Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Princes and Demons...and bitsy acorns..

Clearly the kitten has decided that he is royalty here..he resides in not just one castle but two. Because of the circle on his chest..that truly looks like a feather... this little kit is now..Prince William of Featherheart. Our last Guinea pig was Sir Hamlet, Guine of Pig. What can I say?

So Fox...12 has been working on a role playing game for over a year now. It is extensive, involved and frankly..I am a bit blown away by it! Not to mention really proud of him. He has involved his friends, creating characters and stories! Seriously this kid is gonna do something amazing! So when he came to me and asked if I could do an artists trading card for him...or ten LOL. What could I say but You Bettcha! So here is the first one..a demon.

He gave me an idea of what he wanted..and I went with here is our first trading card..needs a background and a bit of tweaking..but what do ya think?? And you thought I couldn't do dark. I can if I try reeeeeealy hard.

Here are a few little acorns. This fun little Fall ACEO is available in my shop.. click here!
Have a great Wednesday..I think I said that yesterday..been a week LOL Geesh!
Namaste, Sarah


sassypackrat said...

Fox's idea for the trading card is great. My son and I were big into Yu-gi-oh cards when he was younger. It was something he and I did together. I miss that now.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

How talented Fox is and what a cool thing for you to help him! Love the kitten too:)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Her Royal Highness the cat sends warmest familial greetings to Prince William of Featherheart. Blue Bloods must stick together.

Jeanne said...

Prince William of Featherheart... A most fitting name.
And what a talented son! So very awesome! I hope to see this game in the stores very soon! :0) And with trading cards designed by his very talented Mother! :0)

Sarah said...


Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh my gosh! The trading cards are a fabulous idea-- You are such a cool mom! Just think of how much fun Fox will have with them with his friends! VERY COOL.

xo jj

Joanna Jenkins said...

PS The kitty is too darn cute! xo