Monday, March 1, 2010

Some New Artwork and Photography...& Some News

"Scottie Portrait" this one comes framed...

Good Tuesday morning all! I have been working on several commission pieces..and managing to get in a few that my fingers were itching to do. I have made a few head pooch decisions this week..for one I have dropped my website. So...the link is gone and I will be listing things on Etsy and my selling blog now. I will continue to take commission pieces..I so love creating things just for you..what a joy that is. Frankly I just could not justify the time I was spending, or the money for that matter!! So when my renewal came up..I decided it was time to cut it loose. So pop by my selling blog this week..I will be adding new work and redecorating. Shhhhh it is a secret..but I may also have a giveaway there..

Springy Easter Basket. matted.

I have also been working on my camera skills. My Rebel required..OK my perfectionist side wants to understand how to make this bad girl fly...out of point and shoot mode. I have been making a study of Tink. I bought myself one tax treat this year...a telephoto lens. Not a huge one but a good one to start on. So I have been getting a few across the yard shots. Here are a couple I liked.

Some serious bug stalking going on here...

I loved this shot of has been VERY warm this winter..the kids were outside having some fun yesterday. Some serious stalking going on here too!! LOL:)

So even though it is still white and wintery in most of the county...we have Spring popping here. Sorry only comfort in showing you these last year we had seven feet of snow at this point! I understand...I really do.
It is suppose to be nearly 70 here today! Very strange! This was the thermometer on Sunday afternoon!

My garlic is already almost 4 inches high!! Let us hope there is not a heavy freeze coming!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Hugs and Namaste, Sarah


TechnoBabe said...

Your garlic looks great! The only way I can have plants at all here is inside. Too many critters who want to share the crops.

Brenda LaBell said...

I love Scottie and the Easter Basket, beautiful as always!!! Tink is adorable! Fox is looking pretty serious. 70 degrees, lucky you, enjoy it for me to!! Be sure to pop by my blog for a little surprise. Have a great Tuesday!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow! Fox looks just like a ninja!

Lis said...

I have a Beautiful Blogger Award for you if you want to hop over to my "pad" to pick it up!

:) Lis

Sheila said...

I'm in absolute LOVE with the bug stalking pic of Tink! Thumb's UP!

holdingmoments said...

Looks like you're getting to grips with the new camera Sarah.
The stalking 'Tinks' is a great shot. Love the way his left eye is framed with the grass.
Good shot of Fox too.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I think we have had a worse winter than yours!!

Love the photos of Tink-I'm still figuring out my new Canon Rebel. It is definitely smarter than me :-)

In love and light~

Girlie-Queue said...

Ohhh you brave woman you :) Cutting down! Trimming the fat! WHOOHOO! Love it :) Can't wait to see what your brain will come up with now ♥

Emmy said...

That leap from auto to manual is always a bit intimidating but so so worth it. Glad you are trying it.
The cat pictures are great.

Karen D said...

love the kittie pics!

Kathy said...

I found your blog through Brenda LaBell's blog. I love the pictures of your cat, great shots by the way. Photography is a passion of mine as well. I'm still figuring out my DSLR camera.

Bright blessings,

Joanne said...

Beautiful artwork here. The Easter Basket is just charming. And the cat photography ... Wow! You've definitely captured an intent look in those eyes! Enjoyed browsing ...

Sherry Byrum said...

Very nice Sarah! I love the bunny basket! Fly by my blog ~ have an award for you!! :)

Mademoiselle Julie said...

You take great pix of the cat! Ever thought about publishing a calendar?! Cheers, Julie

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Sarah, I missed you while I was out of town. time flies and I feel so out of touch. Thanks for this post catching us up on some of the wonderful things going on in your life. Your artwork and photos, as always, are gorgeous! But your garlic is the one that caught me by surprise. 4 inches tall already! It still feels like winter to me (and I live in So. Calif!) so I'm glad to see spring really is just around the corner!

Take care and keep creating!

prim country farms said...

Hey Sarah would you please go to my blog. I have something for you!!
Prim Blessings

faerwillow said...

~mornin little lady...there is an award on my blog awaiting your arrival...please feel free to swoop it up if you ever so wish too...i am quite thankful for our friendship that has been created and look forward to knowing you more...much love and light and brightest blessings~

Sandra said...

Love the drawing of the scottie and the Easter basket.

I've also nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award, you can pick it up over on my blog here:

You've got an awesome, and entertaining blog! Congratulations !


The Strawberry Mallard said... mom's garlic is so little ` I hope I didn;t kill it by accident went I went to P-- in her garden ( bad Gussy dog) ;o(
So sorry about your tow sweetie ~ I do love the comment by your little one though ~ too funny ~ chip off the ol' block I bet~
sending you warm hugs and puppy dog kisses!
NEBS & Agnus