Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Finally......

So why am I feeling thrown off balance? The sun came out today...it was warm on my face ..we grilled hamburgers for the crew..it is good. But...as the bubbles float around the yard..I love bubbles..and we start our summer piano lessons..I am feeling not on top of it all.

We have done some butterfly viewing..do you see them in the hearts..the kids loved that! Pretty little purple ones!

We went hiking in the woods...I loved that..so good for the soul..mmmmmmm...or maybe a bit more like ommmmmm. I even sat down and put my feet up and the kids hiked up a hill with Jim.

I lost myself in a little corner of woods and found this stump and couldn't help but think..there must have been fairies there before I came tromping along with those big ol' boots. Think I may have to draw this one...can't you just see them peaking out around it...well I can in my minds eye...can you??

So why am I feeling so unbalanced? Well...as much as I love the summer...everything changes in dramatic fashion for me. I go from kiddos here half days to allllll day long. There is so much more to do with them and my own kiddos...fun delightful things..like blowing bubbles and looking for fairy homes. I am distracted and well...I wanna play. So... I have to sit down and rework my schedule a bit..so I can fit in a bit of joyful silliness and fanciful fun into my days. So this evening when things are quiet and children are tucked into their beds..and the crickets are singing their evening song for me ...I will pull out my notebook and rework my days...at least for the summer.
Does you life change in the summer...would you like to share with me what you enjoy most about it? I would love to hear!!!
Namaste, Sarah


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I enjoy early mornings and late evenings in the summer. The rest of the day is just too hot here. But, the light is great in the mornings/evenings and it's so calm and peaceful, sandwiching the heat of the day.

Bonnie said...

Funny, I am feeling 'off balance' in a way too. Have committed to too many projects and engagements this summer and am having a hard time staying in and enjoying the present moment - as my mind tries to figure out how I will get everything done. It all seems so doable in theory and from a distance. Then as it approaches - I wonder 'WHAT WAS I THINKING!'.

Time for myself seems to go out the window - (and I secretly resent that) - to accomodate summer's many activities. Oh well - what else is new!

Pattee said...

Thanks So much for your virtual cupcake and birthday wishes... also for the kind comment you left on my blog : ) It really makes me feel so not alone.

I love that you had sun... we did too for the first time in weeks! So I stayed out and planted talked to my chickens and they concur it was the right thing to do by giving the ducks a good home.

What a beautiful hike... and yes I can see the traces of fairies in that stump and YES I think you should draw it!

When my son was little and out of school it threw me off and had to rework my schedule 100%~ then when it was time for him to go back to school I didn't want to start the school schedule go figure....

Here in the PNW I can't believe the summers are so short! So I get out and do as much as I can :)

Thanks again Sarah : )

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, that is an AWESOME stump! My favourite thing about the summer is the lack of winter! It's so nice to be warm!

summertime dreams said...

I can defeinitely see the faeries peaking around that stump!
Summer means the end of the perpetual goosebump and the arrival of bare toes! Summer makes me more active which I am so grateful for. I become so slow moving in the frigid winters here. Summer also means a fresher diet for me, more fruits and veg. Which also helps to make me feel lighter. I love the light feeling that goes along with summer, it makes me feel more alive! This summer in particular will bring much change. This summer I am moving in with the bf. He is beyond excited. I am excited too, but a little hesitant as I've tried this before and failed. But I just have to keep reminding myself that was with different people, and that this time just feels right. This feels like what I've been waiting for.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Summers change for me too based on the school schedule. Godson is with my three full days a week instead of half. This will be an interesting summer as he's getting older and I'm not so "cool" anymore. I need to think of a few more interesting things to do other than spend the afternoon at the park.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my time with him, I just need to rework things and get myself organized.

Hope things settle down for you too Sarah.
xo jj

Yarrow said...

My Summer routine is VERY different from the other seasons. I'm very aware that this will be my last long Summer, if I go back to work at the school.
Work at the field more than doubles as we cut the hay and try to harvest some vegetables. Then at home surplus foods need to be preserved. August is the month of my main exhibition, so I'm frantically trying to fit in some art. Yes, very busy time and I get up extra early just for a little peace and quiet :)

Dede said...

Summers seem to be so busy, but a good busy. It's all of the extra activities that come with it. Try to enjoy it while it is here. In a few months, we will be running the heater. LOL


Katia said...

I'm afraid my life doesn't change much during the summers, no matter how much I'd like for it to. I work the same hours I usually do, without any real vacation or change of schedule. I don't yet have kids, so I don't have any change there when school lets out, and although I enjoy the longer daylight hours and the lack of bitter cold, I feel just as shut up in my house as ever when the temps rise above 80 and I start to faint from the heat! *laugh*

One thing that does change for me, however, is I start to dream big about plans for gardening and growing things!

I love your photos of the woods. I don't have much for 'woods' near my house, but I sure wish I did!