Monday, October 26, 2009

Quilting Bee #29

You can find out more about this quilt piece here!

Good morning all..I'm a bit late this morning..feeling a bit punk..fighting the flu. Fortunately..can't give it to you here in our cozy Bee. I have brought in a chef to do the cooking honors this morning. So you have a couple of choices...she can cook up a delicious oven pan cake with pears or apples and a delicious sweet sauce and whip cream, or a frittatta with almost anything you can think of ...k, no anchovies, but most anything else. I also have some delicious vanilla yogurt and homemade granola (it's really good) with blueberries to put on top. Kona coffee and several herbal teas or Earl Grey! Yummmmmy!

I have racked a diverse quilt this morning, some of you may like it, some may not so much! Thank you for joining me again today..I am always touched with what you have to say! Please pull up a chair!

I have struggled over presenting this subject today, as it may make a few of us uncomfortable. But it has been tapping me on the shoulder all weekend and presenting itself for me to grab hold of and lay out there. I tend to Let Fly with my thoughts on most things, I am also careful not to offend. I hate when people are in your face and well...snarky. So I guess it was behavior like this that led me to this subject.

I am on several venues daily. LOL..there are a few people that I just follow around the web on some days. I swear I am not stalking you!!Many of these venues are like here..very diverse. I have been deeply impressed by the openness and willingness of folks here to look beyond the belief systems and personal preferences of folks and get to know them as humans. I really love that. My own nature hates unfairness..I hate it I really do. Many of you know how deeply I feel about folks being labeled not normal, children with learning disabilities and folks with mental conditions..kinda makes me stand up and speak...loudly. I have been noticing an attitude on some venues of late creeping in and felt I needed to speak.

I received an email from an old friend yesterday thanking me for a comment I made on a post. It was a heartfelt post about a controversial subject, gently offered and powerfully shown. I knew when I left my comment that many on this venue would look at it and go....OHHHH!!!!!! It troubled me that I felt a moment of hesitation..did I want to step up there and Let Fly and risk alienating folks for supporting her? Because my friend is a lesbian and felt strongly about the subject and offered it in such a wonderful way..would my concern about what others thought stop me from treating her like I would any other friend of mine? That troubled me and annoyed me. Honestly..the Libra nature in me was annoyed with myself. That I had questioned myself even after I posted the comment..that I worried that some would not like it there. I got over it when I received her email.

I do not like the fact that folks have to hide who they are. Those gentle folks who hide in closets and tuck their jewelry inside their shirts to keep their belief systems hidden. I don't have a huge interest in having any lifestyle or belief system aggressively shoved in my face..but I truly believe we all have the right to be who we are. Not to have to hide!

So what is my point today? I think that when we stay stuck in any way of thinking that keeps us from looking beyond people's lifestyle, belief systems, skin color, sex, issues, economic levels, sexual preference, country of origin, language....etc.. we are robbing ourselves of amazing & wonderful opportunities to get to know some deeply beautiful people. We are robbing ourselves of friends and opportunities to grow and love. We are robbing ourselves of chances to be human!

I am stepping off my soapbox now and offering it up to you. Would you like to share your feelings or thoughts here? I am gonna grab a slice of apple frittata and some hot tea with lemon and honey for this sore throat. Would you like something?
Thank you for joining me this morning..I am always deeply touched by your responses and happy that somehow now and again I touch you too!! Namaste, Sarah


Holly said...

First, no surprise that I totally agree with you. Absolutely. But, I'm struck with two thoughts about this topic.

We learn to hide to survive. The Ego has to keep us alive on this Earth plane so that we can pratice the Spirit's work and efforts to complete itself.

That said, most of us who get started on hard work like this, must first discover that surviving ain't living. You've heard me say that...they are two seperate skill sets and in our Human form, both are vitally important.

When we realize that surviving ain't living, we begin to get angry at how much we've given away to be safe, stay alive, part of the hive...that's when the work starts.

It's only the very bravest of spirits who ask to incarnate with heavy societal that they gain the most opportunity for development.

Those who come with issues that society could so easily turn them away...are those brave enough to ask for A.P. spirit development.

If they can but remember that they asked to advanced placement and stop hating the ones who deliver the lesson opportunity, that's when they can be liberated and step into the light of their truth.

AND, when they step into their light and truth...that's when they begin to be the opportunity for learning and development for the rest of us.

It's the way of the energy world that both the student and the teachers cause learning in each other.

I think I'll have a cuppa now and sit and hold your hand. Thank you for being brave and telling us your truth as we sit and 'bee' together.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I love how you say what you think, and how you will not tolerate discrimination. There seems to be an unspoken norm in the blogosphere that we must keep everything light, sweet, encouraging, and never say anything which could rattle any cages. It is admirable to want to be encouraging - but is it sometimes at the expense of authenticity?

That's why I enjoy coming here - because you do 'let fly' and speak your mind . . . and heart.

