Thursday, June 3, 2010


My dear friend Sherry of Byrum Art gave me this fun award...I have wanted this one...watched it filter through the blogs..with wonderful fun questions...I wanted it..I really wanted it..thank you Sherry you made my day hon!! Whoot!
So I have to answer the questions..create my own and pass it along to the next six wonderful bloggers....

1.What makes you happy, silly happy?, well yes...giggle..sorry..uhmmmm..when my daughter Hanna does her Chinese woman impression..just slays me..we love doing accents around here gets very silly!

2.What is your favorite flower? A Carnation...loooooove the smell.. delicious!

3.What talent would you like to have that you don't? Blowing glass..I want to learn to do that... granola I know but sooooo cool!!

4.Do you have pets?Yes..yes I do...Lucy my border collie, Tink my Maine Coon and Bun Bun our bunny!

5.Do you like spending time alone?OMG yes..there is never enough of that...I could spend a two week vacation doing nothing but hiding on a beach aloooooone!

6.Do you like gardening?Yes...but I have garden guilt...I don't spend enough time at it!

7.What is your favorite song? Uhmmmm...Kenny Loggins..Celebrate me Home I think...

8.What do you like to do for others? Help them find their True that!

9. Are you a morning person or a night owl? I am without a doubt a morning person!

10.How is your bedroom decorated? Let's see early clutter and art studio chic....a bit of shabby and dust bunny thrown in for good measure.Mostly is all treasures and things I love to look at and touch...yup so I guess that would be Sarah Style..maybe...;)

So here are my six....cause I wanna know more about ya.... dear friend and wickedly fun Halloween buddy.
Bella ...Whose art I adore..but her heart I love more!! buddy and swan girl.
Pam of Yoborobo...cause she is wickedly cool and I really like not only her but her bitsy dolls!!
Nancy ..cause she cracks me up and I adore not only her but her sweet pooches too!
TechnoBabe...cause she is just wickedly wonderful and so interesting and I adore her too!!

So I am tempted to be wickedly wicked here...well maybe a little are my questions..
1. What food could you not do without?
2. What is your favorite scent?
3. What talent do you have that we don't know about?
4. What actor makes you legs turn to jelly?
5. What season makes your heart sing?
6. What is your favorite activity with your best buddy?
7. Would you rather take a vacation with your critter or your family.
8. If you were stranded on an beautiful mountain top for a year..what could you not do without?
9. Tell us one hearts desire?
10. Tell us one thing that just might shock us all!!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um... 'scuse me. I never got past #1....

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Sarah, you surprised me with this one, girl! I like your answers. I will get this post up soon and will answer your fun questions and pass along the award. I should have started this comment by saying congratulations to you for receiving the award. You deserve it and you are a caring and sharing gal. Love ya.

Sarah said...

LOL Cygnus...;)

Sonia ;) said...

Thank you Honker...xoxoxoxoxoxox Love ya

WrightStuff said...

Sarah - I am loving your new blog header. Well cool!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Well done Sarah! Congrats on the award and thanks for the great answers. I learn more about you all the time.

And Kenny Loggins..Celebrate me Home -- I LOVE that song-- It instantly transports me to where I want to be :-)

Happy Weekend,

Suzie said...

Thanks so much Sarah! I'll post it soon. Actually, I have a couple of other sets of questions to answer, and was going to forward the award on to you. .only you beat me to it! lol

But what is fun about this one, is that there are different questions each time, so don't be surprised to be getting this one back! heeheehee

lisleman said...

Came over from technobabe's place - this award really does help the sharing of the blogs.
congrats on award.

Sherry Byrum said...

I love your questions.
Here's my answers, just have to answer yours cause they are great.
Black Cherry
I can play the piano
Going to flea markets and just spending time together talking.
A bathroom (redbugs suck)
To have more $$ to invest in my art.
I am a recovering alcoholic, not one drink in 20 years. :)