Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Shooters Choice..WHOOT!

You all who know me know which shootout subject I chose...macros of course..or Depth of Field..which I combined...sorta..cause I love them. So here are a few of my favorite macros..

My Om rock. Fox found this for me..I love this favorite rock treasure!

Of course my kitten nose..I kinda loved that one.

I think one of my all time favorite macros/depth of field shots.

Of course and eye...I love doing macro shots of eyes. This one is mine...with a little bit of playin' with. Mine are not quite that blue!

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Namaste, Sarah


EG Wow said...

You are great at taking macros! I like them all. I especially like those shiny stones.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great shots, all of them! Love your Om Stone!

Pauline said...

You definitely are the Queen of Macro. All terrific but I love the second last. And your beautiful eye!

Ann said...

Those were letter /post boxes.

Where did you find those stones?

Kim, USA said...

You have a very beautiful eye!! And the stones are awesome too!

Shooters Choice

Heather T. said...

Sarah, I always enjoy your photos and macro is certainly my favorite, too. The details of life :)

You can see my FSO photos, here, if you like.

shabby girl said...

These are wonderful! I really like macro too, but never seem to get the clarity like you do.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Sarah, you are great at macro shots. I just love that kitty nose. I want to nuzzle up to it and give it some lovin. I like your stones too.

Doreen said...

that rock is awesome!! very unusual. and love the kitty nose. so cute.