Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year All!!!

2012 will be the year of the dragon..which of course I loooove!

May this be the year that you are brave and Let Fly with wonderful you!

That you dance and play whenever you have the chance!

That your heart's desire come to you!

That you find unexpected beauty each and every day!

That you are surrounded by love!
Cause ya are all a huge blessing to me and I so love that you come to see me here! Life is changing in interesting ways for me..I am loving it. I am a little scared..but I am moving forward! I hope you will continue to join me here..I will have lattes and treats waiting!
Huge love and Namaste to each and every one of you and a wonderful 2012!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Horse Love and a New WIP....

As most of you know I have a passion for horses. I rode for years and miss it like crazy! So it is not uncommon to see a horse or two in my work. Here is a new work in progress..only partially complete ink work..but am having fun with this one! Click on the picture for a larger view. What do ya think??

Jim surprised Nonni and I with tickets to this amazing movie last night. He and Fox stayed home and played with Skyrim..go figure LOL!! So we went..we both fell in love with this movie. To be honest.. I miss my boy..below. This movie reminded me of my sweet Stormy. Still miss him like crazy to this day!

Yup is me...hard hat and all LOL!!

So if you are a horsey lover..or just up for an amazing film..this is the one I am recommending. I don't do that very often..but I love a good film..add a horse and an amazing story..I am there!!
Happy Tuesday all, Sarah

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays all....

May angels watch and keep you...

May your Christmas be white and cozy..

May Santa bring you wonderful treats..

Even if you "misbehaved" this year ;) Cause a little misbehavior is good for the soul!

May the light always be on and loved ones awaiting your arrival...

Sending love and Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah & Seasonal wishes to each and every one of you!
Huge hugs and Namaste all, Sarah

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishcast Wednesday..wish deep..

Our dear Jamie asked us to answer this wish today...What is your deepest wish?? As always she taps into whatever I seem to be working on , because she is amazing that way! Back in November I wrote this post. I had lightening sizzling around me and new challenges being brought to the table by my Muse! I have been working on this for the last month..thinking on and contemplating the direction I shall go. Now that my classes are done for the semester and I have a few is time to let the lighting loose and see where it strikes!

I know I have spoken of this before..illustrating..I want to seriously make this happen. I am making connections and working towards understanding the process of offering up my work for this purpose. I love the fact that as an artists..what ends up on the paper is what was in my head. Sometimes that is a challenge. I have found my groove.

I alluded to lost passions in that post..things that I had placed on the shelf. Parts of me that have been pushing to be pulled down and used again. I didn't really say much about what that really was. Over the last couple years of blogging I have been asked to share my voice.. the singing one..the trained voice. Yeah..that one. I have pushed that away..set it aside that musical part of me. As though somehow I could make disappear. LOL, silly girl. It is as much a part of me as breathing. I am going to bring that part of me forward, off the shelf and share it. Gulp..yup I am gonna share my voice here. My beautiful daughter Hanna has agreed to record something with me to offer up. Love ya hon!!

A funny thing happened after I posted that intention...a dear friend offered something to me ..something I have longed for.. a mandolin! The wish answered so quickly, thank ya know who you are!! I cannot wait to get that beauty and Let Fly with the music. I need to sing again, make music again! That creative part of me longs to be let loose. So I am posting it you all can reinforce that wish!

So here it is...wishing big here!! My hearts desire is to Let Fly with the creative parts of myself. To see my artwork develop this year into an illustrating career. To be offered the opportunity to make a writer's vision be realized through my artwork. For deepest wish is to let my voice free, to sing and let that be heard. Scares that heck out of me but I am gonna follow my Muses urging and let the warrior woman in my soul Let Fly! I am gonna go big!!

Thank you for wishing with me all! I have missed you! Hugs and love, Sarah

Monday, December 12, 2011

HUGE Happy Dancin' going on here....

It is official...I am done with the first semester back to school! WHOOOOOOOT! I did it..I finished all my classes and I am now on vacation until about the 6th of January! I wasn't sure how this was gonna go..back to school at 51! But ya know was way fun and I am looking forward to next semester! But first I am going to do some serious happy dancin', singing, watching of movies, hiking and generally celebrating!
Anyone want to happy dance with me......
Hugs all, Sarah

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snow Dragons, Christmas Decor, The Moon and a Wish...

The winner of my November giveaway asked me for some blue dragons in the snow. Well as you know dragons..are fire loving little critters and it took some convincing to have them cooperate! I know the treat was suppose to be an ACEO..but this one screamed to be a bit three dragons instead of one Emmy Blue..they should arrive at your home very soon!!

