Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quilting Bee #41

Hello all!! Thank you all for the week off..I was a bit overwhelmed with things to be done for the One World One Heart Giveaway. I love this event every year. Getting to stretch my blogging world a bit and meet some new folks and visit very much fun!

So what is on the menu this week..well..I was thinking some I am posting this on Sunday evening for most of you. I thought a soup and bread bar might be nice for a change of pace! So I have been working in the kitchen all day creating some delicious soups and breads for you..can you smell the bread. Oh I think on a cold day there is nothing better than the smell of baking bread...yummmmm. There is honey wheat, potato rolls and some garlic herb artisan breads. I have also made some deliciously aromatic soups for you all. Chicken with wild rice, Cheddar Potato with bacon, New England Clam chowder, Mexican Wedding soup, French Onion, and a wonderful vegetable with noodles! So grab a bowl and dig in! I have racked a quilt full of joy this week. So please pull up a chair and join me.

As some of you know I am taking Susannah Conway's online class "Unravelling". I have found myself unravelling at the seams this week. The subject matter has involved discussing and working with photos of ourselves from the past. I will have to say the pictures of most of my childhood were fun and enjoyable. But when I got to my late teens and early twenties..I started finding that Kleenex was in short supply. Frankly I was a weepy mess. It has taken me days of wandering through old pictures and memories to pin down why.

I guess when I became an unwed mom at young life ended. I had to grow up and be a good mom...I did that..I grew up with a least the not having fun part it would seem. I went to work, sold my horse, quit singing, quit acting, quit everything that had been laid out before me. My choice of course and no regrets that I made it..but I lost something very important of myself during those years...I lost my child..I lost the silly, joyful, goofy magical child in my soul.

So many of you have spied her and have told me you have seen her in my artwork and photography. She pops out now and again when I teach kiddos. That is all allowed in the adult world. Preschool teachers can be goofy.. interesting I chose to teach, no? When the music is turned up and I allow myself to sing...whoot there she is just waiting to jump in. That deep down know the kind that starts in your chest and grows until you feel like you couldn't stop smiling if you tried.. Yup that part of me. The one who loves to sing and dance with her children, can speak in a dozen accents, belly dancing, dressing up & acts silly in public girl. Yeah her..I have missed her..but I think that just maybe I have found her again...that fun, goofy girl. Now that I have found her, I think she has already gotten together with my muse...oh boy..a little scary..but oh what fun this ride will be!!

So what is my point today? As adults..unless we are very some point we lock away that part of ourselves..that child that creates all the magic in our lives. We get wrapped up in our daily grind and forget that we were once Peter Pan too. That it is that child that makes our daily walk vivid and enchanting... makes it magical! Do I believe in magic? You bet I do. The kind of magic that lightens souls and brightens hearts. That kind of magic that children do not is just part of them. That rainbows just are, that if you look close enough you might just see a fairy, that a song can change a mood, that a walk in nature can change a day. That staring up at the clouds can calm a soul, that blowing bubbles can bring a smile or that wiggling your toes in the mud can make you laugh out loud...magic! It is in there! Have you lost it or locked it away like I did. If so..are you brave enough to let her out to play today? Are you willing to let a bit of magic come back into your life?

So what I am asking you to do ..don't worry it won't take long or cost much..maybe nothing at all. I want you to take a little time this week and think about what makes your heart sing..what makes glee bubble up from deep down inside until it comes tumbling joyfully our of your lips. Do you have some bubbles you can blow..inside is ok..really it is! How about finger paints..oooo wicked messy fun? Maybe that wonderful music that makes you want to dance and twirl. Maybe you need to bundle up and go out and built that snowman or ice long has it been since you have been on skates? I want you to take a little bit of time this week and find a few little things that make the child in you you will remember the feel of magic in your soul.

"Your Life is an occasion...rise to it!" Mr. Magorium

So I am going to try to rise to it myself this week..will you join me?

Right now I am going to have a bowl of potato soup and some honey wheat bread to dip in it. Ohh and some hot tea please too!! Sigh..thank you for joining me again! I am blessed with magic every time you come by! Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes the Muse Just Takes Over....

