Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Special Offer..and a Kitten Kitty....

As many of you know..over Easter weekend our sweet kit Tink went missing. I wish I could say that she returned..but sadly she has not. The kids have been asking for a new kit..they miss her..and well I think maybe I am ready too. This weekend at the local farmers market..there were free kittens. They were wild little boys..and frankly I could not take one home. My kids were disappointed..but I wanted them to understand that you needed the right fit..and the cost of of new kitten etc.

So...we headed off to the local animal shelter. They were given an very many little kits and adult kits that were waiting for a loving home. How seeing so many helped you find just the right fit for us! They needed to understand the cost and what was involved. So we loved on and petted the kits...we asked about the cost of adopting there $85.00 for a kitten. I know that seems like a large amount..but here is what you get for your money....
A kitten that has seen a vet..and is healthy & had it's first shots.
A kitten that has already been fixed.
A microchip implanted already.
The next vet check free!

We weighed this with the cost of getting a free kitten..with none of this at all..and then talked about the other flea treatments and food, litter etc. We decided the kitten from the shelter was the best choice! We arrived at a cost of about $140.00. Given we are catching up with bills etc...I told them we would have to work together and get creative if we wanted a new kitten. So here is what we came up with...they are adding all their pennies...working extra jobs and are adding their allowances. So far they have collected $18.00!!

Here is the part where I come in...

The kids asked me to help with my this is what we came up with. All the sales out of my Etsy shop this next week or so..through say the 17th of July. The proceeds will go into the kids "kitty" for a new Kitten. What will you get from me if you find something you might like in my shop???....Along with your purchase you will receive a custom created ACEO (2 1/2" x 3 1/2")just for you. Just tell me what kind of creation (within my creative style and in color) and I will create it for you! Fairies, witches, dragons, kits, oceans, know:)

So you will help out the kids( and me:) on the kitten quest..give a homeless kitten a loving new home..and get a treat from me. Please know there is no pressure here at all..I just a creative way to teach my kiddos about getting a new pet. Honestly I am kinda proud of them that they came up with so many ways to do this..and even suggested that I participate with the kiddos. Plus... I get to create treats for you...and I love doing that!! So if you are interested..pop on by my Etsy shop and take a peek.
Hugs all, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm a big believer in adopting from Humane Societies. That's where my cat, Her Royal Highness, came from. Great idea to teach the kids that pets require financial input and are not "free."

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I too am a believer in adopting from the humane society. So many kittens and cats are put to sleep every year.

Still sad about Tink. But this is a lovely way to pay tribute to her.

Christine said...

Would love to help you with your kitty fund but it will have to wait until payday. I'll be checking your etsy at the end of the month. Maybe I'll need a fairy of some kind!!!