Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Dancin' and Some Favorites....

I am happy dancin' I really am!! I aced my first final and have completed three classes of six for the semester! I love Calvin and Hobbs..who better to happy dance with!

So I was thinkin' that seeing I have worked so hard all semester, this weekend I will watch a few of my favorite movies.

The Man from Snowy River and The Return...two of my all time favorite movies. Give me a good horse movie any day and Sarah is a happy camper!!

Yup am a fan of this man..but this film, Gladiator is one of my favorites. A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man coming close behind. There is something about how he is able to show you just what he is feeling without a word! I love that!

The Proposal...oh my..if you have missed this one..go rent it..I mean right now..this minute! Makes me blow coffee out my nose funny! These too are brilliant and who can resist Betty White??

I know what you are thinking..Sarah loves butt kicking, sword swinging movies. Yes..yes I do..very much so! Anything with Jackie Chan or Jet Li..I'm there!! This one is one of my favorites..and Michael Angarano is wonderful in this!

But like any good Libra..I have a butt kicking side and a softer one too. I love a good chic flick..but it has to touch me. This touches me! will sob and laugh your way through this wonderful film. And who can resist Gerard Butler? Seriously they are amazingly matched here.One of my all time favorites!!

I know you are gonna laugh at me..but I seriously cannot resist a good sports movie..I love them! The Blind Side! Bonus here..the story touches every little heart string you have! Seriously I wanna be this woman! Sandra Bullock rocks as that fast talking, no nonsense, southern firecracker!!

So I am set for the weekend..before I have to take my last three finals..I am gonna hunker on down and watch a couple of these!
Tell me if you would like to share...what are your favorite films? Which ones make you giggle, cry, want to swing a blade?? Let Fly folks!
Hugs, Sarah


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite movies include Little Miss Sunshine, Life of Brian and the new Puss in Boots movie!

Holly said...

I will watch Shawshank Redemption anytime it's on...Driving Miss Daisy is another. And, if it's an old movie, Bringing Up Baby is a sure bet.

Patty said...

I have a lot of favorite movies but if I could watch only one movie I would pick the original The Postman Always Rings Twice. My second choice would be Streetcar Named Desire. I enjoy Stephen King movies as well as sci-fi movies, and I watch a lot of foreign films and documentaries.

spottedwolf said...

57 Pickup, The Changeling both the spooky one and the story with Jolie, True Grit...both versions, Ghost Story, What Dreams May Come, Taken, Braveheart, The Missing, The Thing w/Kurt, Jeremiah Johnson, and many many documentaries...