Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween All!!

Happy Halloween all! Off to finish costumes and carve pumkins.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Feeding my passions...

So between classes of my own...six more weeks to go, home schooling..which is going well I am happy to say..and life in general..I am doing this..knitting and a bit of artwork. I love this yarn..nice wool blend..soft..a little chunky in places! On the skein it was not so pretty..but knitted up...well..I kinda love it!! This pair will feature a couple of fun Scottie buttons..almost done. Keep an eye out for them in my Etsy shop!
Now...I have been knitting in my studio and listening to my lectures for my classes..and also I have discovered this site.. , which is part of Amazon. To post a review for Jeremy Robinson's book Ragnarok (which was amazing) I had to have purchased a book on Amazon. I had I found a fun little cheap business book I liked and purchased it..and discovered Audible. Along with a free month subscription I received a couple fun audio books of my choice. Uhmmmm..I love it! I adore reading..and frankly have been soooo busy studying and creating..there has been little time to now I get my book fix, art fix and knitting fix all at the same time. Thank you Jeremy!!
Oh and here is a secret you might not know yet..most public libraries have audio and Kindle style download books you can get online! One more little don't have to have a Kindle to get the program for your laptop or is free on Amazon..just download and get all the Kindle books (they are generally cheaper) you want. I kinda loved that!!!

Oh and in my spare time I have been playing around with owl tags..not sure what I think of these..hmmmm...kinda prim..kinda folksy. Tell me please..what kind of tags do you think I should create? Scottie Dogs are coming and some kitty ones..any thoughts?
Everyone back East...take care and be safe please!!!
Happy Tuesday all!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staging Halloween...

Maybe because I am a teacher..or maybe I was suppose to be a decorator..or set designer LOL..I love, love, love doing this for each holiday. Staging! Pulling all the fun little treats I have collected and putting them together in places around the house! So much fun. This year the main staging area is my yarn cabinet. I love is in the main room and perfect for adding fun too!
Some of my fun little treats I have the Scottie dog or the potion bottles. Some of them I have collected at thrift shops like the little owls.

But the ones I love the best are the ones from other artists and gifts from folks:) That delightful broom in the last picture and the cute witchy and cat from this one..see her sitting on top? Those little signs..yup:) So each year about now the kids get excited to see what I am gonna do with all of our collection! Christmas you I do this for Christmas?? You betcha:)
Oh and the yarn one of my favorite things too...all that soft, delightful yarn in full view...yuppers..happy girl!!
So why inside the cabinet this year..last year it was all over the table and everywhere else LOL?!

This fellow...sweet that nose!

and.....this new little fellow..Gnocchi.  Love that little nose too! Who would have a field day with all the fluffy, wispy, feathery, rolly fun on the table top. So this year they are up in the yarn cabinet..and I am OK with that! What do ya think??
Happy Thursday all!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Musing...and Regrouping...

It has been a rough season really. To be honest that is half the reason I have been missing in action here on my blog. Yup was a busy summer..and I loved the lake and being with just my kids for a change. But here I am in October and having to rethink things..again. Unemployment checks for Jim ended early..and threw us for a loop. To say the least..we are scrambling.
So what am I really writing about not so much. Have I been feeling all those things? Yuppers..right back in that financial pit! I grumbled..cussed..was cranky and sulky...
Uhmmm...yup..that! If course you all know my Muse..always having to get the last word in..
"Ehemmm....HELLO! Are you listening Sarah??"
Trying to ignore being grumpy girl..pity pool..geesh.
" Time to wade on out and get a time for all this foolishness..get over yourself!"
"Has it occurred to you that maybe..just maybe there is some wonderful new experience waiting for you? That perhaps this is an opportunity waiting to be offered?"
But..but...but..I have it all planned out..what is suppose to happen..all planned out!!!
"LOL Sarah..are you serious?? Planned out huh? So let me ask you..did you not ask for certain things to be brought into your life?? Put it out there right?"
"Well has it occurred to you that you are getting an answer?"
"Then let that sink in and get back to me!" this is where I am Muse has made herself known..and I am thinking on this notion. That I put out there what I wanted..and that this could be an positive thing..not a negative one..that I need to go with the flow..and it.. be present and positive!
Being present sometimes feels like a skittish horse to me..shys away so easily and just out of reach. I need a bucket of oats I think!
Hope your Wednesday is a good one!
Namaste all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweater Weather...

You can tell it is getting colder outside..cause this is what the kits do at my house..snuggle up in my room..where it is warmer. Why warmer you ask? Cause the rest of the family it seems has some strange hot blooded gene..not so much me! So I bought a little heater for my studio. While the rest of the family runs around in shorts in December..I can at least remain warm in the studio..wrapped up in triple layers. Oh and thyroid is fine..I am female and older...sigh. So..I love having a couple pair of these around. They leave my fingers free and hands cozy. Great for the office or studio or out taking photos! If you would like a custom pair please feel free to contact me @ or convo me in my shop.

