Saturday, May 9, 2009

Needing a Little Help....

I mentioned yesterday that it had been a rough week. Thank you for all the well wishes - it gave me strength and truly helped me feel better...thank you!! You don't know what it meant to me to read them!! I need a bit of help.. here is what's going on....

Have you ever watched those folks at the circus juggling plates on sticks?? I often feel like that is plate is the preschool, one for each child, one for the art, one for the bills - etc etc... all loved plates but only one me trying to keep them all spinning and safe. Now although this is stressful - hello don't all of us have plates spinning, it has been a joy really to have these plates to spin. I really thought as I was spinning all these plates that my feet were on solid ground but it seems I was on a throw rug and it got pulled this week.

A week ago a man pulled up in front of our sweet little cottage and started messing with our picket fence - went out to ask him if I could help him - he said he was erecting a for sale sign????!!!! Ok my heart is in my throat and I asked him if he had the right address... well it wasn't us it was the West# of the same street. But...the hair was up on the back of my neck and I had that deep chest feeling I get...I knew what was coming. Thursday afternoon the owner of our little house called to tell me they were putting it up for sale in one year. Before I say more, let me say this - we have been blessed by this couple to have been here at all and hold no upset with them for this decision. So the whys for their decision is unimportant... it's the "what now" for me that is.

We had expected to be here permanently and at the very least five years. This opportunity has allowed us to pull ourselves out of deep poverty, me to start two businesses & pay the bills every month, be off welfare for the last two years, Jim to go to college, the kids to have their own rooms in a home they are proud of, us all to loose the "poor" and move on to "doing ok", and a couple of pets we adore. Now.. I know your thinking - but you have a year - yes and thank the the owners we do. However having to move this soon truly endangers all of this, we are not so many feet away from abject poverty pit that we don't know it's looming. Moving to a comparable house and finding a rental that will allow a daycare is not only very difficult but will cost us several thousand dollars to manage. So... my first reaction was absolute terror & lots and lots of tears. I - we have worked soooooo hard to get where we have in the last two years... but honestly I needed two more to get to that safe spot where a move wouldn't threaten everything. Right now that is not the case. Beyond that... honestly I adore this little house - adore it. I had expected, hoped, hearts desire wanted it for ours and really had thought it would be and that we had the time to make that happen.

So - here is the really hard part for me - I need help with something from you - no not money. A very dear friend (thank you Sherry) reminded me yesterday to let go and pondered what wonderful thing would come out of this. Breathing... yup sniff, sniff.... light bulb. Have I not already learned this lesson - sigh.. yup have. So today after two evenings crammed full of conversations with Jim & a couple of dear friends, a pity pool, tears, movies, a romance novel and lots of therapeutic artwork... here I am - breathing and a little better, kinda still a bit scared but better. We are... speaking with our bankers and the VA (Jim is a vet and current Guard), although the chances are slim for a loan- it's a no if we don't ask. We are putting out feelers and contemplating our options here - thank goodness they gave us time to do this. Here is where I need your help - I need a wishcast on Saturday- a really big one, prayers, anything you have.. because everything I have built is riding on this one, and I know in my heart all the wonderful things that have happened in the last two years where important and are not meant to be lost. I have learned to ask for what I need & send it out there with intent..I don't know where this will lead but would you join me please and help me send this wishcast out there?

I wish to.....
1. Keep the momentum I have going financially going forward not backwards.
2. That I am able to keep moving in the direction I have been - that being the artwork as a main source of income.
3. That we are able to somehow purchase this home, but if not.. be offered up a similar or better home that will meet our family's & business needs - rental or otherwise.
4. That Jim will be able to continue on with school.
5. That we will not loose our beloved critters.
6. Lastly - that I can have peace with what's coming whatever that is and search out the blessings. I know if I am calm the family will be calm.

Thank you from the very bottom to the top of my heart! Thank you for being there and helping me pick up my plates. Namaste & Love, Sarah


Snap said...

As Sarah wishes, so I wish for her.

With love,

Becky said...

The Buddha says that life is change, so go with the flow. Holding on and not letting go, is what causes our suffering.
I wish you Love and Light during these changes, my dear!
Namaste, OM girl

halloweenspirit01 said...

