Monday, April 20, 2009

Quilting Bee of Women #5

This lovely quilt is by..Priscilla Bianchi

Hello again everyone, so glad you could join us. I think spring has finally sprung and the last of the snow is gone – fingers crossed!! Maybe next month we can take the whole rack outside and work in the sunshine!! Mmmmm that sounds heavenly – yes? My turn for treats so… I am offering up some old favorites of mine whoopee pies(check out Libby @ Twirl & Taste for some serious and delightful Southern hospitality) and cupcakes. Yes very gooey treats but I think we adults need gooey now and again too. I did the fancy Martha Stewart cupcakes – whoo hoo that was fun – see the little bumble bees on them? I have racked a lovely quilt today, full of all things lucky. Little clovers, rainbows with pots of gold, lottery tickets & horse shoes. I skipped the rabbit feet – ewwww – my bunnies would be quite angry with me. So please pull up a chair and let’s start stitching.

So, a couple of days ago, I was reading Audrey’s blog . If you haven’t been there yet – by all means do. I never leave her blog without something to chew on or giggle about. She was writing about “Luck” and debating whether she was a lucky person. It’s a great post!! It got me thinking though….yeah I know – scary. Thinking about how we perceive life, as half full or half empty. I know several of both types and wonder often – what defines how we perceive the world. Who gets the better end of that lollipop?

I am without a doubt a half full kinda person. This seems, on the cover to be a good thing, and in general I guess it is. It seems that folks with a more positive out look on life live longer and generally are healthier. We tend to deal with stress better and let things roll off our backs like ducks – quack. We are often hopeless romantics ( am sooooo very much one).The down side is – being perpetually hope filled – we also tend to wade in the river of denial more often, thus getting ourselves into deeper bogs of stupid. – “Wow – why didn’t I see that coming?” As… we tend to look for the good in everyone and frankly – not everyone deserves this point of view. I think we tend to take longer to define boundaries for ourselves. I think though, once we do get some balance we tend to be pretty happy people. I am a duck.

I live with a half empty kinda guy. Which I have discovered much to my surprise, is amazing! He seldom expects great things to happen and reality is his friend. He does not trust easily, despite his big heart. He keeps that heart well protected and seldom wears it on his sleeve (mine is perpetually there). If he finds it there he will change his shirt. (Bare Naked Ladies, please forgive my stealing such a great line).Those close to him bask in his loyalty and warmth and huge sense of humor. But, the world is a much gloomier place for him and hope is at times a frivolity. So being a half full kind person, what do I see as the great things about being half empty? He seldom expects much, so he is seldom disappointed. He has tight boundaries and seldom gets hurt or walked on. He sees people with stark reality and a clear eye. He has a very hard shell and hides when he feels the need, he is a turtle.

So how do we get on with each other? Very rough at first!! I guess he has learned from a duck that putting good energy out there gets good things. Being more open, opens doors. He has relaxed A LOT in ten years & can often waddle with the best of us. What have I learned from the turtle – having a shell is a good thing, I am not nearly as squishy as I used to be. Boundaries are amazing things. I take a harder look at folks – fewer pairs of rose colored glasses, protect myself more and tend to wade out of my bogs more quickly. We balance each other pretty well I think.

So – I’m thinking that although we are what we are, I believe we are changeable – a bit anyway. I'll take two lollipops - good end for both please! So what are you….a duck or a turtle? What do you think is great about being one or the other?

Next week a good friend has offered to pop by and deliver her amazing lattes, chai tea or whatever drink you heart might desire from a classic North West coffee stand. She will also be bringing a mouthwatering selection of muffins – yummmmm. Thank you for popping by and joining me again. I hope the time has restored you a bit. Your company always restores me, thank you! I do so love hearing what you have to say in response to my ramblings. Have a great week! Namaste, Sarah

PS. Almost forgot - I will be having a giveaway - a couple sweet art offerings this week - please come and join the fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, where do I begin on this one....
- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ooey, gooey deserts - thank you SO much for supplying them!
- Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your kind words! I adore you, sweet, gentle Sarah!
- The glass half full & attached benefits - that is me. 100%
- The advantages of being the "half empty dude," - you have opened my eyes. What an interesting observation you made. You have made me want to be more "turtle" than I am - something I NEVER thought that I would say.

Amazing post - absolutely loved it!

Thought about you all day yesterday - how are things in your world? Hope you are doing well.

Sonia ;) said...


I am half full like you...You expressed exactly how I am..and how my husband is...once again soulfriend you nailed it right on the head. I try to always be positive and find the positive....

I love your quilting bee posts....

Sonia ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post Sarah!! I am a glass half full type of girl and hubby is the opposite, but we always seem to balance one another out.

Have A Fabulous Day!!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Great post as usual! We follow the same path in our house. I'm half full and my husband is the half empty. We both fill the glass...LOL! I sometimes wonder if men are more this way because pf the way they have been brought up to be the providers. They need to have a more realistic point of view as opposed to the women who are the dreamers...yet the encouragement behind the provider.
Have a terrific Monday & I'll definitely be tuning in for your sweet art offerings!


Libby Murphy said...

Oh I'm so glad ya'll will be making a little whoopie out your way! How I wish I could make one of those lovely quilts. True works of art!!! Incredibly beautiful
Happy Twirls

Daria said...

Great post ... loved reading it.

I agree ... no more snow anywhere.

Snap said...

I used to be a turtle. Mr. Dragon would say I was being *realistic*. Now, I'm somewhere in between. I've learned to lighten up. Setting boundaries is very, very good. I don't say *YES* to any and all. I don't need to be loved (!!!!) ... got that!


Sherry Byrum said...

I loved this post Sarah! I think Ron and I probably are a lot like you and your guy. I wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt a lot but I want to see the best in people and I get disappointed a lot. Ron doesn't let anyone get close, no way, no how, no entry to his heart except for me. He thinks relationships are a big time waster.

You writing is so good, you are as good with words as you are your art and it is a joy to watch your art and read your blogs.

Lots of hugs,
your fan