyed with myself. That I had questioned myself even after I posted the comment..that I worried that some would not like it there. I got over it when I received her email.

I do not like the fact that folks have to hide who they are. Those gentle folks who hide in closets and tuck their jewelry inside their shirts to keep their belief systems hidden. I don't have a huge interest in having any lifestyle or belief system aggressively shoved in my face..but I truly believe we all have the right to be who we are. Not to have to hide!

So what is my point today? I think that when we stay stuck in any way of thinking that keeps us from looking beyond people's lifestyle, belief systems, skin color, sex, issues, economic levels, sexual preference, country of origin, language....etc.. we are robbing ourselves of amazing & wonderful opportunities to get to know some deeply beautiful people. We are robbing ourselves of friends and opportunities to grow and love. We are robbing ourselves of chances to be human!

I am stepping off my soapbox now and offering it up to you. Would you like to share your feelings or thoughts here? I am gonna grab a slice of apple frittata and some hot tea with lemon and honey for this sore throat. Would you like something?
Thank you for joining me this morning..I am always deeply touched by your responses and happy that somehow now and again I touch you too!! Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Birthday Boy & Some Work

This weekend is Fox's birthday..yesterday actually..he is eleven. How that happened I am clueless. When did that little boy turn into a half grown man?? It will not be long before I am beating the girls off with a stick. They are already circling. Yikes.

Fox is a budding entomologist..bugs are his passion. He asked me to create a "Scorp" for him for his is his birthday Scorpion..go figure...gotta love a kid with passion!! Happy Birthday Fox!!! Yer Mama loves you bunches!!

Here is a new commission piece of "Rodeo". An old pup but so sweet!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Seven...

I promised on Tuesday that I would give you seven things about me that you do not know! Well this is a challenge as I tend to Let Fly in this took a bit of thought...

1. I love African them. I could never have too many!! They seem to love me too! I guess this one came from my Mother..she loved them too.

2. I attract birds...they just seem to come to me. Yesterday on my walk home with one of my three year olds, a pair of nuthatches decided that around our feet was the place to hunt for food. For several minutes they hopped around within 15 inches of our feet. This type of thing happens often..they land on me and fly around me allow me to stroke them. clueless..maybe I vibe right!

3. I enjoy a good video game now and again. I am quite fond of "Champions" a good orc wacking session gets rid of stress like nothing else!! Whoo hoo where is my sword!!

4. I am a huge movie buff....not the go to the theater kind..although that is fun. I mean the nerdy..lets dissect the plot kind of buff..look at all of those special effects and actor interview kind of buff. Do you ever wonder who watches all of those second special feature disks? Yup that would be me!

5. I strike that..I love to iron..I find it relaxing. Sheets, shirts, underwear thank you..but...I do love to iron!

6. I think we should all have a soundtrack to our lives. Something written just for us to inspire and comfort our moments! I would have something created for me by James Horner I think...sweeping stunning orchestrations! Some of my very favorite soundtracks have been created by him; Braveheart, The Patriot, Legends of the Fall, Last of the Mohican's, Man Without a Face, Titanic, The Rocketeer to name a few. Yes...I want a soundtrack to my life!!

7. I have a passion for words...Latin & Greek roots, word play, word puzzles, it all. I know I am a totally geek..giggle snort..I'm ok with that too!! Namaste, Sarah

A Special Award..Thank you!

Sonia and Pam both send me this amazing award. Thank you both so very much!! I am touched by this one created by Ces. Ces seldom creates without deep is what she said about this one....

So today I am planting another tree. The Quercus shumardii or Shumard Oak. It is a handsome large tree with straight axis and broad, rounded open crown. It withstands strong hurricane winds, extreme heat, is tall and straight and just plain beautiful. It fits it's honoree, my dearest sisterfriend Deborah, poet, friend, not just a mother but a soldier's mother too. Oh, the sleepless nights, the anxiety and worries, yet she is perpetually pleasant and cheerful, kind and gentle, diplomatic and tactful. She exudes courage, hope and faith. To her son Pfc. Ryan and his fellow soldiers: I am grateful to you for making it possible for me to blog freely, sleep soundly and speak openly. Thank you! I stand by your mother and hold her hand as she awaits your safe return home.

