Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quilting Bee of Folks #9

Good morning thank you for coming again!! I do love it when you stop by!! I think the weather here today might just be warm enough to quilt and chat outside today - a lovely 78 degrees and sunny. Our trees are just starting to leaf out and the bulbs are just starting to pop! It really does smell delicious in my yard. So I thought I would set out some warm weather goodies today - some lovely fruit iced tea and fresh fruit and light muffins and scones!! I have also put out some amazing jam! A friend of mine makes it - the best I have ever had!!! I have racked a very calm and restful quilt this week so... please pull up a chair and join me.

All this last week or so I have been struggling to get my feet back under me. Managed to get myself out of my pity pool and on the right track but my spirit was tired and wanted rest. So what did I do - push it harder. It's not like me to be depressed - but deep blue I have been for days now. I guess this scared me - alot. The kind of scared that wakes you up at 2AM with a start, heart racing and mind whirling. So.... I beat myself up over my distress and worried over why I was not snapping out of it already. My head said - time to move on - my spirit said - uhmmmmm not yet - there are things to be studied here - stop and breathe and listen to me!! So after reaching that point where I just couldn't take it anymore - I finally gave... good grief I can be stubborn!!

I stopped and looked for help. I took a long walk and said hello to nature and forced myself to be present and breathe, deeply. I walked myself to the library and checked out a few books that have been friends in the past - like "Co-Dependent No More" and a good fun romance and a new mystery by an author I adore & I sat down - yup at the library. I just sat down and enjoyed watching the people go by and I did nothing for a bit. As I sat doing nothing the fog began to clear a bit - I knew what I had to do. I had to allow myself to rest. Mind, body, spirit - just rest for a day or two maybe longer and be ok with that. I need a couple days to mend me. I need to listen to what my spirit and soul is trying so hard to tell me - what I need to see in all this. So for the next couple days, the world will go round and I will ride along not steer. I will leave all the pressure I have placed on myself by itself and do whatever. Yes, I have kiddos coming, but that can be fun and relaxing if I choose. I forget to stop sometimes and it makes me a sad girl. So books, music, blogging, maybe knitting, silly dancing with the preschoolers, finger painting - whatever feels good to me for a few days. I will replenish my spirit as it seems I have starved the poor thing of late. I will love on, nourish and pamper it - until it feels strong enough to pick up that platter and deal.

So my question to you today is ....Do you need to put down your platter for a little bit and replenish? Does your spirit, body or mind need a vacation - even for an hour? Are there things your soul is trying to share with you and you are running so fast in the other direction - you can't hear it calling out to you? What do you need to stop and hear your soul saying to you? Please share with us if you feel like doing so!

So.. I think I will grab some of that delightful peach tea and a blueberry scone with Diane's amazing peach jam and sit with you all and breathe. Because, one of the things I do everyday, being here and chatting with all of you replenishes my soul in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you for stopping by replenishing my soul and pulling up a chair.
Hugs and Namaste, Sarah


JuneMoonToon said...

The picture is gorgeous, is that your quilt?
Hope you're feeling uplifted again, hang in there.

Kim McBirnie said...

This is such a lovely and touching post, Sarah. I've felt like that for a while - what with poorly pets, hubby's broken leg and sudden deaths in the family. This weekend I had the house to myself as the kids and Hub went over to his parents in Liverpool. I didn't miss them at all and felt terrible about that at first - but then I realised that this alone time was long overdue. I dont think I spoke out loud once from friday night to sunday night and it felt really good. If I've learned anything, it is that as a mum, wife, employee - whatever, it is really easy to loose your sense of self and be stretched too thin. I'm going to try to slow down and be silent more often. Thanks for this, Sarah - it feels good to vocalise!
Kim McB xx

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Good morning, Sarah. I love peach jam - may just add an extra spoonful. As a mom, grandmom, wife and artist in her early 50s, I finally came to realize that there are days life expects a tad too much of me. Look, I'm a modern and intelligent woman - I can do ANYTHING - thing is, I can't do it all at the same time. I know now that some days are better for creating, some days are better for spending with family (those are my gathering days - where I gather the sights and sounds that influence my creative processes). Sometimes, we just need to remove a few responsibilities from our plate (just temporary, you know) and sit back with a glass of wine and watch the stars with our bare feet in the grass. Take a deep breath and count our blessings because tomorrow we'll be expected to be Wonder Woman once more. Have a joyful and enchanting week, dear. Hugs, Lisa

Kim said...

This is a great idea and can be so necessary, to recharge your batteries. No guilt, just rest before setting off again. I've been in your position and felt worn down and thin by worry and stress. Time off is a great healer :)

Take care

Kim x

Kim said...

