Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Conversations with Muses....

You know that moment..when your Muse leans close and whispers in your ear..."Are ya we go!"  It is that kinda morning. To be honest I woke feeling out of sorts and frankly a bit cranky. Everyday things have been weighing heavily on my mind. You know the bills, relationships, children, cleaning, annual checkups..that kinda thing. Keeping me far from present!

I felt unfocused and totally distracted.  Basically down and in need of inspiration and support. So I did my morning rounds about the Internet..and a funny thing happened. I wandered about all the creative stuff you all were doing. Looked at art and photography and listened to a bit of new music. Got a couple hugs from folks and ya know I started to feel a little better.

It was about then that my Muse whispered in my ear....  "Sarah...are you listening...where are your pens where is your music? Have you sung something that makes your heart sing this morning? Have you drawn that dragon that is flying about your head yet? That new knitting pattern?"
Uhmmm....not yet... I have been a bit busy with...well....stuff.
"Love....there is nothing better than making your heart sing to get out of your funk. OK....are you we go!!!"

I love my muse! I really do, she knows me so well! So I am gonna let go of all the stuff..and Let Fly with a little bit of the child in myself and see where it leads me today! Wanna fly along? Is your Muse whispering in your ear this morning?? 
Hugs all, Sarah

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale.... or free shipping...

Pop on by my Etsy store for a bit of fun Cyber Monday sales. Enter November  as you check out and get 15% off everything you purchase! Because you came by to see me here today.. you can chose the discount or free shipping with the code Holidays!! So pop on by my Etsy shop and save a bit on treats for the holidays!!
Happy Cyber Monday all...Sarah

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I need a you? I need some coffee...and am a little bit cranky..bear like ..grrrrrrrrrrr. Do ya ever feel like you just need some time for yourself....all alone..without distractions...alllllloooooone. Ok maybe the dog can come along.

To wander about the woods on your own schedule and just contemplate what you need to consider without interruption?

To plop down on a rock and meditate as needed. Just breathe and sit?

I could go here..this works. Way atop a mountain..alone..and do whatever your heart desires for a week maybe?

I seriously need me some of this...a beauty to wander about the hills on. To just wander in the company of another non human soul. There is just something spiritual about a horse companion. I miss that!

Yup I need some serious hiking..with the dog of course..but yes! My warrior woman is pushing me to get out and get moving in serious feels good! I wanna do this..see that smile..yup..that's it!

After I do all that a good read next to a blazing fire...yup that is what I need! All alone, to contemplate whatever my Muse offers up and breathe!
So tell me where would you go if you had a whole week to yourself..what would you dearly love to do..all by yourself??

Namaste all, Sarah

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Have a wonderfull relaxing and turkey filled day! May you be blessed!  Sending pumkin pie your way..and Kona coffee of course!  Hugs and lots of love to each and everyone of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Have Winners....Yes We Do.....

We have winners...for my November giveaway..cause I love you guys! Drum roll please..............

Our very first winner of the the $20.00 gift certificate to my Etsy Holly!!! I love that..your name right out of the hat hon!!

Our second winner is.....for the ACEO bitsy dragon..created just for Emmy Blue!!

Congrats to ya both..and I will leave a note on your make sure that you get up with me by  and give me your email & snail mail so I can send along information on your treat!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

That Perfect Shot......

Every now and again you get one of those shots that make your heart sing. Those perfect shots that offer the subject just the way you want it to. My Hanna came by last night to share birthday cupcakes with Nonni. She looked so cute I just had to take a few shots. OMG..when I brought this one up...well I knew it was gonna be my favorite shots of her. Seriously I can't take much credit here..cause she is beautiful and photographs with ease. I would have to is all her beauty that made it pop.
If I have not said it lately..I love it when you come by and see me!!
Hugs, Sarah

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank you Mr. Crowe...