Deborah, the honor is mine. You have enriched my life in such a short period of time. You inspire me and encourage me. Thank you very much!

I have more trees to plant but rest assured those who have virtual trees and acorns planted and distributed in their honor have one common virtue, they are loyal friends regardless of race, creed, political affiliations and geography. Here, I honor womanhood and friendship and there is nothing more wondrous a blessing for anyone than for a friend who came and never left your side. Someone like Deborah.

You have those friends, please share this award with them. I am honored to plant my acorns..I'm touched that I received this one from ducky girl and Pam both whom I adore!! Thank you..I will lovingly pass this on in no particular order to....


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wishcast Wednesday.....

Our Shepherdess Jamie has asked us today..What do you wish to say yes to? Well there she goes again tapping into the deeper parts of us!! I love that. Wishcasting every week keeps me thinking about where my heart and soul really are. If I am centered and balanced or off kilter. It gives me a chance to actively tune into my inner self and regroup. Like a really good yoga position..sometimes there is discomfort but in the end it feels heavenly.

What do I wish to say Yes to? My muse has been pushing me hard of create what my heart wishes to create..not what my head demands to be created. You see my muse knows what passion lies behind a hearts desire..the fire that burns and what happens when you Let Fly with it. To let go of my logical mind that tells me to create what is hot on the market and let my heart do the steering. My heart shows in my work when I let it drive my art. To let go of my fear that constrains me and keeps me creating economically rather than passionately. Those of you who know me and my artwork can tell when the art is inspired by the heart and when it is just work. I want all of my art and photography to be from the passion and the heart. I wish to say yes to my Muse and create from the heart. What do you wish to say yes to today? Namaste, Sarah

Rough Week....

So it has been a bit of a rough week..well month really. Finances have been wicked tight and I have been beyond stressed trying to figure out how to pay all the bills. My pride..such a silly thing..kept me from getting help..until Monday. I asked for some state aid and got it. My artwork has suffered as I was too stressed to create much. Silly looking back. Migraines, nightmares, 2am musings...yeah..silly. It gave me sad and grumpy and scattered. So we got some help..I felt a little better!

Then I got this sweet triple treat award from Sherry & Cat ...thank you so much!!I felt even better!

Pam gave me this fun one too..thank you hon..I love these....I felt even better...I will give you seven this week..
I discovered a couple of people I am very fond of suprised me with mentions on thier blogs!! Wow how wonderful is that. Then a very dear friend gave me some very loving and kind advice offered with honey...thank you hon! I was feeling less sad and scattered and cranky!!!

My pic of Daisy arrived at it's new home and they liked her!! I felt some serious happy...a little whoo feet began to feel like maybe a happy dance....

Then, this shot appeared to me..I took it on a very foggy morning. (click on it to make it bigger)I was so pleased with the way it turned out. Ok so..after all of this joy, being loved on and taken care of by all of you...this shot just was the icing on my happy dance.

So I am a happy cat and over my sad. Thank you all for all the love and caring..can ya see me happy dancin'? Hugs, Sarah

Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilting Bee #28

Kristin Mills made this amazing quilt..sadly it was if you have seen it..follow the link!

Good morning all!! I am exhausted from all the Halloween parties..can barely lift a finger...LOL. You can visit my party on the previous's still going on two days later!!! Whoo hoo. So set your broomsticks aside and have a seat..I'm kickin' these witchy shoes off, my feet are killing me. I need coffee like crazy ..beware it's strong today!! Kona of course and tea of any kind and some delicious juices. There are cold cuts and delicious cheeses on artisan breads..yum! Condiments we have them!And enough Halloween candy to make you ill..please don't be ill!! Oh the music..yes is spooky..but the fire is warm in here so please..pull up a chair and join me to do the edging on this haunting quilt!!

