Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wonderful Music and New Work...

You might have noticed the new music on my blog..over there on the right. It was my pleasure to discover that a friend of mine from TN plays the most beautiful music. Acoustic guitar at its finest. I knew Gene years ago..and his parents knew mine..we actually bought their old farm. So I thought you all might enjoy a listen! If you like what you hear..am thinking you will, click here and head on over to his website. He is offering a full CD there for a wonderful price!! Thank you Gene for sharing this with me and letting me share it with folks here! Give your Dad a hug for me!!

I created this ACEO as a treat for a buyer...she will know who she is:) I do love to add treats to packages for customers. Nothing better than a surprise in the mail!! Here is a bitsy dragon in enchanted woods.

What do ya think..should I make a few more of these little woodland pics??

Hugs all, Sarah


Snap said...

You know how I feel about dragons!!! :D :D :D Love the music.

Barbara said...

The music is great! I think you should continue with the theme on that ACEO.

Hugs XX