Every now and again my Muse decides that we must create something. Well she demands it. This week I was invited to join a gypsy band of delightful women! Well..I kinda begged Renee to allow me sweet they did! I volunteered to be the Horse Master and teller of tales. Of course the whole idea intrigued me and got my gypsy soul's imagination flying. The result of all this gypsy joy...a gypsy creation of course!
What do ya think??

If you would like to visit our spicy gypsy camp..delightfully created by Pattee and populated by some talented gypsy Penas..please click here!! Just watch your pockets and your horses...Sastimos, Sarah

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway.....

Salaam and welcome my friends to our Magic Carpet ride! Please step into my tent and take a look at my wares!! I have something very special to offer you today..very special indeed!! By my very own hand I have created a treat for only one very lucky person...this original 8 1/2" x 11" pen and ink illustration.. "Unicorn Woods". It will ride the trade winds to your doorstep already in it's own mat ready to frame.
Would you like to know more???

(click on the picture for a closer look!)

What do I have to do you ask?? Well let me bend your ear... if you would like a chance to win this treat please add a comment to this post. If you are not a blogger..make sure you add an email address so I can find you! I will choose a winner by random selection on February 15th, 2010 @ 9am Pacific time sharp! I will accept no more entries after that time. I will announce the winner here and send the winner an email and post on their blog...if you do not get back with me within 24 hours the treat will go to the next in line.
Namaste and good luck my friends.... Sarah

To visit more wonderful One World One Heart giveaways visit Lisa @ A Whimsical Bohemian (thank you so much Lisa!!)..please click here!!

Please pop by our Magical Holiday Artists Team OWOH giveaway too I donated this fun piece to the basket there!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quiliting Bee #41...

Due to the One World One Heart Giveaway starting Monday morning..I will be skipping my little Bee this week. Hope you all do not mind too much...between the OWOH and the taxes..I am about used up!! So if you don't mind too awfully much...I will skip a week.
I am leaving you some sweet little tarts and coffee to tide you over..thanks all!

Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Oh...please come by and enter the giveaway here on my blog and on the Magical Holiday Artists blog!! tomorrow morning!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tapestry weaving...

(please click on the pictures for a bigger view)

I am blessed..I live in beauty. As I work through my Unravelling class I am reworking the tapestry that is me. Adding a thread or two here, pulling out some there. Wondering how I missed some of the stunningly beautiful threads hiding at the bottom of my thread basket.

Today I planned to do taxes all day..Jim encouraged me to take a bit and go play with my new Rebel. This was partly motivated by his need for smokes and not wanting to go out in the cold..but still...whoot! So I headed here, to Tubbs Hill. Look at the beautiful threads I have been missing here!!

Look at the beauty a few blocks from my house!! Look at this stunning view! I need to get out more and add the fresh winter air threads to my ever growing tapestry. All of these stunning blues, greens and browns! Oh My!! This feeds my soul!

If I had not gone I would not have met this sweet fellow...delightful black thread! He posed for me I swear!

He wanted to play ball..he wanted to get in the water...

His Dad threw it waaaaaayyyy out you see it in the top right hand corner?
It was cold that water about 38 degrees... he came back without his ball...

So he went with his Dad to the dock which was closer...he didn't want to go was cold..but he did..he jumped and snagged his ball! Sweet was cold. He made me smile he did! Beautiful sweet threads.

If I had not gone today on my hike..I would have missed this delightful family. Look at that these!! They were sweet and let me take a few portraits of them. Beautiful threads!

So this week I will be digging in my basket to see what I have been missing. Have a great Saturday all! Namaste, Sarah

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its Thursday.....

Its very glad it is..that means tomorrow is Friday...thank goodness.
I am sitting here with a 24 ounce, hot, skinny, raspberry, light on the foam latte. I needed it this morning. We were up playing with the heater at 3:30am..ok well Jim was and woke me up. For me ..that's all she wrote..I was up.

So rather than vegetate this morning.. I played with a few photos at 4 am. I know.. there were more productive things I could have work n the taxes...but....

