Monday, April 27, 2009

Quilting Bee of Women #6 (Men Welcome Too)

Good morning everyone!! As promised I have asked my friend here in town to provide drinks of choice today along with some scrumptious muffins. I love muffins. She owns a classic NW coffee stand and can brew up almost anything. I adore Chai, but… I think I will do a double shot, skinny, crème de menthe latte, no whip & a lemon poppy seed muffin. What would you like?? I have racked an enchanted quilt full of beauty and magic today. It is still not warm enough to head outside – soon I hope!!! So pull up a chair!

I was watching lovely Susan Boyle sing this week and I got to thinking about gifts and how we use them. Everyone has gifts, not everyone recognizes them as gifts though. Some gifts call out to be public, like Josh Groban – what an amazing voice that man has!! Gives me shivers. Others we keep to ourselves. Have you ever had someone tell you, you are not using your gift? I was thinking about that question… what is your gift and how do you choose to use it, do you even know you have one?

There were a few comments about myself being in a rock band – a bit of shock – lol. My kids get that look too – no way MOM. Yes…. It was brief but yes I played keyboards and sang lead vocals in a band. There was a period in my life that I was determined to use my voice as my vocation in some way or another. Then… well I had kids and life happened. But I continued to sing, if only at church in the crowd. What a joy was that. I love singing harmony – my very favorite thing. Frequently some stranger in front of me or beside me would chastise me for not being up on the stage in the choir. That I was wasting my gift. I remember being offended by this, I felt I was offering up just as much joy to the Divine in my seat as on the stage. Honestly, I didn’t want to sing solos, it makes me wanna puke. I wanted to sing backup harmony which I love. But, when the directors heard me sing they kept throwing solos at me and at that time in my life I had a hard time saying, ”NO thank you”. So I chose to not join at all. So, now I sing for the pure joy of singing. Does this make my gift less of a gift? Does the divine find less joy in hearing me sing in my kitchen or with my preschoolers? I guess… my very public gift has become a very private gift and I’m ok with that.

I think in our society we are so used to seeing big gifts, tv, You tube, it’s everywhere…. BIG gifts. But what of the not so public gifts, those amazingly quiet gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking BIG gifts – what a joy they are! But… what of the wonderful nurse that answers that call button for the 15th time with grace and gentleness. Or that amazing blog writer that always touches your soul (I know several of those). What about that amazing woman who every day goes and cleans other people’s homes and never complains, does an amazing job and has such an amazing attitude about it? Isn’t that a gift too? Every day I meet women here who offer up their gifts! Deep, loving, gritty, honest women! When I read about a mom telling it like it is with a child who challenges her every day, exhausts her, but whom she fights for like a mama bear, I see a gift. Reading the struggles of women going through cancer treatments like warriors, I see a gift. I’ve met women here who offer up their beliefs despite severe criticism from others, I see a gift. The amazing artists here who offer up encouragement to those who are new, no jealousy, just a hand and a hug, I see a gift! Those of you who offer up words of support, I see a gift! Not big huge public gifts, but private, quiet gifts.

I guess what I’m asking today is….do you see the gift in yourself? It’s there! Do you know how HUGE those little gifts you offer up everyday to those around you really are? I’m asking you to see the beauty and gift I see in each of you!! See that little sparkle, kinda like fairy dust – yup right there!! That’s you!!! I ‘m not asking you to share with us if you don’t want to, but please share with yourself, what is your quiet gift – give yourself credit and the joy of acknowledging that you have amazing gifts that you offer up every day! Even if you don’t quite see them yet, someone out here does & thanks you!!

So….. gifted ones, I’m going to enjoy that muffin and latte now. There are also several bar cookies, oooh I see lemon bars – am in trouble now!!! Thank you for joining me again today!! Namaste, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, this made my heart smile! I feel it's time that I use my gift as an inspirational speaker. I want to go beyond blogging to uplift anyone in need. :)

I agree BIG gifts are great, but the quiet gifts in others are what I find to be awe inspiring.

Like Your Art!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I love Chai and latte! Make mine white chocolate mocha-large!! Anything chocolate is my weakness.

I loved Susan Boyle, what a wonderful story! I wish her all the luck in the world. I have no trouble believing you were in a rock band, my DH also! He still does festivals and they have a DVD in the works.

