Friday, July 31, 2009

# 70000 Blog Lane (We are in the toolies)...

So KJ came up with this delicious idea and I was totally enchanted...kind of a wishcast..kinda just really fun.

So..welcome to the ranch..we a have been expecting you. It has been a bit of a trip to get here come in and relax. We have some coffee brewing. Don't let the moose bother ya. Come take a soft chair and enjoy the view.

We will take your bags up to your room. When you have settled in and freshened up come on down to the kitchen.

I have something wonderful cooking..can ya smell that and savory. It has just the right cowboy spices and the bread..the smell is to die for!!

When you have rested up and had your fill..we will take a wander out to one of my very favorite places..the barn...oh the barn full of horsey smells and well of course horses. Wanna take a ride?

This handsome boy is waiting for you..lets ride...

Because I would like to introduce you to the beauty of North Idaho..the cowboy way.

***Post note..Am adding a few guest houses as we speak.. whoo hoo retreat for friends..


Christine said...

Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, majestic ... how many ways are their to describe Idaho? Uncountable!!!


Kim said...

I'll come for a visit :) That horse looks just like I used to dream of as a child. I think my friend had a toy horse just like it!

Kim x

Baino said...

Hiya . .over from kj's

OH yes. Definitely my kinda place. I have stables and horses on my ranch too! I need to bring a milk crate. I have a little trouble 'mounting' these days! Do you a deal. You come and ride in my mountains and I'll come and ride in yours!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh, I can feel the wind against my cheek! And the faint fragrance of morning dew! And horses, I do love their sweet smell! A wonderful place to visit! Enjoyed my time there with you!

Holly said...

You know, you would be the most perfect person ever to run a B&B or a dude ranch! Perfect.

If you don't mind, would you be kind enough to swap that Western saddle for an English one? Or, if you were going to make an absolute perfect ride for me, I'd really love an Australian saddle. That would be perfect!


Emmy said...

I have never been to Norther Idaho, have been to Southern though and it looks totally different.
Northern Idaho is beautiful!

Suzie said...

Sarah, it is so nice of you to have my bags taken to my room for me, but where do you want me to put everything that is in the U-Haul truck? My dear hubs is following along with the moving van so that they don't get lost! lol Heck! We'll just move into the loft of the horse barn! We won't be any trouble!!

For years, he and I dreamed of building our own log dream home, but that was not to be. Instead, we live in a middle class Victorian that is now in a standstill of restoration. I love our home, the history of it, with all of the creaks and groans, but my heart still does a little pitty-pat when I see gorgeous log homes.

And a BIG pitty pat, seeing the horse! I can still remember the wonderful creaks of the saddle, the fragrance of the leather, and of the wonderful horse! I found a big plus of an English saddle. .I love laying my head right down on the horse's neck, wrapping my arms down as far as they can reach,and giving him a BIG hug!

Aaaahhh, what a nice mini-getaway your provided for us! I feel so refreshed and relaxed now. I'm ready to go tackle some of those weeds that are taking over my poor flowers. Thanks!!!

Barbara said...

Fun! You're workin' on me. Next summer, reunion in Northern Idaho? I could almost smell the pines and the clear, clear air. Ahhh.

xo Barbara

Sonia ;) said...

Love the rustic feel...I can see you in that home perfectly...Your DH having his minerals .....

Quack xoxoxo Sonia

Libby Murphy said...

Oh how enchanting. I'll be right on over and that barn even looks over the top. It's all beautiful and so inviting.
Happy Twirls

Snap said...

Wow! I'm coming!

Sherry Byrum said...

It is beautiful!! I so want to go for a ride!

LindaGJ said...

Awesome!!! What a fabulous place and I wanted to thank you for sharing it with us! It's all so breathtaking and so beautiful!! My bags are packed and I'm ready to come visit!!!
Although I may never leave!
Linda :)

Sarah said...

K am building guest houses for you all!! Think I may need a couple more horses!! Whoo hoo party!!!

Diane MacNaughtan said...

I'll be there in a few hours, only a state away!
Reminds me of Island park,Id.
I would move there in a heartbeat.


kj said...

hello sarah, well! all i can say is that visiting you on blogland lane will be like being on the vacation i long for. this is totally wonderful.

i'm driving by and waving. i might knock on your door.


Renee said...

I love the house Sarah.