I needed something for me this morning..just to play for a minute before my day becomes filled with children and paperwork. So I played with the camera at 4am..see what happens so early in the morning..LOL...

I have been loving the Unravelling class with Susannah will find the link in the left column. Taking pictures of me is hard for me..I don't like it..but I am being brave and taking is breathing...

Have a wonderful Thursday all!! Namaste, Sarah

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishcast Wednesday...

Our Jamie has asked us this morning... "What do you wish for your family?" So very many things. Family is one of those funny can mean lots of things! We have a family here for instance..there is the family of man...our extended family..our immediate family..many of us have family made up of this was sticky for me..this Wednesday question!

I have said little on my blog about Haiti this week..I have watched with deep sadness and frustration. Pictures of children & parents in distress always clutches my heart. I cannot watch the news without tears.

Jim spent his Guard time away last summer in supply...he was in charge of moving all of the food and supplies for the unit. We watched in frustration the other night ...a huge group of people moving meals (MREs)out of a warehouse to folks in that area. Somehow they only managed to move a fraction out the doors. Jim said on any given day in the unit he and two other men moved 4 times that amount daily for a month!?

What is wrong with this everyone in charge afraid to step up to the plate!! Doctors searching for saws on the ground to aid in medical is this possible in our world? Tour ships still visiting?? Seriously..I understand the money influx is good..but frankly..unless those tourists are getting off their cruise and jumping in to help while there....I just find that mind blowing.

So I guess my wish this morning is for all of those in Haiti..that we find a collective way to look at these folks as part of our family..not people from far That we allow ourselves to see and feel the pain they are in, that as a family of man we do what we can as a whole and as individuals..even if all we can do is pray for them. For my family of man in Haiti that are suffering so this week..that have been hit with another quake this morning...I wish for them.
Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Speaking of Angels.....

Yesterday was one of those days..stunningly beautiful. Folks often talk about big sky country being Montana...which is is beautiful. But Idaho as far as I am concerned is just as beautiful! I do so love where I live. Days like yesterday just reinforce that feeling! My Dad would have loved it here!

Yup that is an eagle up there in all that big sky!!

It was so warm yesterday - almost 50 degrees..very odd for here!! The pooches were out playin' too!!

The sun was out and the lighting was a photographers dream.

Even the delicious moss was sunbathing. Soaking in that unexpected warmth!

Did I mention angels....yes I did. You may remember this summer, I barely missed an armed robbery in a little convenience store nearby. I was distracted by some beautiful hanging baskets that I wanted shots of and missed the whole thing by moments. Angels..yup there were angels with me that day.

Yesterday I went to Sanders of our favorite summer haunts..and stunning in the winter. Being it was so warm and I was all by myself..I wandered around the beach for quite a while, snapping photos and collecting beach glass. I noticed something floating in the lake..but I thought it was a log and didn't think too much about it. Until this morning when that unmoving log it seems, turned out to be a body of an elderly gentleman. The hair went up on my neck..because I knew that was what I had seen yesterday. Yes angels were with me again yesterday..I was not the one who found him..I was spared that. It seems that he had been in the water for a while and was gone before I spied him. I know little else yet. Divine intervention..someone was watching over me..yes someone was.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilting Bee #40 is alot of Bees!! I am really quite touched that you folks come back to see me! I can't tell you what it has done for me to meet you here each week!! I am blessed!! I am!! So I think for #40 cupcakes are due..been a while since we offered up sweet treats. So along with the Kona coffee and various teas..I am offering up a smorgasbord of deliciousness. Let see there are: lemon custard and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, chocolate with double fudge frosting, German chocolate, Boston cream, coconut cream, vanilla with butter cream frosting, strawberry, devils many delicious little cakes!! I have also added a bowl of delicious fruits; starfruit, mango, grapes, pineapple, bananas..yummmm!! The picture..clearly not me..but you will understand why I chose it in a minute..I hope!

I have racked a quilt full of questions and styles today. Please pull up a chair and join me!

