Thursday, July 2, 2009

I is bloggin for Mama todays..

It be getting a bit hots here an Mama is feelin' a bit I thoughts I would do her post today for all her bloggler buddies todays. Hi yalls!

We has a new neighbor..he's a bit chatty an does not likes my bud Tink. I'm thinkin' that mays be cause she tends to chase his offsprings..Can'ts hardly blame him.
Then agains...I kinda likes chasin' Tink..but she knows I won't be eatin' hers. She's has sharps claws that one.

I also like chasin' this one....hee hee..looks at Tink..

An this one...she loves on me...she be very excited this morn..she losted her first tooth??!!

Oh and new bud in the UKs..go see hims. Here are my Mama's tootsies...I agrees what is it with them takin' pics of thems??
Have a greats day all, Woofs, Lucy Lu


Sonia ;) said... cute Lucy Lu

Smiles and Quacks...
Sonia ;)

Christine said...

I hope you have a great day Lucy Lu. Don't do much chasing today; just take it easy in the shade and tell your Mom to do the same!

Blessings from your Mom's friend,

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Lucy Lu,
You are the sweetest, I just want to hug you:) I sure hopes that Punky feelin' leaves your mama soon. Give here a big ol' get well hug from me:)


Snap said...

Lucy Lu thanks for posting and keeping us with all the latest news! First tooth lost is a big deal and Tink. Tell mom we miss her and to get well soon!

Holly said...

Lucy Lu,
You are a good soul for taking up your Mom's charge of keeping us informed and entertained...and you did a great job!

Hugs to yu...get it?

Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, Lucy Lu. So good of you to step in and blog for your mama. Tell her to get better. I've been thinking about starting a blog for Cloud. Dog blogs are so cute!

Renee said...

You did such a great job, is this your first experience with blogging, well done.

I hope your Mama feels well really soon.

Love Renee xoxo

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Lucy Lu...pass on a big hug to that Mama of yours and woof to tell her we're hoping she gets better. keep everybody in line for her..looks like you're doing a good job!

Anonymous said...

Lucy Lu, what a good girl to help out your Momma like that! And you did a lovely job with the blog! Are you for hire? Some days,I could use your expertise in posting my blog!

Becky said...

What a cute post from your pet's perspective... love it!

Julia Guthrie said...

YAY..Lucy Lu...My Mummy og told me you waz blogging now too, so I came to say hello & see what your place iz like for snuffling!!:)
Your family looks great..especialy having a moglet to chase! WOW that is such good fun is't it? hehe...

Bye, love Nimly! xxx
PS. Did you see my other dog-blog-buddy, Cloud's new blog too?
Us dogs are taking over the world!:)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh my, that Lucy Lu is an adorable fluffy cutie and I would dearly love to hug her! So I'm sending hugs for both of you!

Diana said...

Hi Lucy Lu, What a great photographer you are as well as writer. I hope you have a great day and your mom does too. Rest and recoop. Hugs, Diana