I managed amid finals and orders to get the Christmas decor up. We decided to put up the tree minus the decorations due to a wee, small cat who is a bit crazy for anything that looks like a string. He tasted the branches a bit..but over all has not attempted to climb it. This morning it was still standing..whoo I am thinking we could decorate the top half..maybe.

Did you see the moon last night???  Oh my it was beautiful. One of those moments that I deeply miss my Rebel. My little Canon is good..but not for moon shots. Still..I kinda liked this one.

OK Santa...I have been good this year! OK.. mostly good;) I would like one of these under my tree please..or in the garage, the back yard, front porch..really anywhere you would like to leave him for me! Thank you!!

Serving Hot cocoa and donuts today...would you like some? What does your heart desire for Christmas..that deep down..I soooooooo want that treat!! Please grab a cocoa and donut and share it with me today!!
 Happy Sunday all, Sarah

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Dancin' and Some Favorites....

I am happy dancin' I really am!! I aced my first final and have completed three classes of six for the semester! I love Calvin and Hobbs..who better to happy dance with!

So I was thinkin' that seeing I have worked so hard all semester, this weekend I will watch a few of my favorite movies.

The Man from Snowy River and The Return...two of my all time favorite movies. Give me a good horse movie any day and Sarah is a happy camper!!

Yup am a fan of this man..but this film, Gladiator is one of my favorites. A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man coming close behind. There is something about how he is able to show you just what he is feeling without a word! I love that!

The Proposal...oh my..if you have missed this one..go rent it..I mean right now..this minute! Makes me blow coffee out my nose funny! These too are brilliant and who can resist Betty White??

I know what you are thinking..Sarah loves butt kicking, sword swinging movies. Yes..yes I do..very much so! Anything with Jackie Chan or Jet Li..I'm there!! This one is one of my favorites..and Michael Angarano is wonderful in this!

But like any good Libra..I have a butt kicking side and a softer one too. I love a good chic flick..but it has to touch me. This touches me! will sob and laugh your way through this wonderful film. And who can resist Gerard Butler? Seriously they are amazingly matched here.One of my all time favorites!!

I know you are gonna laugh at me..but I seriously cannot resist a good sports movie..I love them! The Blind Side! Bonus here..the story touches every little heart string you have! Seriously I wanna be this woman! Sandra Bullock rocks as that fast talking, no nonsense, southern firecracker!!

So I am set for the weekend..before I have to take my last three finals..I am gonna hunker on down and watch a couple of these!
Tell me if you would like to share...what are your favorite films? Which ones make you giggle, cry, want to swing a blade?? Let Fly folks!
Hugs, Sarah

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soooo Close....

One last paper to complete..just one and am about half way through it. Then.....three weeks off before we start all over again with another set of these! I know I should be moaning about that..another set. But ya know I am kinda excited really. I loved this semester! I was a bit surprised though. The classes that I thought would be easy due to my experience with special needs kiddos..not so easy. The ones I thought would be hard..not so much. Go figure. So today I am gonna finish up that last paper and then on to study for finals. Bless my professors..not one is comprehensive! Then done!!!!!! WHOOT can ya see me happy dancin'???? I so am!!

OK I did stop to play with my camera a little bit..cause well I needed the break and we did go out to the point and look for eagles...
We needed a little fresh air and an escape from their school work and mine. The house looks like it exploded..but I will get to that soon..the dishes are done at least LOL! Nope will not show you a picture of that..honest.. I will spare you!
Have a great Wednesday all!
Namaste, Sarah

Monday, December 5, 2011

Glitter, Beads and Sequins...and dust bunnies...

Now that I am homeschooling Fox and Nonni...we are doing lots of fun projects. Always a sucker for a good tag sale..I found several ornament kits recently for a really cheap! I mad the kids wait until December to break them out. Sequins, beads, pins, ribbons and more sequins.
I discovered that Fox would rather work with the new gaming designer that we found..small wonder LOL. But Nonni..she is going to town with these. Our tree is gonna be a sparkly beauty this year. Ok.... I have been having fun with them too...I do love a bit of sparkly!!

So I don't know about what happens at your house..but I have sequins everywhere..the table..the floor..they have migrated into the bedrooms and even the bathroom. I am beginning to think that they may be breeding like dust bunnies. I hate to think what would happen if they joined forces...

K that is just scary..glittery dust bunnies! Happy Monday all!
Hugs, Sarah

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Work and Going Big....

Now and again I get way from my whimsy and need to do something that feels more realistic to me..something that really speaks to me..this one did. I do love when I was pulled to capture one of their deep eyes..well this is where I went. What do ya think?

I so love this..had to share it with you. I don't know about you..but I am gonna GO BIG!! we go!!
Happy Friday all!!
Hugs, Sarah