I have been taking the "Unravelling" class with Susannah Conway the last two weeks. Fascinating..mind opening..surprising..wonderful! All of those thing and so much more. I have found some surprising things about myself there. One thing I have been thinking about is personal style. Do you have one..a style that defines you?? Do people type cast you into a role because of that style?

As I have been reflecting on my own style the last few weeks, some things have occurred to me...I have a style that surprised me..kinda..ok.. yeah it did! To start with I am equally comfortable in camos as I am in heals and that little black dress. But my true style..that one that fits me dress wise..I love the woodsy look. I also discovered..I am more of a rebel than I thought of myself. Despite the fact that I am nearly 50..I looove my bandannas and crocs..cargo pants and tie dye. I wear leggings with my long dresses, leg warmers if I so feel like it! I am a fashion!! Sometimes I pull it off..sometimes not so much. I don't dress like a 20 year old..or like an old hippy..kinda just my own artsy style. I am not really one to conform to the current trends..I take what I like and leave the rest. What does that say about me?? Hmmmm.

I suppose if you look at my life so far it would be as unusual as my dress style..a bit eclectic and different. It would seem that a large part of who I am is about embracing the different..the untraveled path. When I was 42 I went to girl scout camp for the summer. Children in tow..we spent a full summer there. We lived in a tent on the lake, with honey bucket and shower houses, walking several miles a day, eating vegan, basically we camped out all summer. It was a blast, it was heaven, it was hugely enlightening and empowering! Some of my older mom friends thought I was crazy..but several of them told me in the end that they wished they had gone too!
Basically they paid me to play all summer.

I was an unwed mom before it was cool in Hollywood. I was a cougar long before the name was created..ok was only a cougar once..I kept him. I have home schooled and homesteaded. Sung out loud in public and done more than my share of public speaking. I have done some very interesting things. Funny it wasn't until the last couple of weeks taking this class...that I began to see the pattern. Turns out this woman is a bit of a rebel..without doubt an extrovert. I will say I have learned to curb my wild side a bit..more tempered..thank goodness.

Believe me I am not bragging..some of this got me into some messes I would rather not revisit! So much so I think the last couple of years I have become too restrained..too shut down..too serious and controlled. did I miss that??
So again I am seeking balance within myself. To walk the fine line between the wild child in me and the anal Martha Stewart. That part of me that really wants a little tattoo....yeah that girl. I miss her..that wild child who Let Fly with fun stuff. I have found enough depth in myself to seek her out again..bring her out in the light and let her play. Seems for a while I have been afraid to let her come out..for fear she would lead me into trouble. But I think I am a lot less interesting and frankly..I am a boring girl with out her around. Seems I have Unravelled the need to Let Fly with me..fancy that!! Whoot!

So please share with us you have a style? Is it the real there a side of you that you have shut away...would you be willing to share why?

I think I want one of those lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting..OMG yummm! A cup of coffee would be lovely too! What can I get you? I do so love it when you come and visit me! Thank you for joining me again today!!
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Juggling Friday...

Fox and Nonni's school is a Magnet school...arts and humanities. When Fox started there four years ago (is in 5th now) it was a regular public school..although even then it was exceptional! The teaching in our school is offered up by amazing teachers..every one. There are about 200 students. We have artists of many kinds in residence pretty consistently all year. Wonderful learning and fun goes on at our school!!
Fox's teacher Mr. Groth has been the juggling coach for several years now. It is a school wide passion! The last two week this juggling duo has been in residence working with all of the kids on their skills.

Matt and Alex are Brothers from Different Mothers You can find out more about this amazing performance team here! Amazing and fun!!

Yesterday was Nonni's very first live performance ever!!! She was so excited! She worked so hard at the rings that she had bruises on her arms!!

It is a good bet that most any time of day you will see folks walking on balls, unicycling, tossing clubs, balls, rings, ribbons, diablos!! Wicked fun. I have been known to toss a club or two!! with a diablo....

Here she is showing off her stuff in front of about a 100 or so folks!! Very serious..but she did a beautiful job!! Whoot..can ya see me happy dancin'!! Ok only in my head I was snapping pictures!!

