Saturday, November 27, 2010 Snowed and Snowed....

Yup.... we have snow here...lots and lots of snow!! The third snowiest Thanksgiving on record!! Whooot! I love the snow.. I really do! I would love to be out playing but I am inside coughing. Ackkkk nasty little bug. But the kids are having a blast and Lucy is in puppy heaven.

But Tink....

has decided that cold toes are not for her..and the couch is a much better place to plop herself as the snow flies. Giggle..she looks like a mop..all draped there.

As the weather is getting colder..don't forget to pop on by my Etsy shop..I am having a sale. 15% off any item in the shop if you use this code.. HOLIDAYTREAT1 !

Here are a pair of kiddo fingerless gloves in deep rose!

Happy Saturday all!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Treats...and a Sale on Etsy..

In honor of the holiday season and the fact that we are having our first blizzard of the season.....this week in my Etsy Shop... click here I am offering up some fun stocking stuffers and Christmas treats for the whole family. Make sure if you pop by that you check out with the coupon code ... HOLIDYTREATS1 .. to get a 15% discount on any item in my shop!!

My Hanna modeled these fun fingerless gloves.

This is a fun fingerless glove and coffee cozy set!

Nonni was my model for these sweet, deep rose children's fingerless gloves!

Here is a set of black fingerless gloves and coffee cozy!

I also have lots of artwork of course and even a few fun knitted items for the men in your life. So come on by and visit and use that coupon code!!
Hugs all, Sarah

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prayers and Healing For Ron....

Good morning all. I received an email from Sherry Byrum this morning..she asked me to pass along to you all that Ron has suffered a serious heart attack. He is hanging in there but she is deeply worried. Please add your love, healing and prayers to mine for his swift recovery.

They were in Texas visiting Sherry's Dad who is having health issues please send along some hugs and love for Sherry & her Dad as well.

My love, healing and prayers are coming your way my dear friends...
Love you both, Sarah

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm workin...and workin...and well you know...

This little piece went off in a little package as a treat..

Fox was sweet enough to model this one for really for a woman..kinda a sea theme..kinda jellyfishy..anyway I really liked the way it turned out. Thank you Fox.

Needed to create a unicorn..I just had to..

I love this yarn..reminded me of a party!

Here is a Snow Bunny..ok so he looks like a Snow Buck..Dude!!!

Here are a pair of men's cuffs...warm and soft for the DH in your life!!

Happy Thursday all!!! Hugs, Sarah

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A bit of new work.....

I have been working on a few new items...a bit of artwork and several new kitted items. Above is a framed little "Bee Happy" piece. All these pieces are available on Etsy... here.

This little piece is full of sheepy fun!

Fall adult cuffs...

Adult cuffs and coffee cozy set...

I love these....children's wool blend cuffs. Nonni's sweet hands.

Large women's soft cuffs for larger hands.

Thank you for looking :) Happy Saturday

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday My town Shootout....

Our subject today is ..look up! Of course you have to have a sunny day cloud shot!!

Our local Catholic Church steeple! They ring the bells everyday at noon and 6pm..I so looove the bells!

A Chickadee..

A tree care demonstration for Nonni's class! Was so much fun to see him winch his way up that oak tree!! The kids loved it!!

Ya gotta have a moon when you are looking up!!

and an Eagle or two....

And looking up would not complete without a sunrise...

Or a few storm clouds.

Here is a noisy crow flying overhead...he let me know I was not welcome!

Last but not least..a look up my street!!

Happy weekend all, Sarah

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be Still My Heart!!

You all know how much I love taking shots of kiddos. Candid pics of sweet a passion of mine. So imagine my delight when I started watching this little angel! Oh my camera was itching for just the right moment to snap a few baby shots..I found one! Today as he faded off to sleep in my arms..I took a few sweet little shots. I have not had the chance to take baby shots before...BE STILL MY HEART!!

This little man is a joy..happy and full of sweetness. I get to watch him twice a week!

So I thought I might share a couple photos of the little one who is keeping me busy!

What a cutie patootie! Happy Wednesday all!! Hugs, Sarah

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Christmas Wish.....For My Children and Yours..

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now. As I tried to enjoy the Halloween season I was bowled over by slasher and blood letting movies! I had a very hard time finding sweet ones like Hocus Pocus, Peanuts, Practical Magic! I really have no interest in seeing one more Zombie. Ackkkkk! I started paying attention to the commercials. I have noticed a sweeter lean to the whole thing this year. So what is my wish? That they stay that way.

My oldest child is 29 and my youngest is 6. My wish for her is this. That she be allowed to enjoy the magic of Christmas and Santa and all the delightful fun that goes along with the season..just like her older sisters and brother have. That the advertising world can wake up and NOT include commercials & programing that discuss stocking stuffers, bad Santas, evil, immoral holiday elves, slasher Santas and so many commercials that make it clear that Santa is non existent! These infuriate me..and break my heart! Our younger kiddos deserve the same sweet magic that we enjoyed.

Do you remember the magic of those weeks and days before Christmas..wishing and wondering and feeling the thrill of all that magic in the air! Would the animals speak on Christmas Eve..are elves watching..would I hear the reindeer's hooves..would he eat my cookies? Oh the joy of it all!

As a teacher for many years and a Mom for more..this is what I think about the magic of Santa. You can agree or not..but here it is. The magic of Santa is not that he is real in the touchable is that he allows us for a season to be the best that we can be. He allows for one short month the chance for our children to believe in delightful, magical fun. He gives us a reason to treat others with love an grace. To give for the joy of giving and ignore other's circumstances. This magical season offers that lesson to our children also! For us to remember the joy of being young and try to create that for our own children and other children we know. That magic is really possible if we just offer it up. I for one love Santa and all he brings to the season!

So...for all the commercialism and nasty commercials and programing..I am calling for a stop. Bring back just one time of the year that is all about love and giving and the spirit of the season no matter your belief system. That is my Christmas Wish for my children and yours. Maybe with enough of us wishing and acting...we can breathe some true holiday spirit back into this wonderful season.

I for one will be turning off the TV if this season becomes like last year we will rent things to watch. I will be writing the Networks & companies to complain. I am working on keeping the holidays homemade and sweet. Not to say we will not purchase gifts..I might get a revolt if not..but less so than in previous years. I want to take our season back to what I remember as a, love and the magical joy of the season!

Happy Holidays all!
Love, Sarah

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout...

So the subject today is things starting with the letter "N". Ok this was hard..I had to dig for these LOL!! I couldn't do a post on "N" things with out a shot of Nonni of course!

Or the night....ok it's the moon..but it is at night...

K this is but nasty...

Tink Napping..giggle...

A bit of Needlepoint...don't get to this too often..but I love it.

Giggle more napping...

I will leave you with my favorite word..and my favorite coffee mug..Namaste all! Have a great weekend!