Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some New Artwork on Ebay....and a few more 84...

Here are a few paintings I worked on over my vacation. Having some Fall fun. You can find them listed on Ebay here!

Here are a couple more of my 84.....
41. I want to be a gardener..I just don't have the time..I have garden guilt.
42. It has been years since I could stay up all night and read a book all the way through..but I wanna.
43. I am 2/3rds of the way through my BA in Early Childhood Education..still working.
44. I really love creating curriculum!
45. I like liver with bacon and onions.
46. I don't really like spicy..but like tangy!
47. I prefer crab legs to lobster tails.
48. Scallops to shrimp..but I like shrimp.
49. I loooove blueberries.
50. Seriously I love most fruit..and most veggies for that matter.
51. I try hard to eat mainly vegetarian..but do have eggs, milk and chicken.
52. Now and again I do have a burger..but I try not to.
53. I love yoga...don't do enough.
54. I am a Reiki practitioner...I work mainly on friends and family.
55. Taking my Reiki training changed my life..it really did.
56. When I am out and about at night..walking or driving..I tend to turn off street lights.
57. Did I say I love the Fall...and Halloween..and Thanksgiving and Christmas....
58. I think I did...but I really do!!
59. I prefer taking candid photos of people than posed ones.
60. I love taking pictures of eyes...windows to the soul maybe..but I do.

Happy Tuesday all....Hugs, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A witch on her noble steed -- love it!

magikalseasons said...

Wonderful Treats! Love the Witch and falling leaves!

Cinner said...

Sarah, these are all just beautiful, I love the witch on the horse, wow. they are all beautiful. hope you are well and not too overworked. take care.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love the cats! So wish I had time to do art now. Can't be so I'll enjoy yours :)

Christine said...

Beautiful artwork! It's been so much fun to learn a little more about you!!!


Joanna Jenkins said...

Liver with bacon and onions!?!?! Oh my. That's what my mother craved every time she was pregnant. As a result, I am not a fan-- since I have 3 younger siblings and we ate A LOT of liver and onions when I was a kid :-)


Judy said...

Love you artwork...