Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quilting Bee #46

Good morning all! I thought I might have my friend come by again and offer up some of her delicious fare. She can make you about any hot or cold thing to drink you can think of..latte, chai, tea, granita, Italian Soda, name your poison! She also makes the most delicious bagels and cream cheese..with almost anything you can think of on top! So step right up and place your order!

I have racked something different today..we are working on the edges today..finishing up our quilt full of changes. So glad you came today..Please pull up a chair and join me.

The Quilting Bee has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. I feel like it is lacking punch of late..needing something more..something different. Sometimes I think my muse is telling me I have played this one out and it is time to do something different with this time with you each Monday morning. Would you like to see this morph into something new..different..a different format..ideas..hmmmmm...I need some input here. Are there subjects you would like to offer up..or ask me something? Tell me what ya think!

So..the other thing that has been on my mind this week is the subject of support. Do you have it? Do those around you in your life support your ideas and creations, work, you? Or do you struggle along with your own soul keeping you going as others around you try to break you down? Who is your support you have folks that you can be brutally honest with? When your day goes to hell in a hand basket is there someone there to hold you up and make it better?

I have an amazing support group here online..women and men who offer me happy dances and whoots when I succeed, a soft place to land when I am hurting, an ear to let me vent and a shoulder to let me cry. I am thankful daily for you folks who support me up. Honestly I am not sure how I would function without them. So when I loose one of those folks..I take it hard. I miss Renee...I truly do. I miss her words. There are some who would say..well you never met her for real. Well...I will tell felt real to me. I am as invested in my friends here as I am in the outside world. Sometimes I feel more myself here. What ya read and see here is what ya get. This does not mean I am lost in cyberspace and not functioning in the real world..I do that every day. Honestly I function pretty well out there. I have friends I treasure and folks whom I see daily. Some are inch deep friends an some are mile deep. But my support system is mainly here.

I often wonder if I would have gotten so far with my artwork and blogging and photography if I had not had you all! Well seriously..I do not wonder..I know. I would not have. It is simple and clear to me. This amazing group of folks has kept me honest, and on my path. With encouragement and honesty, love and friendships that I treasure. Friendships that I want to nurture and grow. I find that as my artwork is more successful and my muse demands I stretch and grow in new directions..I have trouble some weeks keeping up with everyone..I hate that. I don't want to be one of those bloggers that posts and then never has time to visit. So..I have been working on my organizing again. Always tweaking that. Because to be honest with you..I don't get a huge amount of support out here..which some days saddens me. So when I say you all are precious to me..I mean it! You are a gift to me every day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So today I am asking you if you would like to see the Bee go in a new direction..or maybe I need to offer up a new concept for Monday Mornings. Would you like it to keep the format it has now? Let Fly is a request for some honestly!
If you would might also share with us about your support system!
Thank you for coming today and being honest with me!! I love it when you come..where shall we go from here? Hugs and love, Sarah

Ok need a skinny, triple latte with a shot of raspberry, light on the foam please! What can I get you?


Dede said...

I love the Bee! Remember the one about the coffee table book? I printed that one and placed it on the frig for all to see. Even the kids stood and read it entirely. No words were spoken, but you could see the expression on their faces, it got their attention. The Bee's are from the heart and really make you think or they do for me any way. My biggest supporter is my husband, and then right here on line. Yes I value my on line friends, very much so. I too miss Renee, she could make you laugh or she could give you that swift kick in the back side when needed. A cup of hot chocolate would be very nice please, thank you.


cinner said...

Sarah, I love the Bee, it makes me think of that movie with Wynnona Ryder about all the love that goes into a quilt. Why can't I remember the name...As for that picture of the coffee, I want one just like it.
I too miss Renee.As for support I have a great support system with my blogs here, never expected to make friendships, I have a life outside of here, but here I can be just me,where as in my real life I don't open up as much especially with my illness. I tend to just tell everyone everything is okay.
Lots of times people don't know what to say to you about it, I don't want to be treated any differently than before. And Renee gave me a swift kick on the backside once about it, bless her heart. All I know is that there are people on here whom have changed my life in a positive way.
I wonder how I can have such deep feelings for people I have never met, funny but some we are in contact with everyday. And I value their friendship. Take care, love to you.

yoborobo said...

