Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is....creeping.

We are so far up North... 100 miles South of Canada(I hear all the Canadians giggling- shhhhhh)! So, Winter is slow to leave us and Spring is slow to arrive here. I'm told this is in the top ten winters for cold and snow!!!! Yup - I would agree. I do adore the cold. By July I will be whining about the heat and looking forward to Fall - which I adore. But right now - for the first time in many years, I am looking for any sign of Spring.

My kiddos and I went outside to look for even some little signs!! Whoo hoo we found some!!! So.... here a are a few tiny signs that Spring is on it's way in North Idaho.
Am doing a happy dance!!! Can ya see me????


Kathleen Coy said...

I can see you cuz I'm dancing right along with you, lol! Love the photos, I adore the first one!!! :-)

Daria said...

What a difference a 100 miles makes ... well that's not true.

Last week we were in southern Alberta and they had tons of snow as we do here in northern Alberta.

But yes, keep posting the pictures ... it give us hope.

Christine said...

I to love the first signs of spring. I noticed this morning when I was out with my dog, my herbs are starting to grow, I have lupines that are peeking their little heads up and the roses have little leaf buds on them. I'm so excited!!!

Danette said...

Oh yes, I know that happy dance. I'm in Toronto, still waiting..happy to see your photos and know that the signs are on the way.

I think living in a place with white hard winters make these first surprises of spring so euphoric. I wouldn't trade it in.

Enjoy every little sign! They'll start to (gulp) snowball now that momentum has begun.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for favorite season! I loved in Vancouver when the little crocuses would start to pop their heads up, the magnolia tree in front of my home would blossom, the Oriental cherry trees were beautifully pink! Awww....I want Spring too!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

One thing I love about San Antonio is the scenery during spring and summer, although I could live without the head. Sheesh!!!

Loved your photos!!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Always love the signs of spring!!

Snap said...

Spring is .... springing! I'm going into the garden this morning and take some photos. Down here in the tropics (!!!), things are busy blooming and the tree pollen is a killer -- to nose and cars ... the cars are turning yellowish green from the pollen. Love the sketches. You will love the Faber Castell pens.

Renee said...

Thank goodness, come on Spring.

Sarah the lunch picture of the wizard reminded me of your work.

Love you. xoxoxo

Tammie Lee said...

So fun that you went a looking with your kids. You are so much farther into spring than I am! I still have foot and a half of snow in my yard! You are in my future!