Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award

A week or so back I shared my creation Mental Duck to Mental Swan. It was suggested that it might make a nice award. I think so too. I would like to share with you how this little piece came to be.

When I was young, I had to repeat 2nd grade – it seemed to be a permanent label as my parents viewed me as the ”not so smart one” in the family. Even when I graduated from high school with honors – they still didn’t get it. It was never overt thing just lots of little things that made their opinion clear. It was not until my 40’s that I began to get a clue – I wasn’t the stupid one in the family, I had gifts and talents and a few brains to share!!!! I guess it came as a surprise to me!!
Renee has been a constant supporter of me and has a keen eye for truth in people’s gifts and talents – even when we do not see them in ourselves. So…if Renee tells you something LISTEN!!! Renee gave me direction and encouragement to try things I had only dreamed about doing – like writing and putting it out there. She gave me the courage to go from as she put it….Mental Duck to Mental Swan. I was so struck by this image, it had a huge impact on me!! I was becoming a mental swan – I felt empowered and strong!! I am a Mental Swan!! Thank you Renee, you really have changed my life!!

So… to the award…hee hee I’m excited. Ces suggested that I might do it like her Ninja award – one I give out at certain times, not one that is passed from person to person. I like this idea, but would like to give it out more often than once a year! So I will surprise a few special folks every now and again!

The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award is given to two amazing groups of bloggers;

1. To Bloggers who encourage and nurture others bloggers to explore and grow in their creative, spiritual or mental lives.
2. To Bloggers who are blooming and growing creatively, spiritually or mentally in their lives & sharing it on their blogs .

So..... I would like to offer the very first awards to folks who have encouraged me and some time very soon I will offer it to a few folks who are blooming. There are so many I could list here but I am going to limit it to seven at a time..

I have watched these women consistently offer not only amazing support to me but many others across the blogs - yup I have been watching.

Renee of coarse will be given my very first award!! She has been a guiding light in so many ways and I adore her.

Audrey, who never fails to amaze me with her spirit and support of me. She is my cheer leader and I adore her too!!

Sherry, a dear friend, amazing artist and she says "My biggest fan"! Thank you Sherry for blessing me with your friendship!

Holly, a newer friend, but so amazing. If you have not visited Holly's blog you are missing one of the most delicious blogs on the block! I have been blessed with Holly's friendship,support and advice - she's good folks!!

Sonia, Hey my ducky partner - you really are a swan ya know!! Another person who has made my time here on the blogs a joy, full of her encouragement and support!

Gail, She is not only an amazing artist & dear Friend but she has been an unending source of support and encouragement to me long before I started blogging and has continued to be that graceful woman here too!

Tabitha, of I choose bliss - no list like this would be complete with out her & her amazing spirit of giving! Girl you are a shining light!!


Holly said...

The only word that I can come up with at this moment is, "Thank you." This is quiet an honor when I read the inspiration behind your award. It will rank up there with the one that was created by Toni and proffered to me.

If my thoughts help you as you go along The Path, please know that your images, your words, and your buoyant and generous spirit do the very same for me.

Bright Blessings on you for taking the time to do this and then by honoring me as one of the very first who receive it.

In Love & Light,

Audrey said...

SARAH! Again with the tears!!! Girl, we have got to stop this! But NOT YET!!!

Oh Sarah, I am so, so honored. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This one means so much to me because YOU made it! I feel overwhelmed right with gratitude and warmth right now. You are truly a very special person and I am so happy to know you! are SO not, "not the smart one!" You are really quite brilliant and extraordinarily talented! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Thank you again sweet Sarah! Love and adoration to you!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Holly's blog DOES rock!

Beautiful artwork, Sarah...

And if any one know beauty... mental swans do!


Renee said...

Sarah I am so touched by what you have done for yourself.

It is a case of Dorothy in the ruby slippers. Just click your heels and you will be where you were all along.

You have said goodbye to the mental duck but we honour all mental ducks as they grow and find themselves in all kinds of ways to become mental swans.

Sarah your award is wonderful and truly meaningful.

Thank you for such an honour.

Love your very good friend.

Renee xoxoo

Snap said...

Congratulations ladies.

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Oh Sarah!
I am truly honored and overjoyed to receive this award! You are truly the sweetest and it's because of ladies like you I feel secure in being myself. :)

Thank You!!!!

Audrey said...

Hey Sarah - I just read your comment about my photos - what a BRILLIANT idea - I would LOVE to see your artistic interpretation of some of them! I really do love texture, and that is what I generally photograph - how fun to take a picture, and have you turn it into art! Can we talk more about this idea????
Love to you!

Renee said...

Good morning Mental Swan:

Of course that award went up pronto.


Sherry Byrum said...

An award you made? Wonderful! I believe you already are a swan! Beautiful and talented and so very caring! Just what this world needs! Thank you for this wonderful award! I absolutely love the art on this one!
Your greatest fan!

Sonia ;) said...


OMG...I thought from my post it from the last award...Ok Im quacking around in circles....I am so very HONORED........You have been a great supporter to me...Im all teared up at work..Give me your sleeve...snort snot have always been a bright light to all you touch..even if you dont know it or ur life is a lil dark You always bring a happy light to me and our friendship..Because of you I have become friends with so many..As Renee..and has kept branching off...I thank you dearly....Sorry Im not blonde really....Im raven colored LOL...HUGS ......and tell Jim we need a snorkel suit pic...LMAO makes me laugh everytime I think of that pic LOL..

Sonia :0)

will Post tonight...

Daria said...

Congratulations girl ... I was in a slow learner group in grade 4 ...

I sure hated that label.

Life With Dogs said...

I'll second the Holly nomination! And it was a great way to find you...

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Thank you Sarah! You are so sweet and a constant source of support for me!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog...

Now go pick up your Award I gave you!~I made it myself (no, not as pretty as yours but I think it fits your beautiful Spirit)

Kim said...

What a lovely idea, and a great way to celebrate inspiring people :)

I've missed so much this week, so well done also on the award and being featured in the magazine. What a great week you've had

Kim x