I know it is a bit silly but I just couldn't help it..cause this made my day yesterday! I follow Russell Crowe on Twitter. I love his work both acting and music. Let's face it the man is a hunk. His CD Songbook with Alan Doyle and his beautiful wife Danielle Spencer is one of my favorites. So yesterday afternoon I tweeted about it..and ya know what..he retweeted it. So there my little post sat at the top of his page for most of the day yesterday. was kinda fun to see it there. I gave me some fun pop on folks to get to know and now following me. Thank you Mr. Crowe..ya made my day!
Hugs all, Sarah

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blue Snow.....

I love that sweet spot moment in the morning and evening..if you catch it just right in the snow..all is blue. No filters or altering..just blue..beautiful azure!
We now have several inches and it is piling it!! Side note..when it is 19 degrees outside and you have to go shovel...don't wear yoga pants...brrrrrrrrrrr!
Namaste all..stay warm, Sarah

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Musings and Electricity.....and muffins:)

Ya know what happens when your Muse gangs up with the Warrior Woman in you?? Well lots of intense pushing and dragging of you onto the correct path. There is encouragement and then prodding..then keeping awake at night until you get it. Which is a bit annoying really..but effective.

But as I posted here.. a few days ago..the lightening is still crackling around me! So here is the thing..if you are going to actually listen to your Muse..and I would suggest this have to be ready for that warrior woman in you to step up too. Cause sometimes to make the seemingly impossible happen..ya have to be wicked brave and act.

Some would say that at 51 I should be thinking about slowing down..I am too old to be pursuing new and exciting things...uhmmmmm...I guess they don't know me real well huh? The warrior woman in me was (and still is) demanding that I be brave and Let Fly. So I did...I stepped out there and trusted that what these two were demanding of me was possible. Ya know is...within 12 hours of posting my intent..things started happening..amazing wonderful things. I will be revealing all of that soon. One little hint.. I might just maybe be in the recording studio sometime soon singing with my daughter Hanna...and with the help of an amazing bloggy friend...I will fulfill a long time wish and dream of mine. She knows who she is(huge hugs)...and I will reveal all soon.
So I am asking you to day to share something with me... your hearts desire..your fondest wish for you. What have you put on the shelf? You know the ones, that you fondly pick up now and again and  wonder..what if I had just......? Yes those..would you share them with me today? I would love to hear!!

Of course there is coffee..wonderful Kona with lots of flavors to add! Muffins today cause the weather is wicked cold and warm muffins warm the soul!
Thank you for popping by all..I so love when you do!
Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why I love where I live...

The kids and I took a hike on Tubbs Hill yesterday. A short hop and skip from our home. Beautiful woodsy hiking area by the lake.
It was a bit bracing..but refreshing and so good for the soul.

The colors are still popping a least some of them.

Snapping pics of the much fun in the woods.

If you wonder where the inspiration for my trees come from..well there it is..down the street!

The boats are about to be put up for the pretty on a crisp fall day!

I just loved this shot..the lighting was so perfect. They had a blast! So did I!

Oh well how did that one get in here? Well it is true..I love a man in a kilt!! Just one more reason I love where I live!
Have a great Wednesday all!
Hugs, Sarah

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Little Chickie....Birthday Girl

Ya know...I am really not sure when this happened..when she got so last little Chickie!! Seems like just yesterday she was two..later this week she will be eight. I am not sure I am ready for her to grow up so soon. You can just see in this shot what she will look like at 16..yikes!
This year Nonni decided to donate that beautiful hair to Locks of Love. I was so proud of her for that! So typical of the beautifully souled child!
I love this shot..I played with the eye color just for fun. Magical child!

Before we lost our front teeth..sweet child.

Yup this pretty much says it is good! Happy Birthday sweet Nonni!! Love you hon! My last little Chickie!!

Oh and this good lookin' young man..yes I said MAN..OMG how did he get to 13??Looks just like his Daddy! So if you were wondering what Jim looks like..well there ya go. K ..I need some Kleenex.
Have a great Tuesday all!
Love, Sarah

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Musings...Can I Let Fly??