I was up in the middle of the night contemplating my Bee and what I wanted to say today...often I feel a need too talk about some subject that has presented itself to me during the week..demanding I offer it up to you all. This is what came to me this week..a need to revisit the whole point of the the Quilting so many of you were not here for the first one..I was thrilled to see how many of you were!! I was deeply touched really!! So I hope those of you who have read this before don't mind that I offer it up one more time to those who are new. Here is the very first Quilting Bee.....

"I read an article recently warning of the dangers of blogging. I guess I would understand… if I were posting on the company blog about the jerk boss. Well uhmmm yeah – duh. But, what I have found here… is an amazing community of mainly women here who reveal themselves as human. Which got me thinking about how we reveal ourselves here and what it means to others.

I cannot say that I have made all wonderful choices (a few pretty good ones) in my life or that it has been an easy ride. I can say that all those choices good, bad or indifferent have led to a much deeper understanding of “life is painful” & the blessings in it & what to do with that. It is written in these blogs everyday. I read posts by women reaching out to each other, helping each other through shared experiences. Commiserating, advising and supporting up! I have been deeply touched by some of you through some of my current struggles and blessed to be allowed to share in yours.

What a gift in a society that has fragmented and pulled us apart as women. It is very hard to connect today we are all VERY busy. I remember my Mother in the 60’s having bridge clubs and garden clubs. She was a quilter later in life and I remember how very much she enjoyed those unrushed times with other women.. laughing over cards or stitching and chatting. Being in the company of other women. So much of that has been lost these days. Most of us are working outside the home– a lot!!! Those of us who are at home are working just as hard. Our society has changed dramatically in the last 30 years.

So I think what I have found here is an amazing thing – a quilting bee of women! I get to share and revel in your artwork, your words and thoughts, your struggles and triumphs, your laughter, your tears, your joy and your pain. Do you all have any idea what a blessing it is for me to be “in the company of women”? Do you all know what amazing creatures you are?? What gifts you offer everyday when you choose to reveal yourself here!! For me you have become the gift of a Quilting Bee of Women. Thank you. Please pull up a chair!!"

The Bee has become so much more than the first, I am soo thrilled!!! We have even enticed a few men to join in..bless their hearts! I love them for that!! I am so touched and amazed that you all come see me every week..that something I say has value or reaches you somehow!! So..thank you to all of you all make my week every Monday by stopping by!! There is a button to steal if you would like..with the little quilting bee. Please add a link to me if you would like!! As always..please tell me what you think! You bless me by coming! Namaste, Sarah

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome To My Party My Pretty...

A Pumpkin, a skull, a little brown owl, a little black cat is awaiting....

Hello my pretties..
So glad you have stopped by.
I've dressed up in my finest
dark lace and Goth eyes.
Please join me my dears in a Halloween game.

I've set out my finest witchy bobbles and toys.
So come along with Ghostly Lucy and I,
and play a game of Haunted I spy!
You may have to click on each picture so haunting,
to view all the spooky sweet treats that I've been hiding.

Are you ready.... let's fly....
A crow, and a skellie, two owls, a ghost child, 2 candies, a black widow, jack o lantern smiling, a glass of blood wine...

Two ghosts, eye of owl, riding witch and haunted woods...

Two more ghost and three peeping eyeballs, one eye is sleeping, SPELLS & three beads.

Flying witch, two ghosts creeping, a green raven, orange bat and eye sleeping..

4 pumpkins, one blue eye, a red spider, a burning ghost, a perched raven and witch's horse...

A full moon and orange sky, 8 full circles and a spider on high, a bat and one small ghost standing by...

Now we are done with our Halloween Game.
Thanks for playing and taking the time!!
Off you go now to other's domains,
to visit their sweet offerings of Halloween themes.
So click here to continue this Halloween fun!
Lucy Lu and I love that you've come!
I'd like to thank Sonia for adding to my fun
without her sweet black sheep it could not have been done!

Come Join Me Tomorrow....

Sweet Vanessa has offered a sweet Halloween treat.
So many fun parties to stop by and meet.
Please pop by and see me and play my fun game,
then go off and visit all the others domains.
I promise you will love all the delights for the eye,
So many delicious treats to spy.
So stop by tomorrow and remember your pet.
I'll see you then my pretty...please don't forget!