Her friend Lexi...OMG look at that smile!!! Screams...I am so proud of myself!

Couldn't close without showing you this sweet of the siblings..Tell me you didn't smile when you looked at this cutie!!

Overall the whole day just made me smile..Nonni did a great very proud of her. The kids had a blast!! Whoot happy juggling dancin'!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishcast Wednesday...

Good morning all!! Our Jamie has asked us this morning ... "How do you wish to Shine?" Well...hmmmmm...uhmmmmm... well...ok..I got it. I wish to shine as a Mom. My kids know I love them..they do..of this I am sure. But I feel like especially in the last year or so...I have had to focus so hard on making a living...I feel like hey have been short changed. My older children had the benefit of a stay at home mom, homeschooling, lots of field trips, lessons, vacations and income. Nonni and Fox have been around for the poor part and the beginning of rebuilding and finally kinda getting to the point that we are stable and getting back to what I consider "normal".

But in the process..I have spent an inordinate amount of time working..with the daycare and online with the artwork. It was not a had to be done. Just writing this makes me cry. Some nights I am so beat taking care of everyone else's kids, and dealing with all that goes along with being in the daycare business..I have very little left for Fox an Nonni. Which frustrates me and I struggle with it.

I purposefully took most of my mornings off this year and started doing only after school care. I did this for a couple of reasons, to be able to walk my kids to school every day and pick Nonni up after Kindergarten, to be able for the first time in years volunteer in their classrooms, and to spend serious time working on my artwork so I can let go of the daycare at some point.

I want to shine with them as we get there. I don't want them to look back and see all the things we didn't do because I was too tired and busy to do them. So I guess I wish for the artwork & photography to continue to grow as it has been and that it will eclipse the daycare so I can commit more time to Nonni and Fox. I wish to shine as a Mom again. I really do.

What do you wish for today? Namaste, Sarah

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playin' With My New Rebel.....

In our class Unravelling..we are to take pictures of our you all know me..I had to get a bit different with it. I have been having some fun with my gel hearts..and I was playing with a few other things to create a bit if abstract fun.

Did I say I loooooove this camera?

I looove this camera. I also am deeply enjoying the class. A wonderful combination of photography, writing and finding the real you in there. She has another one starting in the spring...consider this a huge recommendation!! The link is on the left side column! Happy Tuesday all! Namaste, Sarah

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter #1

The first section of Chapter #1 is up and ready for you to read!! I hope to post a couple a week from now on. Please pop by and tell me what you think! Thanks all for your wonderful support and comments on the Prelude!! Namaste, Sarah

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quilting Bee #39 very glad you could come! I don't know about you..but my pants are still complaining loudly to me this week. So....I thought I would offer us another scrumptious, light offering today. How about some fruit smoothies today/rich with fruit..low on calories. Let's see there are strawberries and blue berries, bananas, melon, mango, pineapple, apple, grape and peach juice, oranges and orange juice. There is skim milk and vanilla yogurt, protein powder if you would like. I have put out some low fat, but delicious apple cinnamon, banana or blueberry muffins. We also have Kona coffee and and several teas. The fire is going and I have put out some foot and hand warmers for those of you that are chilly coming in the door! I have racked a quilt full of simple pleasures today.So glad you came!! Welcome and please pull up a chair.

I was thinking about our financial health this week. I will start working on our taxes this week..ackkk...but I am the tax person in the family. With the economy the way is has been I think most of us are tightening our belts in big ways. The idea of living more simply appeals to me..not so easy to do. I guess I was thinking about what that really means.."to live simply"?

