Monday, May 11, 2009

Quilting Bee of Folks #8 (WOW!!)

Good morning everyone! I have set out several delicious coffee cakes, orange and almond and delicious smelling cinnamon. Yummy can you smell them? Mmmmmmm mingling with the smell of coffee . I have also added a bit of fresh fruit, strawberries and melon. I have racked an interesting quilt today, full of color and changing angles and curves. Please pull up a chair and join me.

Most of you know I have had a rough month. It has been one of those test your strength and what you have learned months. The universe knocking and asking if you get it yet… so I was thinking about the concept of changing your mind and what we choose to embrace in our lives. This can be a double edged sword. How we choose to look at the things that occur in our lives – big little, short term, long term. As you may have read – it seems like I am in one of those seasons where lots of big things are changing despite my wanting to cling to old ideas…they change anyway. The posts from all you wonderful folks this weekend helped me redirect my thinking – change my mind and embrace the possibilities. Thank you so very much.

This old dog is still learning new tricks and refining old ones. I have “changed my mind” about a lot of things over the last ten years. When I say changed my mind I mean literally changed my thinking about certain things in my life and how I chose to view them. Like…… being a victim – I was deeply entrenched in that belief and I view all the things that happened to me from that point of view. My divorce and all of the things that followed – some of those things were deeply painful. Some of those days I truly understood for the first time in my life why people commit suicide. I never reached that point but was on my knees and knew something had to change. I had to learn to embrace the possibilities – good ones and not be a victim in my own life. Maybe this sounds silly – but I think it was then that I realized that it was “my” life! That I had the right to choose the direction of my life – I was no longer a victim!! Whoo hoo lightbulb!

But…. here was the kicker – I still had the “victim” mindset. Some how I had to learn to look at life differently – from why me to why not me and what the heck am I suppose to learn from this???!!! How could I embrace a different attitude. Very, very slowly….. one little thing at a time. I started with simple small things and moved onto bigger things. I forced my mind to look at things in a different light. Over and over I stopped and redirected my mind until the pathway changed. So here I am ten years later – still stretching myself – to embrace the good in events that surround me. Like this week – I still had to ask for help when my mind wants to take a dive into the pitty pool. I did a bit of wading this week – ok it was a lot of wallowing…but it was short lived. Whoo hoo progress. I am that – a work in progress and that, I am ok with. So today – thank you in large part to all of you – I am on track and am embracing whatever comes to me with the current house issue. I’m almost even excited – thank you for helping me “change my mind” and move on.
So…. my question today – what do you need to “change your mind” about – little or big? Is there something out there waiting for you to embrace it?? Share with us!! Let it fly!

Ok – am in need of sweets now . Where is that almond coffee cake and a lovely strong cup of Joe with sugar and cream. Ackkkk this quilting bee is killing my virtual diet!!! Thank you for being there for me and joining me again today – wow – week eight!!! I am honored and touched that you came back!! Thank you for pulling up a chair and Namaste, Sarah


clairedulalune said...

Hello Sarah, I am so glad you are feeling little better and positive about your unexpected turn of events. It must be awful for you. I am sitting here looking at your Witchy Kitty, (she says hello!) proudly placed on the mantle piece and thinking sometimes these things happen for a reason, and it could been seen as a huge big new adventure in your life, even though stressful now, and as you say it is exciting, wondering what will happen next. I feel like you Sarah, realising that I am in charge of my life, I get to say yes and no to anything, do exactly what I want, and yet, what I call "the fear" holds me back. Silly things, like I said no to something I know I could do, but "the fear" stopped me, telling me I couldn't.Or stops me saying anything at all, although my mind is screaming "say something"! Yet I also realise "the fear" is me! So the thing I need to change my mind about is myself! I am trying everyday, and I feel very slowly, it is working. All we can do is try right? The best of luck with everything you do! Now where's that almond coffee cake? And don't be shy with the slice, I am learning to say yes! Hugs!

A Palmer said...

Hey, work in progress.. We're all there. You're doing fine.

Renee said...

This too will pass Sarah....

Lots of love to one of the most wonderful people around.

Love Renee xoxo

Kathleen Coy said...

You are exactly where you need to be, Sarah! Beautiful song and video for you:

Snap said...

