Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out..

This week we get to choose or favorite subject from the history of FMTSO's. I adore a good favorite kind of photograph..but even more..cause it challenges a good Bokeh shot. That sweet looking blur or sparkly background that appears out of focus..but still beautiful. This occurs when the photographer purposely changes the depth of field by using a shallow focus. Making either the closest or farthest item in sharp focus while the rest is blurry. A beautiful blur is called Bokeh.

So here are a few of my bokeh shots..that I like from my archives...

I hope ya like them too!

Happy Weekend all!!
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah Sepia..

Cause I love her...and that she is forever patient with me snapping shots of her. She sits still and poses for me. Cause I think she is beautiful and wicked smart..I thought I would feature her today. Sweet Tink. I took this one yesterday and it had been a while since I had played with busy girl! I used a sepia action and added some color to her eyes.

One of my favorite pics..this one can be found in my Etsy shop as a greeting card...giggle..ok I didn't tell her..shhhhhhh....

Another one of my favorites..had to use a telephoto for this very serious Tink..we were stalking bugs. I think she was ok with this one. This one has been turned into a card too. You can find this one here...

I love it when she does this..looks a bit like a mop with paws..her favorite sleeping spot..even when the couch is full of kiddos..which is often.

Sweet kit..and oh so soft!

It is that time of the year...the maple tree drops little sweet sap on the garage roof and the bumble bees come..and Tink chases them...giggle!!

Just look at that face..need I say more!

Ok..Lucy Lu has something she would like to say....
"Mamas...I knows she is sweet an all..but I is the dog really..are yous gonna do one of these featurey thingys for me toos?"
Well of course sweet are next..I could not feature one and not the other!'
"Ks..cause ya know I am the dog!!"
Yes...yes you are hon!!

Have a great Thursday all!!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flowery Pincushions and Little Fairy Dolls....

Sooooo..I have been playing around with a few little ideas..yes my Muse is drinking way tooooo much coffee! I am not I love a bit of variety. So...I make this little pincushion in a cup and pin saver saucer. I looooved this little set of cappuccino cup and saucer! Sweet, small and a delicious Spring yellow!

I made a few new little dolls as well..child friendly..the clothes are removable with no buttons or snaps. Created in the Waldorf style. I seem to have a thing for bitsy things...I loved doing these tiny little clothing pieces. Super fine yarn and a tiny crochet much fun!

I also made a little family..the adults are approx. 2" high and the child is approx. 1" high. You can find all of these items in my new shop.. please click here!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!
Hugs, Sarah

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quilting Bee #2.2

Good morning all!! Welcome to it spring where you are? This morning we have a delightful mix of snow and rain..basically sleet..kinda. Which really is ok with me..cause I have a lot of inside stuff to let it sleet! We have bits of color popping here, a few beautiful. My rhubarb is unfurling in the front yard too!

My little cottage is a bit chilly here we will meet inside, next to the fire place..where it is cozy! I have set out some delicious treats today and my local barrista has popped by to make you whatever your heart desires! Lets see, we have muffins today..delicious, hot, right out of the oven kind. Blueberry, banana, lemon and almond poppy seed, vanilla, chocolate, peach and mixed berry! I adore a good muffin. I have also set out some delicious Greek yogurt..oh my have you tried this yet? HEAVEN!! Granola of course and fresh fruit..mixed berries..cause they are delicious! So grab a plate and pull up a chair and lets get started! So glad you have joined me today!

Many of you know I am a cold weather gal..I adore the cool Fall and Winter and even Spring I enjoy. I am not so fond of summer. I tend to have massive garden guilt at this point in the year. Despite my joy at seeing things bloom everywhere..and I loooove my perennials..there is this huge weight that demands attention...weeds..and pruning..etc. Ackkkkk! Now I know this a pure joy to some..they cannot wait to head out and play in the garden. Ya know..I wanna feel that way..cause I really do enjoy it. But when I have spent the whole week chasing kiddos and creating every other spare moment..taking those last bits of time and weeding..just kinda puts me off. Sigh.

