Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mental Ninja - OMG!!!!

Well... I thought I was done with the crying thing when I got up this morning and went ahead and did my make up.....silly girl!! Because I should have come here first and read my blog comments. Every one's comments - well am having trouble seeing the keyboard - THANK YOU so very much!! Renee....Yes I so feel the love - am bolled over by it and deeply touched. Thank you everyone for the amazing words!

Then....Ces has decided to award me with the amazing "Mental Ninja" award - broke her own rules and added me to the 2009 list!! I am beyond honored and doing another happy dance. WOWOWOWOW! Ces I'm so pleased that you - amazing woman and artist - like my blog and my art - WOW. I know how very much you and your amazing partner (in crime) Bella mean to Renee - so that's aces in my book!! Thank you Ces for making me blubber like a baby and do happy dances - you made my month!!! Again!!!

Lastly....I'm so happy you liked my Mental Duck to Mental Swan! I had not thought of it as an award, but am thinking the story behind that picture might make a nice award. Hmmmmmmm......

Huge hugs and Namaste All....Sarah


Ces said...

I just want to clarify that when you say my "partner Bella" that it is a blog-tag partner, that she is my best friend-sister, not a lesbian partner. Okay. I just want to make sure we have that clear, you know that word "partner" has gotten me in trouble before. I always thought it meant dance partner, business partner but there's a whole another world out there that I was not familiar...until I got tangled in some misunderstanding. Shabang!

So I am glad I made you happy! Congratulations.

Sarah said...

LOL sorry Ces - I knew this - giggle!!

Holly said...

Okay so again...as it should be! Congrats.

But, I have to say, this particular badge? This one makes me giggle and laugh. I adore this cute little face and think it is quite, quite clever. Hmm, a lot like the woman who runs this site!

So, it's all good!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am so happy that you are receiving the recognition you so richly deserve! You really are a gem and you merit this and many more honors!
Love to you!

Sonia ;) said...

Ok now you are a Ninja...I can see that. Jim in his scuba outfit and you in black ninja gear.....would be quite the picture. LOL...Congrats..

Sonia ;)

Sarah said...

Ok Sonia - giggle..now I have a picture of a duck in Ninja clothing rolling around in my hear ......Wuaaaaahhhhh Quack

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sarah!! You so deserve this!!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a great name...mental ninja! Well deserved, Sarah...go ahead and let the water flow and do the dance!

Kim said...

Well done on your awards Sarah, you really do deserve them :)

My pictures arrived today and I must say I'm thrilled to little bits with them, thank you sooo much :)

Lots of love and hugs

Kim x

sema said...

congratulations sarah!you are worthy of the awards given to you.

Anja said...

Hi, Sarah,

I'm slowly comming back to blog world and here I am. You were so busy during this time. Great art pieces and bookmarks and all.
Congratulations on all awards. you deserve them!!!

Hugs, Anja

Snap said...

Mental Ninja -- YEP, YEP, YEP! You are going to have to have a blog just for your awards -- and you deserve them all!

Love my pictures and am working on a post -- my present to myself!:D


Renee said...

Sarah, honestly I am laughing my head off at that Ces. Honest to God that woman.


Congrats fellow Ninja.

Love Renee

Bella Sinclair said...

HiYAH! Congratulations and welcome to the order!

Hybrid J said...

Alright Sarah, what more should I say, a round of applause, a big hug & kiss and Congratulations! :)

Lisa said...

i treasure you and your blog sarah- well done on the renee award- that is one i would love xx