Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mhanon Art and a new one from me...

I love this...when my kiddos create artwork. This made me smile..simple and delightful, starfishes in hand. But then again...I am her Mama and love her work anyway...but I thought this was so fun I would share it with y'all!!

Because there are art supplies all over the place and artwork in many forms to look at..not to mention I am often doodling ...we do alot of art around here. Yesterday at summer camp..we were creating mermaids and unicorns...the whole group sans Fox (poor kiddo) are girls. He was busy creating his Scorp Moon board game..it is wicked cool! More on that soon! But this little piece of Mhanon's was one I had to share today ..cause I loved it!

Here is a little Halloween Witchy Kittie and Squeak ACEO..currently for sale on Ebay along with about 20 other fun pieces of my artwork..you can see them if you click here!!
Happy Tuesday all!!


TechnoBabe said...

Your children must have gotten all their talent from your side! Just sayin'.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Like mother, like daughter. A great artist. Thanks for being a proud Mama and sharing Mhanon's talents with us.

Cheers, jj

Christine said...

Beautiful art from mother and child!!! xx

Yarrow said...

It's great that your children are able to be so creative and their environment is obviously so encouraging:)

Sorry to read in the previous post that you may have been invaded. Ignore it all, you're way above being bothered now.x

Audrey said...

Good job Mhanon! You are a true artist, just like your Mama! I love it!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Great family arting as my granddaughter calls it.....arting is all dahlink. But then she is a bit of a bit.
Thanks for the shout out on my bloggie. I really enjoyed participating in the trinket trade and think I'm gonna hafta copy cat this idea. Cuz I have too much trash for someone else to treasure.
Thanks again for stopping by, come on down anytime. The Olde Bagg

Holly said...

I am struck with how good this is for one so young! And, her belly button. I learned something new today; I did not know the mermaids had belly buttons...but now I know!