Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you's.....

Ok - am playing a little catch up today... bear with me. First, I would like to do few HUGE thank you's!!!

On my treat tree are some wonderful treats from.....

First one is to Lisa from Down Under. Her Blog is divine and I adore her sense of humor and warmth!! She sent me this sweet little package of goodies - looved each piece especially the stunning necklace!! Your treat is coming your way Lisa!!! Thank you!

Second thank you goes to Sonia who sent me this wonderful treat filled box. She is one of my favorites and I adore her sweet spirit and amazing blog! Is this not the cutest creepy sheep you have ever seen!! Loove him and the "Me" box - goodness knows I need one of these!! Thank you! I hope your treat has arrived!!!

To Pamela for the wonderful post this morning you made my day hon!! Thank you and hugs!Hope you can post too!!!

Jamie - go check out her amazing art - gave me this award.... &

Audrey gave me this new one, If you haven't been to her blog you are in for a huge treat - I adore Audrey! Whoo hoo love these ladies - thank you!!
so rather than do two sets - I will do one set of 10 things you may not know about me..... these are getting harder as I go - lol...

1. I worked in a bakery/deli for two years and loved the 4 am shift!
2. I adore the scent of carnations - better than roses.
3. I played the flute for many years.
4. I played/sang in a rock band in college.
5. I am a certified CNA.
6. I love bluegrass.
7. I have a passionate dislike for unfairness.
8. I cannot stand the sound of my dog licking herself.
9. My favorite word is Balance.
10. I adore watermelon!! Yummmmmm

So.... I think I will offer either of these awards to whoever has not gotten one yet or would like to do one - cause - honestly - they are really fun!!!


Sherry Byrum said...

It is always a joy to visit your blog Sarah! I too have a passionate dislike for unfairness and I get myself in trouble pointing out unfairness sometimes!! :)
And your music? Oh my does it not take me back in time!

Audrey said...

Sarah Sweetie....I did not know you were in a rock band! That is my ulitmate fantasy! I personally believe that I would be an amazing rock star - others disagree! What do they know??? YOU are my hero (you were before, but your an even bigger hero now!).

I love the idea of a treat tree. What a cool idea!

And thank you for your kind words and your support. You are loved, my dear friend, you are loved!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

How coll...a rock band! I never would have thought knowing you like bluegrass. Talk about eclectic!

Stop on by...I just posted my giveaway and would love for you to enter. Have a superb...and I mean SUPERB weekend!

Sarah said...

LOL you guys - most people say that - "YOU in a rock band?"

Becky said...

They say that watermelon is an aphrodisiac!!! Good for you!

Daria said...

Wow Christmas in April ... good for you.

Sonia ;) said...


Im glad you enjoyed your "me" box...and Thank you for the compliment.

Let me say Sweet Sarah always has a kind sweet comment for everyone. I have been enriched by being a friend with Sarah.

You have alot of goodies girlie...

Have a great weekend friend...I hope Jim doesnt wear his wetsuit 24 hrs. It would get sweaty...I am still laughing at that pic.

Sonia ;)

Dreamwriter said...

The tree reminds me of an activity I provided in a book I wrote for mothers and daughters. I, too love this idea and yours is so sweet.

You have an amazing blog!

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Sarah
I just love your blog, oh and your playlist.
I also have a passionate dislike to unfairness(which gets me into trouble, oh well never mind!) and my dog licking herself.
Have a lovely weekend
Warm Wishes

Creepy_Creations said...

Sarah, You deserve the award! You're such a great person and your blog is very cool! I love the treat tree and the necklace! The sheep and the me box is so cute! I cracked up when I read number 8 on your list, I also can't stand hearing that! Yuck!!

Have a great day!