Monday, August 1, 2011

August Break Day 1 :

Our little Farmer's Market..down town every Wednesday evening. A short walk from our house. The smell of caramel corn, fresh bread, fragrant basil and lavender. Heaven!

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Namaste, Sarah


Light and Shadow Studio said...

Yum! Look at all those fresh veggies. Wish we had a market like that. Thanks for stopping by Sarah, it was good to hear from you and that things are going well. That is the cutest kitten by the way. Such unusual patterns on his coat. Watching TV like that is a hoot too. Big hug,

holdingmoments said...

Lovely fresh produce. Can't beat it :-)

Karen D said...

yum.. nice to see you doing Aug break also.

Tery Lynne said...

Love this! I cannot wait until fall!