Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two New Awards - Thank you!!

Jennifer @ http://tamalecat2.blogspot.com/gave me this wonderful new award a week ago - trying to catch up!!! Thank you so much!!! I love Jennifer's blog for several reasons. Her artwork touches me - beautiful and warm. I think you will find that she is also beautiful and warm. She frequently touches my heart with her writing.
So... here are my 7 - I will do seven unusual things I love this time.

1. I love bugs, well most bugs. They are fascinating and I don't mind them on me as long as they do not bite.

2. I love bats. Amazing little creatures - wonderful to watch at dusk.

3. I love leg hugs - you know the preschool age, run up grab your leg, give big hug and run off again thing. Love those!

4. I adore Halloween... love all of it from the spooky to the candy.

5. I love guinea pigs - don't at present have one. I love the way that they sing and talk - wonderful creatures - very loving and sweet!

6. I love writing curriculum - all ages, good challenging fun!

7. I love Sci fi - I admit it - am a sci fi geek.

So I will pass this on toooooo....
Sherry @ http://byrumart.blogspot.com/ Whom I adore and love their work.Sherry does not know how amazing she is!!! A beautiful soul!

Karen @ http://moonlightandhares.blogspot.com/ Her sweet art touches my soul like her gentle words.

Paint @ http://paintmisbehavin.blogspot.com/ Paint is one of those wonderful people who adds wonderful spice to everyone she touches! I love her work too!

Sonia @ http://darkravensnest.blogspot.com/ Sonia is one of those amazing artists and women I have connected with here! I often see myself in her writing and love her spirit.

My big sis Anne passed this wonderful one back to me!! Thank you hon!!! I to have found a different level of knowing you from blogging with you!!! So I will pass this one on to.....
Audrey @ http://stage3whome.blogspot.com/ I feel blessed to have met her here - strength with honey. She makes me think, challenges me and blesses me with her posts.

Elizabeth @ http://elizabethaquino.blogspot.com/ I think Elizabeth is one of those rare, beautiful spirits who touches all she reaches out to. Her blog is so beautifully Chronicles her life in general & life with a challenged child - her love for her is evident. It is honest and refreshing!

Renee @ http://circlingmyhead.blogspot.com/ Renee whom I adore. She is the best of what comes from challenges in life - bold, brave, loving, gentle and honest! She blesses my life daily!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Sarah...I love you! Thank you SO much! I am truly honored! And it is I who am blessed, believe me. You are so warm through your blog (and your pimping) that I actually feel like I know you personally. I have to remind myself often that we have never actually met! We must arrange to do that soon!
Lots of love. Big hugs,

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much, Sarah. Your support and kind words mean so much to me. Bless you...

Renee said...

Sarah you know how I feel about awards. Yippee.


Love Renee