Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quilting Bee ...

I read an article recently warning of the dangers of blogging. I guess I would understand… if I were posting on the company blog about the jerk boss. Well uhmmm yeah – duh. But, what I have found here… is an amazing community of mainly women here who reveal themselves as human. Which got me thinking about how we reveal ourselves here and what it means to others.

I cannot say that I have made all wonderful choices (a few pretty good ones) in my life or that it has been an easy ride. I can say that all those choices good, bad or indifferent have led to a much deeper understanding of “life is painful” & the blessings in it & what to do with that. It is written in these blogs everyday. I read posts by women reaching out to each other, helping each other through shared experiences. Commiserating, advising and supporting up! I have been deeply touched by some of you through some of my current struggles and blessed to be allowed to share in yours.

What a gift in a society that has fragmented and pulled us apart as women. It is very hard to connect today we are all VERY busy. I remember my Mother in the 60’s having bridge clubs and garden clubs. She was a quilter later in life and I remember how very much she enjoyed those unrushed times with other women.. laughing over cards or stitching and chatting. Being in the company of other women. So much of that has been lost these days. Most of us are working outside the home– a lot!!! Those of us who are at home are working just as hard. Our society has changed dramatically in the last 30 years.

So I think what I have found here is an amazing thing – a quilting bee of women! I get to share and revel in your artwork, your words and thoughts, your struggles and triumphs, your laughter, your tears, your joy and your pain. Do you all have any idea what a blessing it is for me to be “in the company of women”? Do you all know what amazing creatures you are?? What gifts you offer everyday when you choose to reveal yourself here!! For me you have become the gift of a Quilting Bee of Women. Thank you. Please pull up a chair!!


Audrey said...

Sarah, do YOU know what an honor it is to be a part of YOUR quilting bee? I feel honored to be connected to you.
I agree with your discussion on women's groups. There is nothing more powerful than the sisterhood of women. Whether or not we share identical journeys, we all walk the same path. I love blogging for the reasons you mentioned, and because blogging has provided an avenue to meet women I never would have encountered otherwise - strong, supportive, wise, caring women!
Much love to you dear sweet Sarah!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Oh Sarah, this is beautiful! I truly agree with you and love that I can come to my blog and know someone is there for me. I am here for you always and thank you for allowing me in. :)

idrawpix said...

Sarah, I really understand the feelings you so beautifully expressed here. I a fairly new to blogging - just since January - but I am totally smitten by the wonderful connections I've made all over the world. My only warning about blogging is that it is addictive!
Thanks for letting me join your circle!

boylerpf said...

I've pulled up my chair and am so happy to be in this circle of women chatting away. What a beautiful post...THANK YOU!!

Elizabeth said...

so well said! I'm happy to take a chair and quilt with you.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I truly understand what you are talking about! It has been such a pleasure to know you.

Just in the last 20 years times have changed! I remember being able to read a book in the evenings, had plenty of time for art, talking walks or staying in touch with friends. Now I'm hard put to find 15 mins. to read a chapter here and there and find time slipping away from me so quickly!

Renee said...

Sarah what a well thought out post. I am writing something very similar right now.

I love being a woman and I love being a woman that counts.

Your art work below looks amazing.

Did you see your sister Anne's post today. Great idea.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Christine said...

What a wonderful way to describe what we do here. I "pulled up a chair" the day I first found your blog. I love your amazing artwork and I'm always happy when you have left a comment on my blog.

Thanks for being a friend,

Ronnie said...

Sarah, you are a sweetheart.
You are ON IT regarding the change in how we "gather". I enjoyed this post and agree. I'm bringin' up a chair too.

Michelle said...

What a lovely way to put it!


Daria said...


"A Quilting Bee of Women" ... absolutely, I agree. What a pleasure to be a part of it.


Mama1 said...

It's so funny that you wrote about the exact same thing I was trying to explain to my husband the other day. (Of course being a man and all his understanding of this topic is somewhat limited). However, I feel that I have been blessed via my blogging experience and not a day goes by that I don't glean something valuable from one of the women in my blog roll. Blogging has also helped me get through some very tough times over the past few months and I always appreciate the feedback I receive from my readers. We are very fortunate to have all found each other indeed!

Sonia ;) said...


What you wrote is so truthful, and right on point. Blogging has made me feel part of a great community of artists, mothers, sisters, and women. The past 2 years have been very rough and this has been a great way to relate, discuss, vent and be part of a relaxing discussion of all kinds of personalities, backgrounds, ethinicity(ok big word), culture. Free therapy......Quilting Bee is a great term, metaphor, and expressive way to relate to what blogging is now. Your description is right on girl....Bzzz Bzzz


Sonia ;)

jessielavon@yahoo.com said...

Just a quick note to tell y'all I am home from hospital,thank you all for gifts and cards and money,all is greatley appresheated,will post more tomorrow.love you all, Jessie

Bairbre Aine said...

Oh Sarah,
What a lovely post.
There are many a day, I wish for days past, for such a thing as quilting bees.
To set about with friends and create things. Chat over our struggles and triumphs.
I am somewhat new, here online, with the community. In my personal life, away from blogging I am rather isolated. I'm a single Mum, have been 11 years. I work to support my two kids. I have had no other support beyond my own efforts.
I cannot express the value I have found, in the few, sincere and kind comments I get on my posts.
There have been plenty of tears shed, by me, over being and feeling so alone. Quietly, and infrequent, I feel connected, here in the blog world. I've found inspiration and kindness.
Your post truly made sense to me.
Like the quilting bees of days gone by, our blog community is sewing together friendships!
thank you!
Bairbre Aine

KnittingJourneyman said...

we are very much on the same page about so many things...and your art work is so beautiful--thank you for sharing and for inviting all of us in--mind if I bring some lavender tea with me to the next quilting bee?

Anja said...

Such a lovely post... I feel the same way about blogging and it makes my everyday life nicer - I have found so many wonderful people. You are great, my ladies and 'm honored to sit here with you and watch you (sometimes even do a little stitch just for fun)

A Palmer said...

I love the quilting bee metaphor, Sarah. I keep finding myself, more and more often, talking about the incredible community of women I'm getting to know through blogging. It is almost sitting around a table and sharing with each other on a daily basis. How great is that? My chair is pulled up and the cushion is fluffed!

Your big Sis xxoo