Hope you aren't getting the flu! I feel like I am fighting a cold . . . 'tis the season! The hot tea with lemon and honey was just what I needed Sarah! Thanks.

Renee said...

Someone's sexuality or religion is a non issue to me. I don't see how or why that could ever be a problem to anybody.

You hesitated Sarah but only for a minute and your better nature took over and for that I am proud and in all honesty had no doubt that it would.

Love Renee xoxo

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Thank you for your honest and heartfelt post. The world could use more like you who are willing to think with an open mind and an accepting heart.

Grace said...

Right on Sister!

This is why I always read your blog. Every post. Loved reading this first thing this morning (only now having time to comment).

The more open your mind is, the more you get out of this life.

Suzie said...

Sarah, I had to take a deep breath when I saw where you were going today, because you are touching something that is near and dear to my heart.

I could write volumes here, but suffice to say, that my younger daughter is a Lesbian. She and her wife, as they lovingly refer to each other, just had their 3rd anniversary. They had a formal committment ceremony, held in an historic country church, (my eyes flooded with sentimental tears of a mother's pride, and sadness at how fast she grew up, just like I did at my other two kids' weddings.) and they had been together for 2 years before that. I love my dil, dearly!

My daughter is "out" to most of her friends, but not all, some of her co-workers, but again, not all, and fears that if it were common knowledge, that she would lose her job, that she has held for years. Our immediate family knows, with varying degrees of acceptance. For the most part, our extended family of cousins, do not, except for one, who is also a Lesbian. She and my younger daughter are good friends. In fact, she introduced my daughter to my daughter in law.

It is with a broken heart that I've had to witness my daughter silently endure crude jokes, and down right cruel comments about Gay and Lesbians, right in front of her. The person giving his "expert" opinion had no idea who he was talking to. But the hurt is still inflicted, and she sees that sometimes, it could be dangerous for her to be open about her sexuality.

Most homophobic people would be shocked to find out that someone that they personally know, whether a family member, or close friend, is indeed Gay.

I've attended PFLAG meetings, not to understand or accept my daughter, because I've never had problems loving or accepting her just as she is, but to try and help other parents who are either dismayed, want to change, or downright reject their children after they find out. To tell the truth, it stymies me when I hear a parent disown their child. Granted, this is not something that I would have wished for my daughter. She lives a life cloaked in secrecy, and the almost continual worry over acceptance every time she meets someone new, or at times, goes out in public!

But to disown her? It never, ever entered my mind!I was the one comforting her, when she told me. It is amazing though, the number of parents who just can't reconcile themselves to the fact that this is still their child, that they have raised, and loved their whole life! All of a sudden, they are a stranger.

To have the acceptance of society, no matter what your limitations, orientations,or heritage is a wonderful dream. But until you can get immediate family and friends to reach beyond those boundaries, to accept their loved ones, as they are, it is going to remain a dream.

The people who do "come out", are very brave, and need all of the love and support that they can get from friends such as yourself, who also put themselves in the position of ridicule and alienation.

Bravo, Sarah! Once again, your loving and courageous heart shines for all to see!!

BIG Hugs & Love,

clairedulalune said...

Hello Sarah! I am really enjoying your quilting bee posts more and more with each read. I love your honesty, and you putting the subject right out there, not for controversy, but as a honest question. I was lucky to be surrouded throughout my life with a varied mixture of friends and extended family all different backgrounds, cultures and amazing stories! (coming from Belfast I was extremely lucky. Sad.)
As I read your words I found myself doing that thing, you know when you really agree with the topic, the "Mmmmm, MMmmmm!" thing and a lot of nodding. Basically thats what I can be found doing when i read your posts! People do rob themselves! Hope you are not coming down with that dreadful flu, half my workplace is off sick with it for at least three weeks, to the point I want it myself! Lol! Well done on another great post!! ((HUGS))

Snap said...

Great post as usual, Sarah. Several of our best friends are *gay*. One of my dearest friends in college was *gay* (he has since passed and oh, how I miss him -- his laughter, his art, his everything). It is hard, living *down here in the South* with all the rednecks who think they hung the moon. I've got news for them -- they didn't! It is just so sad that people can't just BE ... accepted no matter who they live with, what color of skin they have. People have a whole lot to learn about compassion and love. You have to love yourself first, before you can truly love someone else ... no matter what. Love your soapbox. One of my favorite.

Suecae Sounds said...

This is why I read your blog. Yet again you write from the heart. Yet again I am in awe.

This subject is very close to my heart and my past. Stories which I could write a lot about. Safe to say there is still a lot of violence and hostility going on here in our world.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Wonderful post, always. You are so right that if we close our minds to people that aren't of our beliefs, we close our lives to a plethora of enjoyment and personal growth that the these people can bring. There are so many prejudices in this world still today and will most likely always remain. There are those, such as yourself, that can see the beauty from the inside and not what is apparent only on the outside. Hugs to letting fly and dropping our prejudice!