Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soooo Close....

One last paper to complete..just one and am about half way through it. Then.....three weeks off before we start all over again with another set of these! I know I should be moaning about that..another set. But ya know I am kinda excited really. I loved this semester! I was a bit surprised though. The classes that I thought would be easy due to my experience with special needs kiddos..not so easy. The ones I thought would be hard..not so much. Go figure. So today I am gonna finish up that last paper and then on to study for finals. Bless my professors..not one is comprehensive! Then done!!!!!! WHOOT can ya see me happy dancin'???? I so am!!

OK I did stop to play with my camera a little bit..cause well I needed the break and we did go out to the point and look for eagles...
We needed a little fresh air and an escape from their school work and mine. The house looks like it exploded..but I will get to that soon..the dishes are done at least LOL! Nope will not show you a picture of that..honest.. I will spare you!
Have a great Wednesday all!
Namaste, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh yes, that last push before the semester is done -- I remember it well! Great eagle shot, too.

Regina said... do need to take a break every now and then...LOL!!! I love the eagles...such majestic creatures.

I remember at my parents place..they had the high windows close to the ceiling all around the family room. At times, you could sit on the sofa and catch a glimpse of one sitting on a high branch eating a fish he had just caught from the lake. Thank you for a wonderful memory coming back.

Smiles ^_^

Tammie Lee said...

How wonderful that you are studying and learning and taking walks and finding the eagles you sought!

Queenie Believe said...

You are in the home stretch! Keep up teh great work and enjoy a well deserved winter break.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I admire you for returning to school! I don't think I would have the drive to do so. Good luck with you finals and remember to take your breaks of fresh air!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Three glorious weeks off! Woo-hoo!
Have fun, Sarah.
xo jj

Holly said...

I'm really happy you enjoyed this semester. I know what a massive amount of effort this being in school takes, but add to that home schooling your kids, and, and, and....I am in awe!