Good luck Sarah. I will tell you one thing... We have had our house for sale for over two years, so I wouldn't start worrying too much. It takes a long time to sell a house today. Maybe you can do what my Daughter Shari does, they live in a house that they rent, but it's been for sale the whole time. They keep taking the for sale sign down! I don't know how they've kept from being evicted! Somehow things will work out. Don't take the entire burden on yourself. You are in a partnership you know.
Hang in there girl.

Daria said...

Sarah, I wish for you what you wish for ... I have this good feeling it will all work out for you and your family.

You send out such 'positive' waves that I feel good things will come your way.

LadySilverOak said...

As Sarah wishes, so I wish also.
So Mote It Be.

I will also do a meditation for you tonight. Sending out as much good energy as I can.

<3 LadySilverOak

Christine said...

I wish for all of you that things will work themselves out! Change can be good!!!

Look at the great artwork you got out of it.


Suecae Sounds said...

You are a kind person and I wish you _all_ the best.

Julia Guthrie said...

Sarah my heart goes out to you as I know just how you feel.
I have come to realise that when the universe pulls the rug out from under you, it is is a sign that it's time to take another leap of faith!!
My Husband & I moved here in a similar helped us get back on our feet also, start a business etc. Sometimes it's easy to keep holding onto that comfort zone & saying 'I'm not ready to move on yet...' but eventually we realise that there is never going to be the perfect time!

I absolutely believe that you'll take everything you've learned & embrace the change fully. And I will be holding that image in my mind of you looking back on this event & saying it was the best thing that ever could have happened! :)

*Lots of supportive hugs & good vibes*

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Always...what you wish for...I wish for you as well. Change is the best...if you will only let it happen and not fight. Some things are meant to be and if we keep holding on to the old, nothing NEW will happen...which can be absolutely awesome!! Take a deep breath, dry the tears and look to the's all good!

Renee said...

Sarah my wishes couldn't be any deeper. They are pure and coming from the bottom of my heart.

I pray that it will all work out. I hate to see you in such a tough spot and it is tough, I know that.

Okay, I have to go because I need to concentrate on these prayers.

Love Renee xoxo

LadySilverOak said...

Oh it is as empty as it can get right now...LOL. I will make a post when I have added to stuff to it might add some stuff to etsy to not sure yet.


Holly said...

Oh Bright Spirit,

When you take a breath, please breathe out the remembering of the truth of you and your life.

Just as you are in this moment, all is well. Do not leap ahead into the dark unknown which is what fear causes us to do.

I applaude your willingness to ask and ask and ask. You are being smart and brave.

Trust that two years after how low things were you are so far ahead. You can't know what two more years from now would bring. You're imagining it could be better. So, pull that vision a little closer to now. And walk in the feeling that things still go right for you and yours.

I like the comment about how long it could actually take to sell your adored house. IF you like it there so much, why not start talking to the owners about how you all could make it possible to stay just as it is now?

And, finally, do not borrow trouble. Sufficient unto the day...

Meantime, while I am away, I will do water magick for you. But for right now, in this moment,

As Sarah so wishes for herself, so I lovingly and with great intention wish for her also.

There can be no room for fear right now as it will drain your energy. Fear is the mind killer. Stand in the light.

So Mote It Be!

Your Loving Crone

Karri said...

Bright wishes and prayers from my family to yours. Read your story and had that "been there-done that" feeling. Not the same circumstances exactly..but the same starting over, pulling ahead..and being knocked back down by life's curcumstances. You will overcome!

Remember this...there is no greater wealth than the love of family..and you have plenty of that!!

Good things will come your way. You reap what you sow...and you have sown some pretty good seeds! You put out such a positive energy to all you will- and does come back to you. Don't ever take that for granted. You will be fine Sarah!

As Sarah so I lovingly wish for her.


Audrey said...

Sarah, I am for sure sending out wishes for a positive outcome. You know, it's funny - just minutes before reading this post, I had been out of doors cleaning my deck. You were on my mind, and I was actually connecting you to "Wish craft!" That is no coincidence, dear Sarah! You are in my thoughts/prayers/wishes. It will all work out as it is supposed to - hoakey sounding, I know, but I am a believer! Good begets good!
Much love!

