Monday, July 15, 2013

A New Job...Whoot!

Its funny how thing happen. I have been applying for jobs all over the area for a couple months now.. just waiting. Sometimes you get a message back..sometimes nothing. But in general it has been my experience that the online applications make getting a job even more difficult.
I am old fashioned I guess. I think seeing someone in person is a good way to get a good idea about them as potential employee. Being older and female..the whole online thing does not work in my favor. Soooooo.....
When I got a call from my darling daughter Kate..who works downtown at the Iron Horse Bar and Grill..saying..we need a hostess now..want the job? Uhmmm.. YES please!
So I started out part time. Now years ago a hostess just seated folks and took money. Well..this is a bit different much to my delight! I have some other things to do also and I really enjoy it! So two weeks in they have offered me full time hours. Whoot happy dance.
Ok gentle happy dance cause what I need is one of these! Yes please. Sore tootsies! So...a bit of a regroup in summer plans..but to be completely honest..I am THRILLED to be working. I like the folks and well..shhhh but it is kinda fun to be out of the house a bit!
But today and tomorrow I am off and I think we need to go jump in the lake!
Happy Monday all!