I have few gifts outside of my art and know my limitations in that field!

In love and light ~

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Quilting Bee day - Sarah you have given all of us a gift with this one!

Your post really made me think! It is interesting how we often see gifts in others, but fail to recognize our own. I think that I often fall into the latter category - I used to always think that it was due to modesty, but I am not so sure. I think that I seriously do not see my strengths as gifts. I know that I am compassionate - does that translate into "gift." I know that I am optimistic - does that translate into "gift?" And on and on. You get where I am going with this. Anyway, my point is that I very much appreciate this tought provoking post, and I need to re-examine my "gifts." I think that we find answers through self examination.

Now for the good stuff...I will have a non-fat, extra hot, no whip almond latte and a cranberry muffin. Yum!


Sonia ;) said...


I love thses posts Girlie!
I will have the same as Gail...mmmmmm....and I try very hard to stay positive and happy. Always encouraging others to be happy and be positive. My gift is that...and trust me that can be a very hard self quiet gift to fulfill...cuz some days when tech calls come in at work....I wanna say "Duh, or be a smarty britches"...Thats why I blog to stay in a happy mood LOL...

Have a great week Sarah....I posted my presents from you....

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Hey about hit the nail on the head! I swear...we are sisters separated at birth! I used to always sing and loved it but children, marriage and a plethora of things happened that I now just belt out songs with my radio for the pure joy of just singing. I even give myself goose bumps...isn't that gratuitous..LOL!
We all have gifts and they may not be something we even realize we are giving but touch someone in a way to make their lives better. You can't always put a name to them. BTW, I'll have a cup of coffee..little cream..little sugar and by all means...pass that lemon bar over!

Snap said...


You should *publish* your quilt bees. They sure make us think. This one was particularly lovely. I'll just sit here with you with my jasmine green tea and lemon bar and SING!


JuneMoonToon said...

Thoughtful post, Sarah, thank you for using your gifts to inspire us.
p.s. I found a picture of baby barn swallows that I took several years ago - to go with that Peter Pan quote about swallows. If you get a chance, I hope you'll check it out. ;)

Kathleen Coy said...

Hi Sarah! Catching up on your blog - my, you've been busy! :-D

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The experience of Susan Boyle really makes us think, doesn't it! Not only should we use our gifts but also support others in their gifts. Susan Boyle's experience has really shown, too, how sometimes we judge others before giving them a chance. Because of her, I feel challenged to do better in so many ways. Thanks Sarah for "rocking the boat" and making me think!

Christine said...

Sarah, you have many wonderful gifts. Your amazing work with children, your patience with you own children, your art and now, a new one to me, your voice. I don't think God cares how you share your gift, as long as you use it!


laughingwolf said...

the biggest and most underappreicated gifts i know of is proper parenting... any fool can breed, it takes special gifts to parent!

please pass me the honey bran muffins, or the blueberry ones ;) lol

nazdarovja :O

Sarah said...

Brave man! Welcome Laughing wolf to our group. No Latte? Here is a muffin and very good point!! Sarah

Michelle said...

Wonderful post Sarah, and gives food for thought....I think I am a good listener, and maybe a doer of what needs to be done.

Hmmmm, I'll have a bit of that lemon bar thanks :)

Sherry Byrum said...

You also are gifted with the pen Sarah! :) I received my two newest today and I love them! How about the gift of a friend who just "feels" when you need a hello. Psychic gifts, art talent gifts, writing, being supportive. There are many and we all have some! A wonderful topic!

laughingwolf said...

no latte, a cappuccino boy ;)

Becky said...

I love your post today, Sarah! May I add another gift you have to your list... speaking truth! It is so refreshing! Thank you!
Sometimes it is hard for me to see my own "gifts" as I tend to focus on my negatives that need improving, always comparing the WORST in me to the BEST in others, and always coming up short. We had an assignment in journaling class to list our "gifts" and I actually had to ask my husband what gifts he saw in me because I didn't have a clue...yet I can see them clearly in others!

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Beautiful post - and quite scrumptious as well! I'm a believer of gifts -- family, pets, friends, talent... never take any thing for granted. So glad to find your blog. I'm painting on silk today but I'll be checking back again. Hugs and happiness! Lisa