Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hanging head....

I have been given several awards of late...I have gathered them up and been so touched that you have thought of me. I know it is silly to get all excited when your name pops up on someones blog for an award..but well it is wicked fun and makes my heart sing that you think of me! hanging my head in shame..I have not posted them as I planned...I usually write them down and make sure I post them. I have not in all the craziness of the last couple of months..I have not. So please forgive me...I want to say thank you and will post my Seven things..or was it ten..will stick with seven..ackkkk! So here is to all of you that have graciously offered me these sweet treats for my heart...I did not ignore them and I loved each one! I promise to do better!!

So I thought I would make this fun.... so here goes...
1. I adore a man in a kilt..yup I do! Jim looks amazing in a kilt..but can't show you a pic sadly...but sigh..yeah yummy!

2. My heart be still..look at this man in a kilt...sigh! I do adore Gerard Butler!

And this man...Ray Stevenson...gulp!

Or this man...yes I will watch anything with Oliver Platt..I do love Oliver Platt!

Oh and Alan is a Brit! Brilliant!

3. There is just something about a strong pair of male hands!

4. Dressing fun is that...looove it!

5.Oh and a good gypsy stunning!

6. Oh and look at this sweet pooch! What a wonderful place to find a rainbow! I love Lucy Lu!

7. And Tink ...oh I love this kit!!

8.Ok there are eight...I do love the meaning behind this word..Namaste!

So thank you all so much for gracing me with awards..I will treat them with more care in the future. Namaste, Sarah


Toni said...

oh! your dog's name is Lucy??? I have a Lucy dog also!!! We call her Goose for short!! :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Despite playing for the other team, I too love to see a man in a kilt! But men with no asses do not look good in them. They must have a bit of booty to swing that kilt! Och aye!

Lisa said...

Well Sarah I'd give you an award for having good taste in the men you chose...yep!

Be well, Lisa

yoborobo said...

Holy cow, Sarah, these are some of my favorite guys! What incredible taste you have. LOL! And I am seriously behind in the award department, and I have some terrible guilt about it.It seems like every time I post, something else comes up and knocks it out of my head and then I remember, and have a D'oh! moment. :) xox Pam

PS Love a guy in a kilt. :)

Suzie said...

I'm right with you Sarah! Your whole list!! Well, except for how Jim looks in a kilt. .that I can't vouch for! lol

And just look at the responses! Who among us doesn't admire a fine pleat? If men realized just how sexy they are, men's departments would have to stock them like they do jeans!

There is something SO masculine about the whole kit though too. .the fly plaid, those short kilt jackets, the flashes, the sporran, and yes, even the knee socks.

Deb, you are SO funny! But you're also right! If they have that slight little sass-shay, it is even better!

Excuse me. .I think I need to go sip some Baileys on the rocks. .

Kat_RN said...

I could not resist the kitty picture at the top of the blog. These lists are always fun.

shibori girl said...

Hey Sarah,

I agree with all of the above. Men in kilts, VERY manly (especially Gerard Butler). Have you ever seen Craig Ferguson in his full get-up? O.M.G! OK, now I need to go cool off. :)


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

All brought a smile to my face, especially the one with Snape :-)

Sherry Byrum said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!