So I was thinking..what would happen if I just didn't..weed that is..or whatever it is that might have you stuck and not looking forward to whatever it is you don't look forward to? Why do we do this? Make ourselves crazy about stuff every the point that we dread the season? Am I keeping up with the neighbors..who are all retired and have the time to putter and create amazing gardens? Is it that we are homeowners and that means...expectations that we will continue to improve the property..despite lack of funds? Hmmmm...or is is old tapes? My father had an amazing garden every year..both flowers and veggies!? What is it that drives me here to compete? Is it part of the whole idea I have in my head about what this sweet little cottage should look like when folks walk by?? my head it looks like this...ok am chocking back a giggle here.

My point here is this..often we drive ourselves and make ourselves miserable without even giving it thought. I have said several times in the last month that I was not ready for Spring and the garden guilt that will come with it. BUT..clearly I was not listening to myself. Cause a smart woman would have stopped and said..wait a minute..what is really bothering you? If garden guilt is bothering me..why do I keep planning what to do with the space in the yard that is not completed..not planted..etc?? Clearly I enjoy the what about it makes me nuts? Really when it came down to it all it is time! A lack there of really. I only have so much time to go around and when summer is used up by the kiddos that fill my house everyday!! We play and do messy art and tie dye. I also micromanage young personalities all summer. Then in July I get started with the Fall and holiday artwork. Seriously there is little energy left to mess with the garden when I am done. When I look at it this way is becomes clear that my expectations of my spring and summer time and the reality of what is available is a bit doodely wonkers.

So this week on Spring break..I will be seriously rethinking my spring and summer plans and time management. Looking for places that my expectations overwhelm the time available. Regrouping my expectations and maybe creating a more peaceful, less guilt filled summer! Cause really..don't we all want a little bit of carefree in the sunny season? My flowerbed maybe a bit more freeform..more little weeds with chickweek..but I will be a more relaxed me by the end I think!

So how about you? Do you over book the summer..or maybe another season? Do you need to do some honest regrouping so the season will flow with a bit more balance? I would love it if you could share with us what your experience is!! Thank you for joining me today!!

OK..I would like a lemon poppy seed muffin with a tall, skinny, decaf. raspberry, lots of foam please!! What can I get you this morning?

Have a wonderful week all!!
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out...Yellow

Our subject this week on Friday My Town Shoot Out is... The Color Yellow! Have I mentioned I love the color yellow? That deep delicious shade of orangy in the gum ball machines? Yes..yes I do! are a few of my yellow flower shots. I know..archives again..but the weather is getting better and things are starting to pop out of the ground..and I will have more time..cause it is spring break tomorrow. Whoooooooot!!! I get a couple days off..NATURE HIKE!!!

Here is a bitsy white crab spider on a daisy..

A sweet little yellow mum blossom!

A yellow water droplet..

A yellow crab spider..isn't she beautiful.I know there is an ewww factor..but look at that color!!!

Black eyed Susans...lovely.

Closer still...

Ya know I love my bees!

These bitsy fellows are the babies of that beautiful yellow mama above.

In the Spring we must have these.. frosythias!

And these.......dandelions

What would spring be without an Iris or two?

So as I wait for all these beauties to appear in my yard once again this Spring...I take the pictures and turn them into things like this..with my own twist of course!

Have a wonderful weekend all!! Hugs, Sarah

If you would like to see more wonderful shootouts by our members..please click here over the next couple days!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Little Fairy Folk....trying something new!

So I was playing around with my sock yarn yesterday..and this is what happened..a little doll dressed in cozy garb. Maybe a little fairy? Can't ya see her wandering through the woods in the fall? Anyway I had so much fun making these bitsy thinking I might just make a couple more little dolls! What do ya think?

Here she is posing for ya so you can see the back of her little outfit!

Happy Monday all, Sarah

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilting Bee Of Women??