I forgot to say, that I brought a coconut and orange cake to share with your scones and jam, yummy :)

Kim x

Snap said...


Sometimes it is just good to STOP ... say *whoa* ... what's this all about ... I'm like you ... I take a walk, get in touch with Mother Earth. Take a break and then gradually, work myself back into the regular worries and routine. If I don't have my head on straight nothing seems to go right so might as well take a break!
I love peach jam. :D

Renee said...

Oh Sarah I definitely feel like that too many times to count.

I think it might be harder for you in some ways because you have little Nonni and Fox. Harder in the sense that you can't walk around like a sad sack even though you need too.

On the other hand it might be easier because they are such beautiful wonderful children that just seeing the things they do and the innocence of childhood must make your soul happy.

Take your time and please Sarah be important to you.

Love your pal Renee xoxoxo

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Sarah, I totally understand needing to recharge. I am still learning, but I love the lesson of slowing down and just breathing. Life does not have to be fast and chaotic at all times.

I'm praying for you my sweet friend.


DEB said...

Lovely post - and YES! I do need to sit down and replenish today! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Jan said...

So nice to meet you! I am glad you found my blog. Now I can visit yours too. We are definitely on the same page these days. You offer up a powerful message for us--for women especially--because we just continue to push ourselves way too hard.

I felt like you are feeling in February. Usually I push through, but not this time. I did push my husband a but though (in a good way) and we went to Florida. He worked while I made the decision to pretty much just "BE" for the entire time. It was remarkable, soul stirring, and, in the end life changing. To give myself permission to do only what I wanted to do, instead of what I feel I "have" to do for an extended period of time was such a gift.

Since then, I treat myself even more gently. I still have not gotten back in the saddle as intensely as I was before...and that feels really good. Like you said, I am taking my hands off the steering wheel on a regular basis. Just breathe ...

Haunted Swamp Designs said...

Sarah, You're not alone! So many of us seem to be on the same page! We all need to slow down and look around more. For the first time in a so very long time I 'felt' like doing something in my yard.... not the I have to get it done feeling! It was so refreshing!
Seems like the world keeps pushing that the Wonder Woman part that everyone silently demands of us? There is so much to do and to be done, we work so hard and looking back looks like we didn't do anything! So depressing!
Now if only I can get back into getting some painting done (and sold!), but what's this I hear things that need done calling me!
Pass the scones Please!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I understand totally Sarah! I have had the racing heart many a night. We must have been on the same wavelength this weekend! I let everything else go and spent the weekend working on a painting! Am so much happier for it. Also, Co-Dependent No More is excellent. I've had it for a long time and it's a great help!

Sherry Byrum said...

Oh Sarah when I came to read your blog today (I missed it yesterday) the song Desperado came up. I thought it was kind fitting when I started reading what you have written. I have had so many times like that I can't begin to tell you how many. I push myself to the breaking point, I control, I manipulate, I work harder, go faster, trying to find the answers and I always find the answer is acceptance. The book Co Dependent no more, I've read it so many times I should have it memorized but I still take back control. Yes indeed there are times I need to just rest and I'm learning as I get older to just give in and do it just like you did! Good for you! Be good to yourself! The answers will come when its time and not a minute sooner. No matter how hard we try to make the Universe answer us. I could so relate to your writing. Lots of hugs and healing energy sent your way!!
Lots of luv too!

Life Potentials Network said...

Sarah, you are such a gracious, open hearted person and stopping by your blog feels like coming to an "emotional filling station"! The pictures you paint with your words of all of us sitting together quilting, sipping tea, licking homemade peach jam off our lips...well it is just so delightful!
And yes, I think we have all been in that place you are describing. That place is there I think to help us learn how to let the Universe steer, as you so well put it, and to help us re-learn how to Breathe! Wonderful, valuable post! Thank you! xo diantha

david mcmahon said...

Peach tea sounds good to me. I grew up in the Himalayan town of Darjeeling, which is famous for its tea gardens.

A Palmer said...

I did exactly that today, Sarah - took the day off from work and spent the day on me! Took long walks with my three furballs, took one of them, Lucy, to visit at the nursing home, started reading a new novel, posted on my blog, things like that. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to have balance everywhere in my life - for my mind, body and spirit. I think I'll have a cup of that peach tea!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

It seems as if it has been ages that I have taken a break but actually, it was only this morning. Everyday, I take a break. The catch for me is to realize the time it happens. Too many times, I am on a walk...which should be my rejuvenating time...but am so busy thinking of what is coming up next, how to do this or that..etc..etc. The walk is over and I haven't relaxed but let the outside world take over me. Here's to quieter walks.

Holly said...

And, I love our visits together!

Becky said...

Good thoughts and hugs coming your way...
Love & Light~OM girl