We are all a work in progress ... even at my age! :D Never dull and boring ... that's me! Take a deep breath and soldier on! Life is what we make of it ... a very hard lesson to learn ... we are energy ... make it good! :D


Kim said...

Glad you are feeling more positive, Sarah, and you have some lovely comments from some lovely blogging friends :)

I need to change my mind about myself and my abilities, I'm like Clairdulalune in that the fear stops me. It tells me I'm no good, and why should I try. Well, why shouldn't I? As you say, I often have to remind myself that this is my life and it is what I make of it.

You've been very inspiring to me in many ways, so thank you for being you.

Kim x

Christine said...

Hi Sarah. Another wonderful and thought provoking quilting bee. The goodies were delicious!

I don't know if you've noticed the quote at the top of my blog by Mother Theresa. I'm going to change it a little for you because it seems a lot of your strength comes from within the universe.

"I know the universe won't give me anything I can't handle." I'm also leaving off the last sentence because I know that you will be able to handle anything that the universe gives to you! Change IS good!

Now about what I need to "let fly". I really don't like talking about these things on my blog so I'll put it here and you and your peeps can send wishcrafts for me. You probably read on my blog last week that I've been having a lot of pain lately. Today is a particularly bad day and it is really getting me down. I need a better way of dealing with the issues I have left from my transplant: muscle aches, sore feet, memory problems, etc. I need to be able to "get over it". It's there and I'm doing everything I can for it. I need the strength to carry on and get things done!!!

Thanks so much for all of your strength. I get a lot from you.

By the way, I think I'm going to be taking vacation in July in your "neck of the woods". Maybe we could get together! I'll keep you posted about my plans.


Sonia ;) said...

Tagged sweetie...stop on by...

Sonia ;)

Daria said...

I coming in a bit late but just wanted to say I stopped by to say hi.

Sonia ;) said...


I totally know your pain..past and present..Change is hard and victim is easy. Just changing the victim part is hard..Once done change is smooth. Find the positive and what adventure you are rolling with.

Good Habits are easy to do..not falling back into the old habit is the hardest thing.

Ok I will let this one out..Just for you..After two abusive marriages and divorces. I said Hell with it..I upped and changed my standards, way of thinking, open mindness, pessimistic attitude. I packed up the mini Blazer and moved to Texas with 2 teens, a young son, a chihuahua, snake and clothes on our back and trucked it 29 hrs from North Carolina Marine base on the ocean.

Both marriages were not me...I didnt choose to have marriages that way...I thought all would be like a story book...But reality is we dont have that much control and you can only do so much. I ddint choose to drink, abuse my wife and ignore my kids. I wanted more...I worked hard for 15 yrs on the first(married at 16 and 18), and 3 yrs to another alcoholic(no experience dating or breaking a cycle)Marine(they arnt all drunks lol)who was gay. I wanted Sunday dinners, family time, loving husbands, and hard working. I wallowed for years while with them, I can fix it, I am the reason, why me, why cant i get a break...

Well I changed it and it was hard...I had kids were supportive and positive always. In return I became the strong(ok going to be conceited right now..i deserve it), optimistic, helpful, encouraging woman I am today.

I met my new husband of 5 yrs ago, married 3. In a fluke..whole nother story. My standards raised, attitude changed, life change...I have no fears of what if's...Just what can I do with it and whats the positive of it. Life is not always pretty...or like cinderella(ok ban those books)..Its work, emotional roller coaster, and sucks sometimes.....

What you make of it is up to everyone...we cant change the world, or fix everything....Staying Positive, being a good person is what gets me through...
I totally understand and I am here to make ya positive even when your cranky and mean..I will be the one waving and smiling...


Sonia ;)

PS...Dont make me and Renee come out there and give ya a kick in to hiney...LOL

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I totally missed Monday so didn't join in but that doesn't mean I can't on Tuesday, does it?

I can honestly say that I have tried super hard not to let the changes that take place in out lives lead me to depression and what you call a pitty party. I've try to be a think out of the box kind of person and have always believed in divine intervention so know that everything that is happening to me is for a specific reason. Call it faith for sure. If something is getting me down, it usually lasts a night of sleep before a new day dawns and I can look at the possibilities...even though they may seem a new beginning and an adventure. AS old as I am, I can look back and say those things DID happen for a reason and I am a better person for them.

You're getting to that place right now which is soooo cool. Life can throw you rotten apples...just make applesauce.