These sunny treats are in my Etsy shop.. 100% acrylic yarn for easy care.
Oh and I love this yarn..such stunning colors. Lovely wool blend. Just listed these babies..

Because it is that time of year again..collecting acorns and colored leaves. Oh I soooooo love the fall! Happy Tuesday all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Love This Book..

A week or so back Jeremy Robinson posted on his FB page that he was offering a audio download of his latest book to five folks! Uhmmmmm...YES PLEASE! I was one of the lucky ones. Thank you Jeremy!
Of course this meant that I disappeared into my studio for a full weekend of art, kick butt action and some really cool monsters! My children ate pizza and my husband played video games. I, on the other hand got a huge amount of artwork done. Homework..not so much. But soooo much fun!
A couple years ago my husband passed one of Jeremy's books on to me. I thought..OK..another one of those action filled team books. Which I like I do..a good action thrilled always makes my week. But I had been handed several of these by him..and it was always the same..amazing team of folks..stereotypes..static..never changing.  After the second or third book I was bored beyond belief or totally annoyed that the female characters were either shrinking pansies or more male than female. But I read the first one and the second one..and WOW!!! Not only can this man write..he writes amazing female characters! Strong, smart and capable! WHOOOT! There is nothing I like better than a well written character! Full of flaws and ever learning! There is nothing static about Jeremy's characters! With each new challenge they grow and morph! I love that!
Uhmmm...oh yeah..action/thriller novel...yuppers!! The Chess team tend to deal with the odd job. Mythical monsters and alien saving stuff. Somehow Jeremy manages to create scenarios that just well...ROCK! The man has some serious imagination! Something I have a great deal of appreciation for..but then you knew I would!
The story.. I will not give away..but it has to do with Norse myth and monsters, different dimensions, a kick butt team, some dark experiments and saving the world in Chess Team fashion. Oh and I am still wiping virtual white goo off myself..with shivers! Thank you Jeremy for the chance to enjoy this wonderful read!!
You can find the audio version on Amazon... and later this week it will be available in hardback!
Oh and Jeremy....Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teaching an Old Dog....

Happy October all! My very favorite month..maybe cause it is my birth month..or the Autumn colors, the snap in the air, the delicious smells in and out of the house, the sweaters or well it is just Fall and I love that!! Uhmmm..yuppers all that! Of course I had to do a little Kitt and Boo picture:) 
This ole' dog has been trying something new this fall...hang tags. I have really enjoyed creating these little sets of artwork. So much fun!! Why didn't I think of this sooner? Tags for your knitting add care instructions perhap?. Sheep tags for Hand Knit and Hand crocheted items!!

No wolves here!!

Of course you need fun little tags for your spice cabinet! Some with little bees and things..and some with some sweet little monsters..cause I love little monsters! Laminated for long lasting use!

Well ya know I had to create some fun little Halloween hang tags!!

Do you can and preserve? More fun little laminated tags with critters and more sweet little monsters and dragons! Turn them over and add the date and item on the laminated blank back!!
Some laminated fall leaves to use year after year or in the classroom? Yuppers I have been having some serious fun with these little projects. You can find them all in my Etsy shop! Happy October all!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All those who wander...

I know...I have been missing in action this last couple hanging my head. I am sorry..I have missed you all! Life has been a bit crazy and honestly I just could not keep up. I was not really lost though..just kinda wandering.  I think maybe I have caught up a little bit. So what have I been doing since July?? Well taking some pictures of course! Bonnie's bees and this sweet boxer pup at the park..he was sooooooo soft!

I lost 20 lbs this water swimming. I LOVED it! That kinda kept me busy all summer. I really loved the fact that we were in the lake almost every day! Losing 20 lbs didn't hurt any either:)

I tried my hand at a new technique..some pen work.and then tie dye and glue..was kinda fun. This was a special piece I did for a friend!

I learned to use Henna...which was so amazingly fun! I think we are going to have to do some more..soon!!

I did a fun commission piece for a henna artists. I so loved this one!! We had a really fun summer!

And now................. I am back to school and it is my senior some really HARD classes. We are homeschooling again too..add that to trying to create some new art for my shop..and I have been a bit overwhelmed. This pic made me giggle..its not quite that bad LOL.
But you all know me..I love things that make me smile..this flower..cracked me up. Giggle she looks like she is sticking out her tongue..snort! Happy October all! I will be back really soon..maybe a pre-holiday giveaway?? What do ya think?
Namaste, Sarah