Morning, Sarah! I would LOVE a latte right now. Thank you! As for your Bee, I love it. But you should do whatever feels right for you. If you'd like to see a change, I'm sure we'd all fly along on your coattails just fine. :) I am lucky to have a support group, both in and out of Blog World. But there is something really special about the relationships we build here through our blogs. Our words (and pictures) pass before people's eyes. Some people connect, based on our voice, or the topic, or whatever and chat back. But when they keep coming back, and posting, it's because they have made a friend. Kindred spirits. I like that expression a lot. It says it all to me. I miss Renee like crazy, too. I think of her all the time. Like Sonia said, when something happens, think WWRD. :) That makes me smile and cry at the same time. I know for certain that blog friends are real friends. :)

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Sarah, the beautiful roses on the banner of your blog right now just take my breath away. Each time I click on your blog, I suck in my breath and smile so big and have to sit and just admire the beauty of the flowers a minute. It makes me slow down and not be rushing through to read your post and really "listen" to what you are saying. For me, it is more like I have a place in the blog world that I am totally honest, almost to the point of emotionally naked, nothing to hide, better to be open and say things just as they are. I like that you are putting your ideas and feelings out there and asking for suggestions. I really don't have any though. My only suggestion would be to see what ideas are suggested in the comments and then see what you feel like you have time for and what feels like it sparks your creativity. Whatever you decide, go for it!

Sarah said...

Thank you guys for your does help me so very much. Huge hugs and thank you for being part of my tribe:) Hugs and love, Sarah

magikalseasons said...

Love them and adore you for being able to put into words honest feelings. Whatever you decide I'll be right here. I feel the same way about all of my blog friends I have made really wonderful connections here. It's just amazing I feel very blessed my friend! Is it too early for Baileys and coffee? lol I'll have a latte that sound yummy! :) Becca

Sarah said...

LOL has been one of thoses weekends..pass the Baileys!!!:)

Brenda LaBell said...

Dearest Sarah, you have morphed into so much more than when I first started following you. You have grown, developed and gained an even more beautiful inner spirit. You are in tune with yourself and your surroundings even though there are days that you may feel let down or not at the top of your well being as we all sometimes do with so many things on our platters each day. But you recongnize those days and pick them up and put them back in place as you can and when you can, an amazing feat somedays, but you succeed! Although I too love your Bee, I think you already know the answer as you are already feeling it within. What ever you decide, I will be here to enjoy the company of a good friend. SO, listen to your muse and LET FLY GIRLIE!!!


Brenda LaBell said...

PS, pass the Baileys please, lol.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Sarah, I'm a big fan of your Bee and love the yummy food you "serve". But the Bee is about you and what inspires you so it's really a question for yourself??? Whatever you decide to do, I'll be here.

I'm with you an the wonderful support from the blog community. Real life can get lonely sometimes and the community has the light on all the time :-)

Have a great week,

Suzie said...

Sarah, my dear, I love your "Bee's", but if you are feeling a bit restless, or adventurous and want to see what is down that other path, then I'm sure that we'll be right with you. There is strength in numbers, you know! Besides, we want to be in on the fun too!
If you want us to bring out knitting needles, just say the word! Or if you want to take up weaving, we can do that too. .we already weave our lives together every time we exchange thoughts.
Or, since it is getting nice out, maybe it is time to get out and take a walk on Monday mornings. What a great way to start the week, with some untainted fresh air to awaken our minds and refresh our spirits!
And on those cold or rainy days, we can always snug back inside to gather around the quilt. None of this is written in stone.
I too value the friendships that I have made through blogs and groups, and in a lot of ways, you all know me better than some of my own family. Sad, but true. They have expectations, and assumptions, and oftentimes don't take the time to know what I'm truly thinking or feeling.

When we meet on-line, we usually have no visual cues at first to a person's appearance and are getting to know the person from the inside out instead of the other way around.

But getting back to your question. .I say do whatever your inner creative self is telling you to do.

And yes! I'd love a Bailey's. hold the coffee, and add some ice please. Another thing I love about blogland. We can drink whatever we want, however much we want, and never gain weight or feel the affects!

BIG Hugs! (those you CAN feel!)

The Strawberry Mallard said...

You are gifted...
you are respected by your peers ( if we are fortunate enough to call ourselves one )...and your radiate joy!

Keep doing what you are doing!

Do I see angel wings in that cocoa or is it the Bailey's ;o)

Hugs, Nancy & Angus