Monday, June 8, 2009

Quilting Bee #12 !!!!

"Beach Quilt" by Emma How

Wow folks...a!!! It seems we may have some light rain today, so we are back inside for out time together today. But... the windows have been thrown open so we can hear the rain tip tapping on the metal roof and splashing in the puddles under the window. I do love the sound of the rain. I have a mix of things for you to snack on this morning... some lovely cheese and warm rolls, egg sandwiches - homemade mind you on the warmer, some homemade muffins, blueberry and almond poppy seed yummmmm & some wonderful melon chunks. As always a lovely selection of teas and coffee. I have racked a lovely summery quilt just because it fun!! A good reason for most anything. Cause it's fun!

I thought I might return to the main theme of Quilting Bees today...who we are here. In the last twelve weeks we have covered some light and some more serious topics. I want to thank each and every one of you for popping in and joining me, some of you every week!! Some of you have even posted my Bee Badge on your blogs. Every time I see one my heart smiles - well I smile all over - but you know what I mean!! I'm touched, thank you! I am still constantly amazed at what I see here.

I read an article the other day about the dangers of blogging. Well there is that, you do have to take a bit of care with what you share, content and personal information. But honestly.. isn't that life in the real world also, when you meet someone new, or interact with others at work or anywhere really? If you are always closed to others around you here or in the non internet world, how do you grow? Don't get me wrong, we have reason to take care with information, we do not have to share everything! I think most of us know what to keep to ourselves online, personal or financial information wise. Some things are better held close to the chest. Honestly it angers me that in this day and age, folks cannot share their belief system or sexual orientation without fear of persecution - but I'll save that for another post.

So.... what do we share here? So very much!! I often get asked why I blog. I think the concept is muddled by trashing blogs where people rant about work or other subject matter. Not so much here. What an amazing group of folks are here on Blogger. Honestly the diversity never fails to amaze me! Here in the community people are allowed to be themselves! With all of our faults and amazing gifts right there for the sharing. I have met oh... maybe 100 new folks since I wrote the first Quilting Bee and my feeling have not changed. This is a deeply supportive community of people. I said women in the first post, well... because only women were following me then. I do have a few brave guys following my blog now, how fun is that! I am still stunned everyday by what I read here, people supporting up each other through illness and sad event in their lives, big and small. Doing happy dances for folks with things to celebrate. Encouraging up folks life work and & gifts. May I just say...I am astounded by the talent I see here - every day! Sometimes by folks that do not even realize their gifted!! I watch folks here who have so much on their own plates, offering encouragement and guidance to others ...WOW folks! I have been blessed with all of these sweet gifts from you all. What do I get here on the blogs... blessed every day. Please share with us what you find here in the blogs!

So on our twelfth meeting let me just say... you all amaze me and I feel honored to know each and every one of you. Thank you for letting fly here in this amazing group of Quilters. Like in times past where women sat and supported each other up over a quilting rack, we meet here on these blogs for the same wonderful purpose, to share and care for each other. I hope you will join me for another twelve Quilting Bees. Hugs and Namaste, Sarah


Audrey said...

Sarah, thank you for hosting Quilting Bee - I love it, and trust me, the only "quilting" that I will ever do is the quilting I do on your blog!
I love todays quilt - I have a weakness for the beach and the ocean - it is where I feel most calm and worry free.
What do I get out of this? Everything that you said! It is the support, the caring, the nurturing of "strangers" that strengthens me and gives me courage daily. I have turly grown to care so deeply for people that I have never met! I care for them, because I feel cared for here! It is a wonderful place to be - it is sometimes hard to imagine what it was like before discovering this strong, powerful community! And Sarah, I am indescribably grateful for having met you! You have tapped into my soul - I have found a sister that I never knew existed!

Now, to the food - I laughed when I saw egg sandwiches on the menu. I probably shared this with you before, but I went through a stage in my childhood when egg was the ONLY sandwich I would eat! My family still teases me about it! And, while on chemo, I developed a form of anorexia. Egg sandwiches were about the only thing that I could eat!
That almond poppy seed muffin sounds TOO good - I shall have one of those as well.
Love and hugs to you
Love and hugs to you.

Sonia ;) said...


I love this weekly blog. I think blogs do get under rated by bad blogs. A stereo type like others that need to be changed. Blogs have been a great healing, inspiration, and wonderful way to meet artists all over the world. To share little quips, rants (good and bad), a way to socialize in this hectic world. I work a day job, take care of a family and pets. Socializing is not as easy in this fast pace world. And then to find like-minded socializing with multiples of common issues is even harder. Blogging is what you make of it as is anything else in life...If your going to rant you will find other ranters....If you choose to be positive, then positive ppl will read and carry the same logic on. Technology can be dangerous in the wrong hands. I will choose to believe in the good of ppl....I would never just put my personal info out there (seriously~ there are things a valid person would know about themselves and fake one wouldnt..) If you need to steal someones identity, info and gosh what kind of soul do u have? It is possible (working in pc's)but not tooooo frightfully check ur accounts..change up passwords...dont save passwords to the pc...and keep receipts to anything made online with dates and info. never save receipts to just the pc..print them out... quilting bee day...Back to work..

Smiles, quack, and honk,

Sonia ;)

Holly said...

We are part of a brave new world. A world of technology that can separate us, isolate us, make our worlds tiny and small.

And, yet, if one has a discerning ear, one can find places like this and others where the Human spirit is celebrated and the trials of living are applauded and supported.

And, a wondrous opportunity that you can truly find connection with other Light Minded individuals...and distance and place matters naught at all.

Truly, it is the Magick of the 21st Century.

Your Loving Crone...and fellow quilter gives you hugs for the spread and the thoughts. And, a safe place in which to share.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Yes, I'm well aware of the dangers of blogging having experienced it firsthand.

Snap said...

Happy Monday, Sarah.


Suecae Sounds said...

I think both you, your attitude and your blog is amazing. I am so happy that I happened to stumble across it on my little net-adventures.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

So true, Sarah, how much the blogging world...the good blogging world...can be supportive, inspirational and creativity. What once started as just a blog to promote my jewelry has turned into a cathartic adventure into real life! I am so pleased to have found you...can't even remember how but it really doesn't matter, does it? We're here enjoying everything...even that good coffee and making a quilt!

Christine said...

You are beautiful in your words. Every week, I love coming by for the quilting bee. First and foremost I have received wonderful friendships with women I would have never know - they have blessed me. And second, I receive so much inspiration and support.


Daria said...

Blogging is so wonderful ... to bad we have to worry about the 'crazies' out there.

I'll definitely be there for 12 more Bees.

Sherry Byrum said...

It is an honor to be a Quilting Bee! :)

I love reading your blog and by reading it I have met some wonderful people who are following you!

I don't think too much about the dangers because to my way of thinking driving every day could be dangerous! Your blog is positive and uplifting even when you are sharing about a problem, the reader can see that you are seeking a solution.

Lots of hugs,

Kim said...

I had a little brush with 'bad bloggers' but I survived and maybe now am a little more discerning about what I write and where I write it :)

Thank you for your quilting bee and for the friendships that come from your blog. You are a special person indeed :)

Kim x

Life Potentials Network said...

Sarah, your blog spot is such an inviting, warm place to be...and you offer the best food too! Great conversation and open heart. Thank you for creating such an open, creative, supportive spot for us! xo