For several years we lived in the mountains here in Idaho. It wasn't and still is not uncommon to know folks here who homestead. I mean real homesteading..well water, no electric and wood burning cook stoves. Many of these families home school. Many raise critters, do 4H and are very active in the communities. Let me say something else..they are not militant crazies. We have done a bit of this ourselves. We ran a horse ranch for several months. Twenty acres of fences to fix, foals to birth and imprint, dogs, horses and children to feed daily. Midnight cougar emergencies etc.. We had minor electricity..enough to run the coffee pot or the heater..but not both. Water was hauled daily and I learned to cook anything on an open flame! We also had an outhouse..I kid you not. Thank goodness it was Summer!! We moved to a small cabin on 40 acres that fall and had well water and wood heat. But..we had a bathroom and a shower..heaven!! There was a simple beauty there...a peace you don't get in the city. We had critters and woods to walk in, wild apples to pick and our lives revolved around the seasons. Planting, harvesting, putting up and resting. I miss that, I do.

So I am trying to find a way to bring some of that peaceful seasonal type of living here to my little cottage in the middle of town. I am trying to find ways to live more simply and be more organized than I have been. What came with us when we moved to town was the constant opportunity to spend and go places..whether walking or now more so driving. I would like to make fewer trips and make them mean more when we go. I do love the thrift stores..oh I do..but having them readily accessible all the time..I mean down the block creating huge clutter in our house. We have too much STUFF! So I am downsizing this year. We will be shedding and selling unneeded items. We will be keeping the clothes that fit and the rest will go. I am actively looking for ways to save money on food. Netflix is a must and of course the computer is needed. I am on cooking blogs these days like Suzie Ridler's blog and trying to become a less boring cook!! I need help!! I am trying..mind you I say stay home and shop less..spend less. I am not sure I am making huge progress here! I hope to plant a real garden this year..not just pumpkins LOL! I need help there too. But I am trying to get back to those "simple" roots we had in the mountains..that peaceful movement from season to season. I really want some simple back in my life.

So if you would like to, please share your feelings about this subject. Are you yearning for more simple in your life, more seasonal living? What are you doing or want to be doing to create that in your life??

I think I will have a banana/strawberry smoothie with peach juice and a bit of protein powder..I will skip the coffee and the muffin this week!! Ooo I feel better already! What would you like??

Thank you for joining me this week..I so love it when you come and pull up a chair!! Have a wonderful week all. Hugs and Namaste, Sarah

Sunday musings...

I would love to say that I can be all know me...not so much! So I thought I would just share a bit about my day before it got rolling. Here is a picture of the new header I am creating for the new story blog ...what do ya think?? I am working on the next picture for the story and should have the next part up for your Monday!

I spent yesterday reordering a closet..well almost done there.... of my art tables needs a serious cleanup!! LOL what a mess...a moose, coffee..some fabric, jewelry making fun stuff, a gourd, zots..yup crying for a cleanup!! Do you see Fox's first still life there..ready for framing..the one with the fruit! What a sweet gift from my son! I so love that!!

I am packaging up all the winner's treats and sending those off to their new owners. my email from The Cook's Garden this morning was this picture!! Amazing want to draw it..a new this not so cool???!!!

Happy Sunday all!! Hugs, Sarah

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OMG..whoot...whoo hoo.....

I am happy dancin' ...I mean really happy dancin'!! This crystal clear shot of Tink was taken with my brand spankin' new camera!! (click on the photo to make it full size) A Canon Rebel DH Jim helped me buy this sweet treat!! I have wanted one so badly...well you guys know. So despite my love for my little Canon SX110..I am over the moon to have a Rebel!! I have been asked to do a photo shoot of a child in February..I just might be ready to use the it by then!!
So beside having the joy of giving some fun treats away this morning..I got a great big huge one myself!! Happy Saturday all, Sarah

We Have Wiiiiinnnnnners....

We have winners!!!! I used a random generator this time there were so many wonderful entries!! Wow!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments!

Like I promised I added a surprise winner too:) Whoo hoo..I love doing giveaways.. so very much fun for me!!

So........ drumroll...........

1. The winner of the original artwork "Valentine Fairies" is... Faerwillow!
2. The winner of my cozy scarf is..... Karen D!

My Surprise winner....Doina She will receive this delicious sherbet colored scarf of the same design!!

Congratulations all!! Please get your email to me within 24 hours ( or your treat goes to the next randomly generated winner!!! Thank you all so very much for participating in my giveaway!! Hugs, Sarah