A Palmer said...

Sarah, I know this is a scary time after all you've been through, but I agree with a lot of the comments that change may be a good thing, not a bad thing. God is watching over you and has been holding you all this time. He's not going to let go. Trust in Him and trust in yourself. You've grown much in the past two years and you have many more resources available to you now than you did. You are on the path - look for the light, not the darkness. You know we'll always be here for you. Sis

jane augenstein said...

I hope all good things come to you! Sending you good energy and good thoughts.
Hugs and Blessings

Kim said...

As Sarah wishes, I too wish for her.

Don't be afraid of the future, we are not given more than we can cope with. You've come so far, not to fail now, but to build on it.

Take care

Kim x

Michelle said...

Consider it wished.

I do think that when a 'ball' is set rolling, it will take more than a house sale to stop it. It may be that this leads to bigger and better things for you.

The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes :)


Sara said...

As Sarah wishes, so I wish for her also.

Your future is bright my love... I can see it as clearly as anything. xx

Sonia ;) said...

As Sarah wishes I wish for her.

Sarah...darling all my prayers and wishes go to you. Staying positive and happy is Hard I know. I have been where you are...I fully understand..You always have a friend in me to vent to and understands...One motto I realize and abide by..Is do good you get good...You will reap the awards of your goodness.....One day at a time...

Hugs to you and Jim....

Sonia ;)

clairedulalune said...

As Sarah wishes, I wish for her also. I looked out the window and looked at the big yellow lady moon and send my wish. I was thinking of you as I just recieved your wonderful artwork in the post. For this wonderful gift, I am so grateful. The best of luck with everything and I am thinking of you. Thank you so much. Sending you a big hug,

Suzanne said...

We have "been there" too. I'll be praying for you and your family, Sarah.
Came by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day a little early. Hope your day is filled with love.

sema said...

Dear sarah,
The universe will bless you,all your wishes will be realised.
blessings for abundance

Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Sarah, I wish only the best for you. Somehow, someway things that change in life can be out of our control but change is good. It brings us either new adventures or new hurdles to jump and you will pull though. Your a strong gal, I know everything will be ok.

On the brighter side Cindy is right its not a sellers market lol. Ok funny things aside all these wonderful people love and care about you, your friends will be there for you when you need us.
I will be wishing with all my heart tonight.

Namaste and Much love,

sallymandy said...

Dear Sarah, wish cast going out at this very moment. Prayers too--of whatever variety--for your peace of mind, first and foremost. It's wonderful that you've been able to use your art as an income source. I wish you a continuation of that as well as the other things on your list. xo sallymandy

p.s. my husband is also a vet.

Chaos and love said...

As Sarah wishes, I wish for her.

Keep the faith sista!

Sherry Byrum said...

I just saw your post! I knew about this but didn't see your blog until this morning! As Sarah wishes, I wish for her.

I just feel in my heart where one door shuts another one will open. It happens in my life all the time. Keep believing, trust as hard as you can in the Universe to meet your needs and it will turn out better then you could have planned. Banish the fear and trust in yourself! You are a strong, beautiful soul and the Universe has special plans for you!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I'm a day late on the wishcast Sarah, but I'm thinking and wishing for you today just the same! And Happy Mother's Day to you!
Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet notes, they are much appreciated. :)

Hybrid J said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry about the bad news and also that I was late to join in the wishcasting. (I don't check email or blogs etc on weekends, incl Fridays, as to concentrate on my writings). Anyhow, here you go my dear - As Sarah wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Blessed be in this hard time. But I have deep faith that you'll pull it through ... ;)

Librarian Lee said...

I'm late too Sarah! So, y tardiness will keep things moving maybe..As Sarah wishes for herself, so do I wish for her also.

Life is change Sarah - I'm facing this same thing myself. I know that everything will work out and propel you further down the path you need to follow.

Golders said...

I'm sending bright wishes and peace out to you Sarah.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to follow the blogs lately. This strikes terror into my heart for you! I'll light a candle and send wishes your way and keep you in my thoughts!

As Sarah wishes, so I wish for her also.

In love and light~