This has been flitting around in my brain for a couple of months now...starting the Quilting Bee again. I have missed our chats. I loved doing this in a class form..but honestly..I missed that is was just something that we did as a cost or passwords..just here..with me and you...and a cup of coffee..and a treat.

I will throw one out there and see what you all think. I have set out some delicious cupcakes for everyone...lemon, vanilla, name it..those sweet little ones that are for sale everywhere..please help yourself! Of course there is Kona coffee and every kind of tea you can imagine!! I did not forget the yogurt and granola either! So grab a cup and a cupcake and make yourself at home. Pull up a chair and let's dive into a new quilt!

I read a book by Debbie Macomber last week "Between Friends"..about a couple of friends and their walk through life together. It chronicles their life through correspondence. It made me think about choices I have made and where I had been. It made me think about why we look back so often and feel sadness. Sadness for the loss of who we were..who we could have been.. regret. I also felt fondness for who I was..what I experienced..way back when. Like somehow I had my greatest me thirty years ago!

I loved the book(I do love her stories!)..but seriously it made me sad..and of course that is when my Muse decides to have a chat with me. Seriously...did I really think that my very best me was presented years ago..the best, most exciting things happened to me when I was 18? That standout performance in Grease..or that trophy won on my horse..that art award? Or maybe it was that one dear friend that I lost touch with..that best friend? Do we look back and feel melancholy because we feel our best has already been lived? Wow...ok that was news to me.

I turned 50 this all know this..but the surprise for me was all the stuff that came along with the above stuff. I felt Melancholy for the past. Muse started prompting me to seriously look at that..

Me at about 17 on the neice Tamara (now 35) and my sister Anne!

"OK Sarah...what amazing things have you done in the last thirty years since you sang in Grease? What have you created, offered up, learned, birthed that tops being on stage at 18???? SERIOUSLY!!??"

Wow well....let's see..I have had five amazing kiddos!! I have helped raise dozens more through my teaching..I have developed my art to the point that it makes me happy and I think others too. I have walked through hell and back and survived a stronger woman. Oh...ok I get it...I am mired in the past..and forgetting to acknowledge what glories I have had since..and now..and could have!!! OY...I am not looking forward to the amazing things to come. WOW...I was stuck in who I was..not who I am. could not pay me to go back why do I put such weight on who I was then? I am thinking because I bought into the whole...being older is not a good thing! Geesh..seriously?

"Yup you have been wallowing in the past glories..and forgotten to see the glory of now..the joys you have and those to come. I am not saying throw them away, those joys...just put them in proper perspective! Do ya get it now?"

Uhmmmm..yup..thank you..will have to chew on this for a bit..update my database..seems I am working with an old one...REALLY OLD!!

So I am going to grab a cup of coffee and a bitsy lemon cupcake! What do ya you find that your working from an old data base..forgetting to add new glories? Are you busy reliving the past glories..and forgetting what amazing women(and men) you are? Please share with us a past glory and then please tell me what glory you should be (or are) celebrating now! Cause I wanna know!!

Thank you for joining me today! Namaste and hugs, Sarah

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bohemian Bean WIP Part 2 & New ACEOs

Click on the picture for a more detailed view :)

Here is the next WIP (Work in Progress) of "The Bohemian Bean". This piece will be 8" x 11 1/2". Bigger than my enjoying more room to add little details. Not sure what will be up in the trees yet..will add as I go :) I am about 1/2 way through the inking and hope to at least complete that this weekend. Am hoping to add color this week and list it in my Etsy shop! Part three coming soon..what do ya think?

I had a little fun this week creating a few little ACEO's - 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" s. Here are a couple of "Sewing Bees". They hang out in your sewing room or studio and make sure that things are in order and that little lost things are found. Little muses for inspiration! You will find them in my Etsy Shop here!

Of course if you sew of quilt you have to have a "Sewing Fairy"! Making sure with a little magic...that each project moves along smoothly.

Hope you are all having a peace filled Saturday! Off to do a bit more creating!
Hugs all, Sarah