Ya know those moments when you can feel the change coming? Like electricity in the air..just coursing through you! That moment that you sit straight up in bed and say out loud.."OMG, I get it!" When it chases you thought the day because it must be heard. Like a picture that insists on being drawn, or a song that has to be sung, a dance that must be released. Yup like that. Good change, positive change.

Of course as any Muse will explain..they can get things flowing...but...we humans take that next frightening step. That leap of faith. We must open the door and walk on through it. Change..we must be willing to change and Let Fly with the new stuff. A bit scary really. Cause some of the things my Muse has been prodding me to do are things I have left behind. Maybe not intentionally..but still shelved joys. You know those things that have always brought you great joy..but you set them aside when you had children, or a let them go. Some of the things are new and exciting, opportunities that are being offered up to me..but scary because I have not experienced them before.
I have always being game for a good adventure..but I have been running in a rut..time to Let Fly with the new stuff I think. Sometimes you have to leave things behind to forge forward and get the good, new stuff. is a bit scary and exciting and well..electric. Will I be able to step up to the challenge? Will those old voiced speak loudly in my head? You are too old, you are too out of are going to fail. Well..maybe but I think this time I will try anyway. Succeed or fail..I am gonna Let Fly. Cause I am due for some exciting life adventures! So I am gonna be brave.

So I was wondering...have you felt this of late..that call to be brave, open the door and try something new? Put yourself on the line and Let Fly with who you could be? Shed the chrysalis and become something amazing with wings? I would love to hear about it if you would like to share with me!

Of course I have lattes..any flavor you would like..cause my barrista is here. Cupcakes??..of course I have name it and I have it. So grab a plate and a latte and share your experience with me if you would! Thank you for popping by!
Namaste, Sarah

Friday, November 11, 2011

I love all our Men and Women..we support you!

I spent this morning thinking about how blessed I feel that Jim is no longer in the service..that he will be home with us for the holidays. That he is safe and well.  Even though he is working out of state and I miss the man like crazy..I know he is safe. My heart is with all the men and women who are not home..who are apart from their families. Those brave who make it safe for us! Thank you all.

I could not for the life of me find a way to express this today...until I heard this beautiful song.

By Scott Grimes, his daughter and Jay. Beautiful voices and a heartfelt message. This is a free download he posted on Twitter. He was kind enough to give me permission to offer it up here. Thank you Scott!

 I was a sobby wreck listening to it..but it offered up just what I was feeling. So take a second and take a listen! Hugs all, Sarah

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bugs and Dragons....New WIP

Seriously..I have had the stomach flu since Sunday and am kinda sick of dealing with it. Still feeling a bit punk..but on the mend..I hope.

I had hoped to post this WIP several days ago..but here is the newest piece.. Dragon's Rest. Honestly I tried to get them to go out and play..but the cold drove them right into the living they are laying about all over the place. All cozy and warm. Smart, bitsy dragons!

Hope you all have a wonderful week..and don't forget my November giveaway..down a couple posts!!
Hugs, Sarah

Thursday, November 3, 2011

William and Lucy Lu at play

I just could not resist sharing this..too funny. We bought a kitten instead of a full grown kit at the pound, because we were hoping a kitten would bond with Lucy Lu..who loves cats. I think it worked. No teeth or claws..just fun. Too cute!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Giveaway....Cause I love you guys!

Because the colors here are amazing this year and November is here..

and I thought a treat was in order cause I love you guys....I am offering two treats this month! A $20.00 gift certificate for my Etsy shop...

Cause you might like to buy some cozy, fingerless gloves..or maybe a bit of artwork for you or as a gift for someone special.

My second treat is a bitsy little piece of dragon art. I will create just for you an ACEO (3 1/2"x 2 1/2") with one of my bitsy dragons. An original..just for you.

So what do ya have to do??
By November 23rd at 9am Pacific time..
1. Add a comment here and tell me what you love about November. For 1 chance to win.
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Leave me your email if you don't have a blog or link please or I can't find ya!!
The winner will have 24 hours to email me back after I post a message for you, then it goes on to # 2!
Good luck all..and happy November!!!
Hugs, Sarah