Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random thoughts, musings, a giveaway..

A giveaway???

I know your thinking... didn't she get this out of her system yesterday? I need to do a bit of catch up with a few things and I had a few random thoughts to share so here goes.

The Quilting Bee...would anyone like to offer up a subject for me to tackle there?? I struggle with sounding preachy and not informative, or provoking thought. So... tell me what you would like to discuss there.

Imma Mama - Alicia tagged me last week with a photo tag - I have never gotten one of these so here is the tenth picture in the first folder... Go by and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!! Thank you Alicia!!

My front porch and that porch swing I adore so much. I have decided, when I buy a house it will have a porch swing. I do so love to swing!!!

I was watching the Sunday morning news, and the subject matter was universal health care. They were debating what was best for the country. One person commented that it would be horrid to have the government tell you what you can and can't be covered for and that you might need to wait for treatment. Ok.. here is my take. I don't have any insurance at all for myself. I cannot afford it...at all! Medicaid in Idaho requires that you make less than $350.00 per month total household income to be eligible as an adult. My children are covered. So...when this Senator who has wonderful insurance said..it was a bad thing my coverage might be limited and treatment might take a little time...all I could think of was...What a freaking idiot!!! For those of us who have none and no hope of any insurance short of my husband being deployed to Iraq.. I'd very happily and gratefully take limited coverage and wait my turn!!! At 48 I would be thrilled with just some catastrophic coverage. Do I understand the big picture...more taxes, yes I do. I would happily pay a bit more in taxes to see that basic preventative care or catastrophic care was provided for those who cannot afford it....it would seem that 52% of Americans feel this way too. Honestly anything would help. Thanks for letting me rant a bit!

Now a bit of happy here at the end...would anyone like a giveaway or two???? I was thinking it might be fun to offer up a bit of Summer artwork and treats?? What do ya think?
Thanks for popping by!! Namaste, Sarah


Holly said...

Quilting BEE? You never sound preachy...I'll ponder...

PORCH SWING! Adore it and want to sit there with you and talk and talk and talk!

YES! YES! YES! To your give away, just mail it to me now...

NO! No! NO! To universal coverage..I've worked in health care too many years and have too many friends in other countries...this really will not work like you think.

Let's talk off line...I don't want to ruin a beautiful moment by sounding like another nay-sayer or a witch who doesn't get it...

I do. I really do get it. I'm self insured, Sarah...I get it.

Sonia ;) said...

You go Sister...

I fortunately have insurance for me and kids till 25 through my husband. And my job offers it also. But up until 2000 we never had insurance..all through my kids being babies and lil....I fully understand..been there and done that. I am with you, I am willing to pay extra to cover ppl for health insurance. I mean shoot...we are America and we should help each other. My husband pays out his check each month to cover all 5 kids and me.

I like when u rant Sarah...LOL..and I like the Idiot sign...LOL...

Giveaways are always fun...I plan to have more as time goes on...

As always Buddy I quack u

Sonia xoxox

Christine said...

I feel the same as you about health care. I understand that nothing is perfect and it's not like we are going to have the same health care like other countries that aren't working. We'll try to do something that works better. Obama is on TV talking about it as we speak. I hope he offers more insight with this new conference.

You do a great job with your quilting bee and I don't think you are preachy. I'll let you know if I think of anything though.


ps Giveaways are always good.

Snap said...

Yes about health care. Who do people think makes the decisions now? Them? NO ... the insurance companies tell the docs what they will cover and what they won't for folks who do have insurance. And, people who don't have insurance should have the opportunity to have insurance. We pay NOW for those who don't have insurance in higher fees ... the hospitals have to make up the cost of *free* (nothing is free) health care for the indigent. I, too, was in the health care profession for a long, long time. Docs are afraid of not making the big bucks .. too bad. Health care should be a right for all ... not a previledge because you have $$$$. Oh, boy, Sarah ... you got me going!

I think a give-a-way would be nice! :D

Anonymous said...

I never feel like your being preachy, but I will think of a topic or two for ya.

As for the giveaway I say Oh Yeah Baby!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I adore your Quilting Bee - I look forward to it every week. It is NEVER preachy - au contraire, mon fraire! It is sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, and always informative! Please don't stop doing it!

YES to the giveaways - you have the best ones!

I cannot believe how fortunate we are here in Canada,where every person is entitled to proper health care! I feel so bad for Americans in this regard. It is a basic human right to have health care - it should never come down to who can afford it!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

For sure, for sure...you are NOT preachy in the Quilting Bee! I love it and look forward to participating and reading the comments.

Health care is a bad subject here. When we could afford it, it was a joke what they ended up paying. Everything is bought and paid for in the back rooms and we are the ones that bear the brunt of their greed and decision making. I'll get off the soapbox for now.

A resounding YES to one of your giveaways...although I never win..LOL! I do like the gamble ;>

Renee said...

Hello...... Did I hear a possible giveaway.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog! Yay!!! Love your art. I'm a neighbor in Oregon!
On the health care . . . My husband and I farmed for years, are still self-employed and NO insurance. Our daughter is a college athlete at university. I am with you on every point you made! A recent wake up call: I got behind on payments to my doctor's 'group'for a biopsy. They kicked me out, sent me to collections and then wanted a 're-entrance' fee to go back. Needless to say, I'm without meds for a serious condition.
Thanks for letting me rant ;0)

Sherry Byrum said...

I totally agree with you about the insurance. I don't have any insurance either and need some TLC and would gladly wait my turn, as it is I will have to wait until I'm 65 and eligible for Medicare. Do you think that will still exist in 20 years? I agree they do not have a clue what the average person needs.