Saturday, November 12, 2011

Musings...Can I Let Fly??

Ya know those moments when you can feel the change coming? Like electricity in the air..just coursing through you! That moment that you sit straight up in bed and say out loud.."OMG, I get it!" When it chases you thought the day because it must be heard. Like a picture that insists on being drawn, or a song that has to be sung, a dance that must be released. Yup like that. Good change, positive change.

Of course as any Muse will explain..they can get things flowing...but...we humans take that next frightening step. That leap of faith. We must open the door and walk on through it. Change..we must be willing to change and Let Fly with the new stuff. A bit scary really. Cause some of the things my Muse has been prodding me to do are things I have left behind. Maybe not intentionally..but still shelved joys. You know those things that have always brought you great joy..but you set them aside when you had children, or a let them go. Some of the things are new and exciting, opportunities that are being offered up to me..but scary because I have not experienced them before.
I have always being game for a good adventure..but I have been running in a rut..time to Let Fly with the new stuff I think. Sometimes you have to leave things behind to forge forward and get the good, new stuff. is a bit scary and exciting and well..electric. Will I be able to step up to the challenge? Will those old voiced speak loudly in my head? You are too old, you are too out of are going to fail. Well..maybe but I think this time I will try anyway. Succeed or fail..I am gonna Let Fly. Cause I am due for some exciting life adventures! So I am gonna be brave.

So I was wondering...have you felt this of late..that call to be brave, open the door and try something new? Put yourself on the line and Let Fly with who you could be? Shed the chrysalis and become something amazing with wings? I would love to hear about it if you would like to share with me!

Of course I have lattes..any flavor you would like..cause my barrista is here. Cupcakes??..of course I have name it and I have it. So grab a plate and a latte and share your experience with me if you would! Thank you for popping by!
Namaste, Sarah


Holly said...

Yes, yes I have been feeling it of late and well, I'm trying to move Reiki back into this backward area and you know about adding animals to that offering.

And, I've been accepting writing assignments once again. Hoping it leads to more of them. I've finally accepted after 50+ years what my beloved father said about me all along, "Holly you are a writer. You need to write."

I've tried to stop talking myself out of it and talk myself into something instead.

I so wish I could sit and eat cupcakes with you in real time.

Let FLY, gurl!

spottedwolf said...

hee hee hee ! Well its about time though all the encouragement in the world is always to hand we just have to clear enough space to see through the wall....and then like a hologram shows its entirety in one tiny piece.....when we see through the looking glass the world opens up again and damned if the vista isn't 10 times as big as before !

holdingmoments said...

I've had a go at a lot of things during my life; change, at times, can be a good medicine.

I've always said, 'better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all.'

julochka said...

i have been feeling it, just this week in fact. a sort of cosmic shift in thinking, priorities, direction...good things are coming...

and i'll just have a normal, plain old latte - double. they're the best. with a red velvet cupcake. :-) please?

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I have been feeling it of late also. Must be something in the air LOL! I have many things residing on my shelf that I look at wistfully and wish I had the time to do them. Life has dictated their removal to that shelf, the passage of time is calling me back before it's too late.

Patty said...

Hey new twitter friend. Love your blog. Something new in the air for me. Being a retired photojournalis, I can now take photos for me instead of a photo editor. Whop hoo! Also traveling for me, and not for some boring assigemt. Yummy cupcakes.

Patty said...

I mean whoo hoo. Got a little excited there.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'll take a skinny caramel latte... :)
Such a timely post for me...a few months ago I left my "real" job and became a full time jewelry designer, something I have wanted to do for several years but was always afraid to take that step. So far, SO GOOD! It has opened many doors for me with new and exciting opportunities. It is SO true that you've got to just Let Fly and do it, stop worrying and it will all work out. I'm getting to where I've always wanted to be and it feels amazing! Life is good. :)
Thanks for checking in on my blog Sarah. Talk to you soon.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Shelved joys" That gave me pause cuz I've done that with a few really interesting parts of my creative side and I know it... but haven't figured out how to get 'em off the shelf yet.

This is a good nudge-- your post and Holly's comment. Moving forward and doing things that you havn't in a long time..... You're inspiring. Thanks.

xoxoxo jj

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Such a joyful and encouraging post! Are you still taking coffee orders? I would love a vanilla latte with cinnamon. :D