Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Letter "M"

Here is..M for Maniac - not for the ride - which I soooo wanna do - but the water is snow melt and about 45 degrees! I think I'll wait till August thank you.

I told you this week was all about the camera, I promise more diversity next week. So I have joined the "Friday Shoot Out" this week is Letter M. Thank you much fun!!!!

So last Sunday, I went out looking for "M" pictures....and I know this is in honor of sweet little peanut who's name starts with this wonderful letter (go see Lulu)but.....honestly I could not think of many "M's". Always wanting to be different, I had to really think about this one so I left the family at home with Jim and went tootling around town... here are a few "M's" I found around Coeur d Alene.....

Please click on the picture for a larger version....

Here is Mudgy the Moose..a local children's author wrote a delightful book about a walk around Coeur d Alene. Of course we are partial to moose here in the North West!

You cannot walk around Coeur d Alene with out seeing Maples - they are everywhere. Fall is stunning here!

This time of the year maple seeds are everywhere..especially attached to the cat and shoes, which all come into the house.....

Here is my beautiful "M" Miss Mhanon...peanut butter and all

A Map of my very favorite place to hike...Tubbs Hill.

Don't you love our city's NW porta potty decorations....see the Moon? That is the Coeur d Alene Resort behind the pottys.

Here are several Masts on our lovely Lake Coeur d Alene. We are a summer haven for boaters. The lake is large enough for sailing - I do love the sail boats.

A corner of Tubbs offers a stunning, high up view of the lake...but ya have to hike around about half way.

The Marina...a small part of it anyway....

So...I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my town and a few "M's".

I'm off to see everyone else's! Namaste, Sarah


Holly said...

OH! I loved having the chance to see where you live and what inspires your creative thinking! So very nice.

Anonymous said...

Aww Ms Sarah - the moose, the marina, the divine Ms Mhanon - wonderful, wondLoerful shots!
I am so happy that you joined the Shoot-Out gang! Stay tuned - Gordon is wanting to start a Whatzit gang - you would have fun with that one as well!
Love and hugs,

Snap said...

Wonderful and I love seeing where everyone is from ... so beautiful!

Strawberry Girl said...

Love your shots!! :D Especially the maniac and the moose. ;p

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment at my place. I love your music!! My favorite stuff too. :D

(I live in Utah!) ;D


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful photos!

Haven't been able to get into blogger-keep getting operation aborted messages again!

Kathleen Coy said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the country, Sarah! We have two maple trees, so I know what you mean about the seeds everywhere. I love those trees though, so it is totally worth it!

sema said...

great photos!A beautiful tour of your town !

Patty said...

I love your collage. Looks more like travel brochure from a residents' point a view - the best kind.

Great commentary, too.

Thanks for participating. Beautiful town you have.

Christine said...

Great photos; you are very talented. This might help you with future "letter" challenges. I saw a website once where a lady takes pictures of archtecture or nature where you can see a specific letter. A gate might be shaped like an "M". Keep on the look out for those. It makes you view things with a completely different eye.

The lad made collages to spell out peoples names and quotes.


Renee said...

I love these shootouts. I just came from looking at Audrey's and they were awesome.

Of course I love to see little Nonni.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Becky said...

I loved seeing your M's around town! Your area reminds me so much of Cape B in Nova Scotia, Canada!
Love & Light~
OM girl

Chele said...

Loved your selection of M's. I agree Maniac fits the first pic well. lol

Zaroga said...

Just marvelous photos!